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Resistance to Revolution

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Resistance to Revolution

  1. 1. RESISTANCE to REVOLUTION A presentation by Dr. Peter Hammond
  2. 2. Frontline of Resistance When Communism controlled one third of the world’s land surface and population,
  3. 3. Rhodesia, South West Africa and South Africa were in the very frontline of the hot part of the Cold War, resisting the southward expansion of Soviet sponsored Communist terrorism.
  4. 4. Hard Targets Other hotspots in the frontline of resistance to Communist Revolution were: South Korea;
  5. 5. Other hotspots in the frontline of resistance to Communist Revolution were: Chile;
  6. 6. Other hotspots in the frontline of resistance to Communist Revolution were: Taiwan (Free China);
  7. 7. Other hotspots in the frontline of resistance to Communist Revolution were: Afghanistan;
  8. 8. Nicaragua
  9. 9. and of course the iconic symbol of the Cold War: The Brandenburg Gate
  10. 10. as part of the Berlin Wall,
  11. 11. dividing the capital city of Germany between the Soviet occupied German Democratic Republic (GDR)
  12. 12. and the Federal Republic of West Germany.
  13. 13. The Hot Part of the Cold War However, after the conclusion of the Korea War (1950-1953)
  14. 14. and the Vietnam War (in 1975),
  15. 15. the hottest part of the Cold War was Southern Africa.
  16. 16. Portugal Abandons its African Provinces At first, Portuguese West Africa (Angola) and Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique)
  17. 17. bore the brunt of the Soviet sponsored revolutionary onslaught.
  18. 18. But after the Revolution in Portugal of 1974,
  19. 19. these overseas provinces of Portugal (which dated back 500 years)
  20. 20. were abandoned into the hands of the Marxist terrorist movement FRELIMO in Mozambique
  21. 21. and MPLA in Angola. Without so much as a Referendum or Election.
  22. 22. The people of Angola and Mozambique were betrayed into the hands of the Soviet Union’s puppets, with Cuban forces acting as their surrogates,
  23. 23. along with Soviet Russian military “advisors” and vast quantities of Soviet weaponry.
  24. 24. Under Siege Then from 1975, the full brunt of the Soviet sponsored Revolution fell on Rhodesia.
  25. 25. The Rhodesian Security Forces had been battling Communist terrorism since 1965.
  26. 26. But the abandonment of Mozambique by Portugal in 1975, opened up more than half of Rhodesia’s frontier, the entire Eastern border, to hostile attack.
  27. 27. Initially the terrorists only base of operations for attacking Rhodesia had been from Zambia to the North of the Zambezi River,
  28. 28. now the insurgency grew exponentially and the Rhodesians were hard pressed to beat back the far more numerous
  29. 29. and, in many ways, better supplied, ZANU-PF and ZAPU Communist Revolutionaries.
  30. 30. Cross Border Pre-Emptive Raids Rhodesia began the series of hot pursuit and pre-emptive cross-border strikes,
  31. 31. including spectacularly successful raids against Communist terrorist bases in Mozambique.
  32. 32. This involved conventional clashes with FRELIMO’s armed forces,
  33. 33. aerial bombardments,
  34. 34. blowing up of bridges and railway lines, essential for the supplies of the Marxist guerrillas.
  35. 35. Rhodesia also increasing supported the RENAMO anti-communist resistance movement in Mozambique.
  36. 36. Betrayed In the end, although the Rhodesians were spectacularly successful in the military war,
  37. 37. economic sanctions and increasing political pressure brought to bear by the only friendly neighbour to the South, South Africa, forced the Rhodesians into a negotiated settlement.
  38. 38. In the words of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith: “We were never beaten by our enemies; we were betrayed by our friends!”
  39. 39. Countering Communist Cubans With the abandonment of Portuguese West Africa (Angola), to the Cuban and MPLA forces in 1975,
  40. 40. South Africa launched a pre-emptive raid into Angola, which was so successful that South African forces actually were within sight of Luanda in the far North West of the country.
  41. 41. They could see the Cubans evacuating, loading their tanks and trucks onto their ships to sail back across the Atlantic to Cuba.
  42. 42. Treacherous Allies However, it was at that pivotal point that defeat was snatched out of the jaws of victory by the US government (who had actually asked the South Africans to intervene to prevent the Cuban takeover of Angola)
  43. 43. voted against South Africa in the United Nations Security Council, condemning this intervention which they had actually requested.
  44. 44. For good or ill, South Africa complied and withdrew from Angola, justly feeling betrayed by its Western allies.
  45. 45. Excalating Insurgency It was not long after that that SWAPO terrorist attacks on South West Africa (SWA) greatly increased.
  46. 46. Whereas in the past, the SWAPO terrorists had only had Zambia as a base of operations to infiltrate South West Africa, now the entire Northern border of SWA was open to infiltration by communist terrorists.
  47. 47. The Best Form of Defence is Attack Therefore, South Africa began to launch cross border raids, pre-emptive strikes,
  48. 48. which included the spectacular Cassinga Airborne Assault, the largest parachute assault in the history of Africa since the Second World War.
  49. 49. The pre-emptive strikes pushed the communist threat further North, creating a safe buffer zone
  50. 50. to protect the villages, schools and farms of South West Africa from landmine planting, terrorist incursions.
  51. 51. The Sharp End of Soviet Expansionism After the betrayal of Rhodesia in 1980, the war in Angola dramatically increased as the hottest part of the Cold War.
  52. 52. At any one time, there were 55,000 Cuban troops in Angola
  53. 53. and the Soviet Union poured multiplied Billions of Dollars of their best weaponry into Angola.
  54. 54. South Africa Stands Alone Despite International Arms Sanctions, South Africa Armscor produced the G5 and G6, 155mm Howitzers,
  55. 55. Ratels
  56. 56. and the Cheetah upgrade to the Mirage jets.
  57. 57. Even when greatly outnumbered, the SADF consistently won spectacular victories against all communist forces in Angola,
  58. 58. including in air to air jet dogfights.
  59. 59. Resistance in Communist Colonies 1980 marked the high watermark of the Soviet Communist Empire. Resistance to communist tyranny deepened and extended. There always was resistance.
  60. 60. Even ten years after World War Two was over, there were still units of the Ukrainian Army and the Lithuanian forces fighting against the Soviet Red Army, as late as 1955.
  61. 61. There was an uprising against the communists in East Berlin in 1953.
  62. 62. The uprising in Hungary in 1956 was huge.
  63. 63. The resistance to communism in Czechoslovakia in 1968, the so- called Prague Spring, again shocked the Soviet world at the depth and extent of resistance to communism.
  64. 64. The growth of Solidarity in Poland in the 1980’s
  65. 65. and in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and East Germany
  66. 66. and most spectacularly in the Christmas Revolution of Romania, 1989, was the climax of a tumultuous year,
  67. 67. which saw the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  68. 68. and the collapse of the Iron Curtain.
  69. 69. Counter Revolution Behind the scenes, Bible smugglers,
  70. 70. Gospel radio broadcasts, Radio Free Europe,
  71. 71. the underground Churches,
  72. 72. the Leipzig prayer movement and the seven year Jericho Prayer March, launched in 1982, to bring down the Iron Curtain
  73. 73. and to open up Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union to the Gospel,
  74. 74. culminated in the toppling of communist dictatorships from one end of Eastern Europe to the other.
  75. 75. Combat on Communist Territory The growth of resistance movements throughout the Soviet empire, the Contras in Nicaragua,
  76. 76. the Mujahideen in Afghanistan,
  77. 77. RENAMO in Mozambique,
  78. 78. UNITA in Angola
  79. 79. and the decisive conventional battles fought by the South African Defence Force against Soviet led Cuban and Marxist MPLA forces in Angola, culminating in the Lomba River Battle, all heralded the Fall of the Soviet empire.
  80. 80. Movements for Freedom Triumph The Singing Revolution which had begun in the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
  81. 81. led to secession and independence of these countries from the USSR.
  82. 82. Communist Yugoslavia collapsed with Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia breaking away.
  83. 83. Croatia and Slovenia seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991.
  84. 84. Czechoslovakia split peacefully in the Velvet Divorce between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.
  85. 85. Ukraine’s independence was recognised, as was Belarus.
  86. 86. The Strategic Role of Christian Missions Our Mission, along with many other Christian Missions to the communist world, played our part in exposing the atrocities,
  87. 87. weaknesses, failures, evils, hypocrisies and crimes of communism and by publishing eye-witness testimonies and photographic evidence of the sufferings of the persecuted Church and their resilience in the face of relentless persecution.
  88. 88. Bible smuggling, Christian radio programmes, regular visits, encouragement,
  89. 89. Leadership Training, including with underground Bible colleges, all helped play a part in strengthening the internal resistance against communist tyranny.
  90. 90. To Mozambique with Love In Mozambique we had smuggled in Bibles, helped persecuted churches,
  91. 91. provided chaplaincy training and resources for RENAMO Resistance fighters
  92. 92. and through books, such as In the Killing Fields of Mozambique. We helped make the plight of the persecuted Church in Mozambique better known.
  93. 93. I testified on many radio and TV programmes throughout the USA and Europe against the communist FRELIMO dictatorship of Mozambique and on behalf of the persecuted church.
  94. 94. Resistance in Angola In Angola we delivered Bibles and books to UNITA Freedom Fighters of Jonas Savimbi
  95. 95. and supplied them with Gospel Recordings materials in their languages.
  96. 96. We took in Christian film makers to document UNITA’s courageous fight against international communism.
  97. 97. Reformation in Zambia In Zambia, we conducted Biblical Worldview Seminars and God and Government Seminars,
  98. 98. delivered thousands of Christian textbooks,
  99. 99. spoke on radio and TV and worked to see the overthrow of Kenneth Kaunda’s UNIP socialist dictatorship
  100. 100. and the rise of a new government which officially declared Zambia a Christian country, in 1991.
  101. 101. Mobilising Resistance to Revolution In mobilising resistance to Revolution, there are five clear phases:
  102. 102. 1. Information: Books; Newsletters; Films; Radio and TV programmes; Websites; Lectures; Presentations.
  103. 103. 2. Intercession: Mobilising the Seven-Year Jericho Prayer March to bring down the Iron Curtain; the Leipzig Prayer Movement; International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted and other prayer initiatives, including The Power of Prayer Handbook
  104. 104. 3. Involvement: Bible smuggling; ministry behind the Iron Curtain; serving persecuted churches and literature distribution.
  105. 105. 4. Investment: Leadership training and Love in Action for persecuted churches and resistance movements.
  106. 106. 5. Implementation: Mobilising international resistance to communism; training and strategically supporting resistance movements within communist countries.
  107. 107. Publications Against the Revolution Some of the books which our Mission produced to mobilise resistance to Revolution, included:
  108. 108. In the Killing Fields of Mozambique;
  109. 109. Angola By the Back Door;
  110. 110. Holocaust in Rwanda;
  111. 111. Going Through – Even Though the Door is Closed;
  112. 112. Faith Under Fire in Sudan;
  113. 113. Slavery, Terrorism and Islam – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat; and a series of documentary films.
  114. 114. The Role of Special Forces in Modern Warfare In the last half of the 20th century and especially in the first two decades of the 21st century, Special Forces have become even more important as conventional warfare is far less common.
  115. 115. Dealing as we are with communist oppression and subversion, small numbers of specially trained forces are able to inflict damage far out of proportion with their modest numbers,
  116. 116. by operating behind enemy lines to gather intelligence, to train and support resistance movements and to mobilise irregular warfare.
  117. 117. The goal of such special forces is to subvert and undermine the enemy, especially by mobilising populations under their nominal control, to active and effective resistance.
  118. 118. Vietnam In Vietnam the American Green Berets trained, mobilised and supplied the Montagnards who continued to resist communism in Vietnam decades after the Americans had left their shores.
  119. 119. Mozambique In Mozambique the Rhodesian SAS C-Squadron trained and supplied RENAMO anti-communist guerrillas
  120. 120. who continue to resist the communists in Mozambique to this very day, 40 years since the official end of Rhodesia.
  121. 121. Angola In Angola, the South African Reconnaissance Commando and 32- Battalion, aided, trained, supported and supplied UNITA anti- communist freedom fighters of Jonas Savimbi in combatting communist Cuban forces.
  122. 122. UNITA has continued to resist communism for decades since South Africans withdrew from their territory.
  123. 123. Spiritual Special Forces in Restricted Access Areas Missions also need Spiritual Special Forces who will work in areas where conventional missions is either illegal, or dangerous.
  124. 124. Through literature, leadership training, supplies and support
  125. 125. a small number of highly motived, specialised missionaries can make an impact far out of proportion to their modest numbers.
  126. 126. a small number of highly motived, specialised missionaries can make an impact far out of proportion to their modest numbers.
  127. 127. make an impact far out of proportion to their modest numbers.
  128. 128. The Successful Campaign for the Secession of South Sudan For example, in Sudan, Frontline Fellowship trained the first Chaplains for the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) military,
  129. 129. Frontline Fellowship trained the first medics for their Medical Corp,
  130. 130. brought in supplies, tonnes of Bibles
  131. 131. and medicines, supplying an ambulance, container shipments of medicines, bringing in specialised medical staff to further train up medics and rehabilitate hospitals and clinics
  132. 132. while internationally publishing their plight through over 1,000 radio and TV programmes in the USA alone and hundreds more in Europe and throughout Africa,
  133. 133. exposing the atrocities of the National Islamic Front dictatorship of Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum.
  134. 134. We energetically campaigned for the independence of South Sudan.
  135. 135. This campaign was ultimately successful and resulted in 9 June 2011 with the Independence of South Sudan.
  136. 136. Psychological Warfare Psychological warfare can particularly be divided into: Psyops Own Forces and Psywar Enemy Forces.
  137. 137. Psyops Own Forces The goal of Psyops Own Forces is to build up the morale of your own forces, to encourage, educate, empower, energise, enlist and enthuse your forces.
  138. 138. To inform, inspire and involve, to motivate and to mobilise by examples of excellence to fight, to innovate, to persevere, to victory.
  139. 139. Psywar Enemy Forces Psywar Enemy Forces aims to undermine the morale of the enemy by exposing their atrocities, weaknesses, failures, evils, hypocrisies and crimes.
  140. 140. To Expose and Oppose Marxist Revolution Utilising eyewitness testimonies and historic perspectives, photographic evidence, video footage, reports, broadcasts, publications, such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm;
  141. 141. the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, such as The Gulag Archipelago;
  142. 142. The Black Book of Communism;
  143. 143. Agenda 2 – Masters of Deceit film;
  144. 144. and other resources, our goal is to expose and oppose the communist forces arrayed against us.
  145. 145. Home Education One of the greatest acts of resistance once can do to the One World totalitarian secular humanist revolutionary New World Order is to promote Home Education.
  146. 146. Groups such as Answers in Genesis are dedicated to providing excellent resources to empower and equip parents to home educate their children from a Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum that will undermine the New World Order and help build, strengthen and extend the Kingdom of God on earth.
  147. 147. the Reformation Society is dedicated to providing excellent resources to empower and equip parents to home educate their children from a Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum that will undermine the New World Order and help build, strengthen and extend the Kingdom of God on earth.
  148. 148. Christian Liberty Books is dedicated to providing excellent resources to empower and equip parents to home educate their children from a Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum that will undermine the New World Order and help build, strengthen and extend the Kingdom of God on earth.
  149. 149. Reaching and Teaching Remote and Restricted Regions To this end the William Carey Bible Institute provides a treasure trove of resources, books, manuals, audio and video lectures, PowerPoints, documentaries and links to vital resources,
  150. 150. all completely free, available online to equip and empower students to bypass state indoctrination gulags and invest in the future of their families and the Faith.
  151. 151. Practical Actions to Mobilise Resistance and Work for Reformation Some examples of successful psyops against the Revolutionaries, include: Woman’s Day outreaches/Missions in the Mall;
  152. 152. Life Chains;
  153. 153. March for Life
  154. 154. our demonstration against the attempted screening of The Last Temptation of Christ at WITS University;
  155. 155. at WITS University;
  156. 156. Anti-blasphemy demonstrations,
  157. 157. marches to parliament against the secular state
  158. 158. and the campaign for Independence for the Cape of Good Hope.
  159. 159. “Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?” Psalm 94:16
  160. 160.