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FPS P1 Orientation Slides


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FPS P1 Orientation Slides

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FPS P1 Orientation Slides

  1. 1. w e l c o m e F R O N T I E R P R I M A R Y S C H O O L Primary 1 Orientation Friday 10 November 2017
  2. 2. Block D Canteen / Hall / Indoor Sport Hall Block C MK @Frontier School Field EVACUATION ROUTE Vehicle Entry Vehicle Exit Gate A Gate B Gate C Play ground Basketball Court Garden BlockA Block B Assembly Area Parade SquareFoyer General Guide Use the nearest safe stairway to the Ground Floor You are here
  3. 3. SCHOOL Communication Solution
  4. 4. SCHOOL Communication Solution What is SNAC™? SNAC™ is a communication solution that uses smartphone (iPhone & Android) 3G/4G/WIFI network to receive notification send by the school. Parents will receive an alert tone on their smartphone when a new notification is sent and received on your smartphone. Benefits of using SNAC™ Communication •Receive real-time notifications and circulars from school •Grant real-time digital acknowledgement to e-consent forms •regarding your child/ward activities •Receive notifications on child’s attendance in school, and •Kept updated on school’s events and activities
  5. 5. SCHOOL Communication Solution Download & Installation •To install SNAC™ communication application into your smartphone, do a keyword search ‘SNAC’ from your iPhone APP store or Android Play Store and proceed to download and install the application. •SNAC™ supports iPhone iOS 6.0 ≤ : Android OS 4.0.2 ≤
  6. 6. SCHOOL Communication Solution SNAC™ Technical Support • Email helpdesk support on Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. (Except Sat, Sun, PH eve and PH) • *Do leave your contact number in your email if you wish to be called for technical matters*
  8. 8. SCHOOL LOGO After 6 years of education in Frontier Primary, each and every pupil will shine forth after being nurtured by our caring staff in a dynamic culture of learning strongly grounded in Values, Knowledge and Competencies.
  9. 9. SCHOOL LOGO The word ‘Frontier’ urges Frontierers to dare to forge ahead to achieve breakthroughs in boundaries. Hence we have consciously included the word in our logo to remind us of our aspirations to evolve and expand beyond the status quo. The pupil will shine brightly. The pupils are also depicted as leaping forward to welcome the future with confidence and competence. Only the pupil is represented in orange to show the school’s commitment to focus on every child and nurture him/her to the best he/she can be. A dynamic culture of learning. This culture includes a curriculum which is progressive, holistic and attuned to the changing landscape and diverse pupil needs. This culture is also enabled by committed and caring staff. This culture of learning propels the child towards excellence. A strong foundation in Values, Knowledge and Competencies.
  10. 10. School Leaders Mr Syamsul Anwar Vice-Principal Mr Goh Gin Howe Vice-Principal (Admin) SCHOOL LEADERS
  11. 11. School Leaders Mrs Tonnine Chua Principal-Designate SCHOOL LEADERS With effect from 15 Dec 2017
  13. 13. SCHOOL TEAM
  15. 15. SCHOOL BLOG
  17. 17. SCHOOL VMV Our Vision We develop every Frontierer to reflect deeply, embrace differences and serve as a role model to overcome future challenges Confident Thinkers Adaptable Individuals Passionate Leaders Our Mission Our Values Responsibility in actions Respect for self and others Resilience for overcoming challenges Innovation in problem solving Care for self, family, community and nation Confidence to lead with passion
  20. 20. • 1st Day of School – Tuesday, 2 January 2018 • Total number of students - 1400 • Single session school • Flag raising time: 7:30am (Pupils should be in school by 7:20am to reach assembly areas on time) • Assembly Programme : Every Monday morning AT A GLANCE Level No of Classes Primary 1 7 Primary 2 8 Primary 3 6 Primary 4 6 Primary 5 6 Primary 6 6
  21. 21. SCHOOL OPERATIONS Day From To Mon, Tue, Thurs & Friday 7.30am 1.45pm Wednesday 7.30am 12.45pm Recess (Daily) 9.45am 10.15 am SCHOOL HOURS FOR PRIMARY 1* * Dismissal times will differ for the first four days of school. Refer to the dismissal schedule for P1 Induction Week called Back to Frontier Programme
  22. 22. SCHOOL UNIFORM FOR P1 & P2 o P1 & P2 pupils will only wear the PE attire as shown here. o Wear only black canvas shoes with only black laces & plain white socks
  23. 23. SCHOOL UNIFORM FOR P1 & P2
  24. 24. SCHOOL SAFETY Environmental Safety Road Safety PUPIL SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY • A safe school enables a good quality of school experience which is an important factor for pupil performance and achievement • Parents will be able to drive in and alight the pupils at the foyer when they send their children to school in the morning. • Parents will only be allowed to drive into the school to pick their children after the school buses have left. Approximate waiting time is about 20 minutes after school dismissal.
  25. 25. SCHOOL SAFETY • All visitors (including parents) need to report to Security Post when entering the school. • Upon entry into school, visitors are to proceed directly to the General Office. Visitors & parents are not permitted to go to the classrooms or other areas of the school. • Parents who intend to meet teachers should make prior appointments. • If parents need to bring child home before dismissal time due to valid reasons (eg illnesses), they will need to fill in the “Early Exit Form” at the General Office. Only authorised family members above 18, domestic helpers and legal guardian will be allowed to, in order to ensure child’s safety . • Child’s absence from school must be supported with valid documents (eg Medical Certificates or Parents’ Letter) General Safety PUPIL SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY
  26. 26. SCHOOL SAFETY • Toilet Pass: manage numbers of pupils going to the toilets • Permission to Enter Class slip: teachers check for the amount of time that has passed since pupils was released from General Office, to the time they reach the classroom • When lessons are conducted in a venue other than the classroom, subject teacher will write the location on white board The main idea for the above measures is to minimise the numbers of pupils/amount of time that pupils are not under the duty of care of teachers. Pupils Safety PUPIL SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY
  27. 27. Parent Partnership Community Role of PPC Involvement in school programmes - by organising projects - by providing support for school programmes as chaperons, participants - volunteering expertise Learn and enrich oneself through courses Network with other parents Parent Ambassadors for FPS Parent Partnership Community
  28. 28. Your involvement is critical to your child’s success. It is an important partnership between you and the school. Be an Involved Parent
  29. 29. In the Orientation Bag
  30. 30. Parent-Child Activity Book
  31. 31. Parent-Child Activity Book
  32. 32. Research shows that, when you are actively involved, your children: • are absent less frequently • behave better • do well academically • are self-disciplined • are more motivated • higher self-esteem The critical messages to your child: • demonstrating your interest in his/her activities • reinforcing the idea that school is important. • school and home are connected • school as integral part of the whole family's life Be an Involved Parent
  33. 33. Parental involvement is a protective factor against •depression •eating disorders •delinquency •academic struggles etc. Involved parents can be: •a source of support •create a climate for discussing tough issues •serve as role models for responsible and empathic behavior. Be an Involved Parent
  34. 34. One way to be involved is to attend Family Matters @ School Programmes Family Matters is an initiative by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to equip parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. Frontier has two Family Matters units : •Family Matters @ School •Family Matters @ School for Fathers Be an Involved Parent
  35. 35. Everything Will Be Alright! Helping Your Child Adjust to Primary SchoolHelping Your Child Adjust to Primary School Friday, 5 Jan 2018, 10.45am – 12.45pm PAL Room, Level 2 Canteen Block To register, please refer to the promotional flyer that can be found in your document package. Family Matters @ School Programme in Jan 2018 Be an Involved ParentBe an Involved Parent
  36. 36. P1 ORIENTATION
  37. 37. Classrooms - You would have placed your child in the respective classrooms when you come for the Orientation. - These will not be their actual classrooms for 2018. The class names reflect the values we hope to inculcate in our pupils. - The teachers in the classroom may not be your child’s Form Teacher in 2018. - By first week of school we will provide all parents with the contact details of the Form Teacher (through FT letter) & subject teachers (indicated in Handbook) Orientation Matters
  38. 38. Classrooms •The pupils are now interacting with their classmates. •Pupils will be spending time today to get to know their friends & participate in some learning activities. •When you meet your children later please do sign out and remember that the children must wear their name tags for the first 2 weeks of school – so please do not lose them. •The lanyard tags will be collected by mid January, to be used for their future learning journeys. Orientation Matters
  39. 39. Admin Rooms • Only 1 parent is allowed in the Admin Room. • If you are here with other adult family members, they may proceed to meet your child at the classroom. • When entering the Admin Room, please sit according to the index number of your child. • You will receive (A) A green orientation bag containing some information (including the Parent-Child Activity Book) . The information in the green bag is for your reference and action. Please bring them home for reading. Orientation Matters
  40. 40. Admin Rooms (B) Forms will be placed on the desk. •The forms are – Pupil Data Form, Dismissal Form, – Pupil Profile form, GIRO and – Edusave (EPSO) Forms for school and other enrichment fees. •These forms are for immediate filling in and submission. •After filling in the forms, please return them to the teacher in charge of the Admin rooms of your child’s class. •Thereafter, please proceed to the classroom to fetch your children before you proceed to the canteen make payments for lanyards and meals for the first 3 days of school. Orientation Matters
  41. 41. At the Canteen P1 Orientation Programme No purchase of uniform & textbooks Please refer to dates on the booklist Sales Schedule: (NOVEMBER 2017) – 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 (DECEMBER 2017) - 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29. Please go to the Canteen to purchase •Set-meals for the Induction Period, •booking of school buses (if needed) At the Foyer Please go to the Foyer for booking of other Student Care Services (if needed)
  42. 42. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2018 GATE A (along St 61) Leads to classroom block GATE B (along St 63) Leads to canteen SCHOOL GATES TO ENTER SCHOOL ON DAY 1 No Parking Available in School Please park at nearest HDB Car park, if necessary
  43. 43. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2018 GATE A (along St 61) Leads to classroom block GATE B (along St 63) Leads to canteen MAIN GATE (along St 61) Vehicle Entrance No Parking GATE C Near Blk 658B (For Dismissal Only) SCHOOL GATES FOR PICK-UP
  44. 44. Objectives The aim of the Induction Programe is for the Primary 1 pupils to get comfortable in their new surroundings and for them to get to know the other children who are in the class with them. Through this experience, we attempt to create a fun, conducive environment for the young pupils to begin their life in the school. • P1 pupils are eased into their new school and class through our Induction programme. • Pupils are helped to understand school expectations and routines • Pupils are taught character, values and life-skills to equip them for learning. • Teachers and pupils are able to bond and build a rapport, allowing them to start the year with the right tone. Learning Outcomes P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2018
  45. 45. Tuesday (2 Jan) Wednesday (3 Jan) Thursday (4 Jan) Friday (5 Jan) P1 1.15pm 12.15pm 1.15pm 1.15pm P1 1.45pm 12.45pm 1.45pm 1.45pm Dismissal Time for first 4 days of school Please remind your children on the dismissal venues. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2018 School buses will leave at usual times i.e. Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri – 1.45pm Wed – 12.45pm * Please expect delay as the pupils and bus vendors adjust to the new routines. Usual Dismissal Time
  46. 46. Reporting Time Reporting Venues Pupils are to report at 7.20am every morning. Tuesday (2 Jan) Wednesday (3 Jan) Thursday (4 Jan) Friday (5 Jan) P1 Classrooms School Hall School Hall School Hall Parents are allowed to take pupils to the classrooms on the first day of school. Subsequently, parents are to bring pupils to the school gates only. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2017
  47. 47. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2018 Student
  48. 48. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2018 Student
  49. 49. Recess Time - The pupils will have recess at 9.45am. - The food will be delivered to the classrooms. The teachers will be with the pupils. - Please place your order and make payment of $3 for the meal packs at the canteen later. - Do give your child money on Friday, 5th Jan 2017. Your child will learn to buy food with his/ her buddy at the canteen. - Parents need not be present for their recesses. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2017
  50. 50. Parents’ Visit (Friday, 5 January 2016) - Parents are invited into the school to watch their children’s mini performance and view the art exhibits done by the children. - Please wait at the canteen before 12.45 pm. You will be ushered to the classrooms at 12.45 pm - Parents can bring the pupils home at 1.15 pm during dismissal. P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2017
  51. 51. As we do not want the pupils to carry too many unnecessary items to school on the first day of school, we will stagger the collection of books by the subject teachers. The teachers would like you to label the books and pack his/her bag according to the schedule below: * Collection of other books will be decided by individual class teachers at a later date. ** Ensure that you write your child’s name on all the books to avoid them being mixed up with other children’s books. Collection of Books P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2017 Day/ Date Subject Primary 1 Tuesday (2 Jan) English • Stellar Handwriting 1 • Frontier Customised Booklet for P1 • P1 Writing Package (Semester 1) • P1 Writing Package (Semester 2) • P1 I Love Literature Packs: Frog And Toad Are Friends • 1 A5 Broad Line Exercise Book (For EL & Maths) • 1 Jotter Book - Lined • Word Card (For EL) • English Language (Yellow x 2 & Grey x 1) Wed (3 Jan) Maths • Targeting Mathematics Workbook 1A (Part 1 and Part 2) • 1 A5 Broad Line Exercise Book - Mental Sums • Blue file x 2
  52. 52. As we do not want the pupils to carry too many unnecessary items to school on the first day of school, we will stagger the collection of books by the subject teachers. The teachers would like you to label the books and pack his/her bag according to the schedule below: Collection of Books P1 INDUCTION – 2 to 5 Jan 2017 Thursday (4 Jan) MT and CCE Chinese Language •( 欢乐伙伴 ) C.L.P.S. Activity Book 1A •( 欢乐伙伴 ) C.L.P.S. Writing Book 1A • ( 欢乐伙伴 ) C.L.P.S. Small Reader 1A • ( 欢乐伙伴 ) H.C./C.L.P.S. Flash Card 1A (Small) •3 A5 Square Exercise Book •Chinese Reading File (Red) •Chinese Language File (Red) •好品德好公民 一 Character & Citizenship Education AB 1 Malay Language •M.L.P.S CEKAP Activity Book 1A •M.L.P.S CEKAP Small Reader 1A (Book 1 - 4) •2 A5 Single Line Exercise Book (For ML) •Malay Reading File (Green) •Malay Language File (Green) •Rakyat Budiman - Character & Citizenship Education AB 1 Tamil Language •T.L.P.S. Theen Thamizh - Activity Book 1A •T.L.P.S. Theen Thamizh - Penmanship P1A •T.L.P.S. Theen Thamizh Student's Reader 1A (Book 1 - 4) •1 Jotter book lined •Tamil Reading File (purple) •Tamil Language File (purple) •1 Character & Citizenship Education AB 1 NTIL (English CCE) •Character and Citizenship Education AB 1 Friday (5 Jan) CCE • FTGP Journal 1 • CCE File (Grey and White) • Social Studies ‘Inquiring Into Our World’ 1 - Activity Book • Thinking File HE ‘An Active and Healthy Me’ 1
  54. 54. SCHOOL CONTACT DETAILS Address 20 Jurong West St 61 S648200 Website Email Telephone 6 5789 555
  55. 55. THANK YOU
  56. 56. Talk by Dental TherapistTalk by Dental Therapist
  57. 57. Give Online Consent forGive Online Consent for Immunisation and DentalImmunisation and Dental ServicesServices
  58. 58. To support your child’s wellbeing, the HealthTo support your child’s wellbeing, the Health Promotion Board providesPromotion Board provides freefree health services, suchhealth services, such as screening, immunisation and dental checks inas screening, immunisation and dental checks in schoolsschools
  59. 59. Parents must give their consent before theirParents must give their consent before their children receive the serviceschildren receive the services Every year to date, 99% of parents have done soEvery year to date, 99% of parents have done so
  60. 60. Paperless Forms Key BenefitsKey Benefits •Save time •Reduce errors •Legally binding •Green, Environmentally Friendly •Faster processes To make the submission of consent moreTo make the submission of consent more convenient and secureconvenient and secure
  61. 61. Health Promotion Board has launched theHealth Promotion Board has launched the ChildChild Consent PortalConsent Portal (( to submit your consentto submit your consent onlineonline
  62. 62. It only takesIt only takes threethree stepssteps Log on to using your SingPass with 2-factor authentication (2FA) OR scan the QR code on letter to access CCP after 21 Dec 2017 1 2 Type in your child’s NRIC/BC/FIN 3 Fill up and submit the medical form
  63. 63. Please submit your consent onlinePlease submit your consent online byby 15 Feb 201815 Feb 2018
  64. 64. Thank YouThank You
  65. 65. • We will now proceed to the admin rooms located at Level 3 • Please follow the class Leaders as I call your children’s classes • The class leaders will lead you to the admin rooms. • We can only allow one parent per child to be in the admin rooms. • Thereafter, you can fetch your child from the classrooms on Levels 1 and 2, before proceeding to the foyer and canteen, • Thank you. Getting to the Admin Rooms