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Farm Terrorism and Genocide in South Africa


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Farm Terrorism and Genocide in South Africa

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Farm Terrorism and Genocide in South Africa

  1. 1. FARM TERRORISM and GENOCIDE in SOUTH AFRICA A presentation by Dr. Peter Hammond
  2. 2. FARM TERRORISM and GENOCIDE in SOUTH AFRICA A presentation by Dr. Peter Hammond
  3. 3. White South African farmers are experiencing the highest rates of violent crime anywhere in the world. The Most Dangerous Job in the World
  4. 4. Brendin Horner's body was found tied to a farm gate after he was killed on 2 October 2020
  5. 5. “There are no white farmers being killed in South Africa,” said Malema A False Narrative
  6. 6. • The most dangerous job in the world is being a farmer in South Africa. Far more dangerous than being a bomb disposal expert in a war zone like Iraq. Farmers are being murdered at a rate four times more than even the police.
  7. 7. • Farmers in South Africa are being killed at a far higher rate than our soldiers ever were in any and all of the wars this country has been involved in.
  8. 8. • Yet the ANC president claimed that “There are no murders of white farmers in South Africa!”
  9. 9. The Transvaal Agricultural Union recorded 2,070 attacks and 1,266 murders between 1991 and 2009.
  10. 10. The South African Agriculture Union recorded 10,151 farm attacks and 1,541 murders between 1994 and 2008.
  11. 11. • “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil… Who justify the wicked for a bribe and take away justice from the righteous man!” Isaiah 5:20-23
  12. 12. Commissioner Cele refuses to acknowledge that the murder of farmers is an issue requiring special police attention.
  14. 14. AfriForum has noted that the term “farm murders” is misleading and the term “farm terror” and “farm tortures” are more suitable. Farmers in South Africa are now being murdered at a rate of 220 per 100,000 per year.
  15. 15. The average murder ratio per 100,000 of the population worldwide is 9. Any form of justice is incredibly rare. The criminal justice system is spectacularly failing to effectively prosecute most of the perpetrators of these attacks.
  16. 16. Farming family victims are often tied up, cut with machetes and pitchforks, burned with boiling water or hot irons, dragged behind vehicles, raped and mutilated in incomprehensible savagery. Sadistic Savagery
  17. 17. Kill the Boer is a book about the brutal reality of farm attacks in South Africa and how the ANC government is complicit to this crisis.
  18. 18. It is argued that the South African government should be regarded as complicit due to a variety of reasons,
  19. 19. including its deprioritising of the crime despite the worsening crises,
  20. 20. negative stereotyping of white farmers in particular,
  21. 21. romanticising of violence inflicted upon farmers, propagation of hatred from political platforms,
  22. 22. as well as the scorning and ridiculing of the victims of these attacks.
  23. 23. The Kill the Boer book reveals accounts of the direct involvement of members of the ruling ANC, the South African government
  24. 24. and the SAPS in particular with the planning and execution of these attacks.
  25. 25. It is argued that a looming process of ethnic cleansing should be regarded as a serious threat and something we must campaign to prevent.
  26. 26. The complicity of the South African media is also indicated by analysis of news reports which clearly indicate biased reporting,
  27. 27. leading to vilification and negative stereotyping of white farmers in particular.
  28. 28. the horrific levels of torture that often accompanies these crimes,
  29. 29. the role that farmers should play in society and the unique circumstances that farmers are in.
  30. 30. When the most dangerous occupation in South Africa is not that of a member of the police or a fireman, you should realise that something is wrong.
  31. 31. When the most dangerous occupation is that of a person who promotes food security & creates jobs, you should know that something is wrong.
  32. 32. The sad truth should enjoy intensive discussion and considered a priority anywhere in the world.
  33. 33. However, this is not the case in South Africa. Here, the government is complicit in farm murders.
  34. 34. Ernst Roets’s book Kill the Boer was launched on a cold winter’s morning.
  35. 35. It was a striking launch, with the singer Adam Tas singing songs about farmers and the farming industry.
  36. 36. The morning of the launch saw reports on an 86-year-old farmer from Hartbeespoort who had been attacked on his farm the day before.
  37. 37. Kill the Boer does not mince words and details how cruel farm murders are and why these cannot be regarded as ordinary crimes.
  38. 38. It investigates the loaded statements by politicians and how these may result in an increase in farm attacks and murders.
  39. 39. In one section Roets mentions that Julius Malema answered under cross examination that they had stopped singing “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer” in the ANC because black farmers might have been depicted as targets erroneously. Therefore, Malema had rather started singing “Dubula iBhunu” (kill the Boer).
  40. 40. The book also points out the mainstream media’s double standards in terms of its reporting on farm murders and reference to race.
  41. 41. One statistic shows that a publication like the Daily Sun uses graphics in 69% of the reports covering white-on-black crimes, but in only 21% of reports on black-on-white crimes.
  42. 42. A publication like the Huffington Post SA does not even use graphics in case of black-on-white crimes.
  43. 43. The book is more than simply figures and statistics, however.
  44. 44. It is the story of Sue Howarth, who was murdered when attackers opened fire on her and her husband while they were sleeping.
  45. 45. It is the story of Roger and Christine Solik, where the judge said during his sentencing that a “great measure of rage and venom” had been evident at the crime scene.
  46. 46. It is the story of 66-year-old Dries Steenkamp who was shot dead on his farm outside Lydenburg in Mpumalanga,
  47. 47. and the story of Vanessa Stafleu, whose 3- and 5-yeard-old children ran into the darkness after they had seen their mother murdered right in front of them.
  48. 48. It is the story of Johan Strydom, whose skull was cracked with a piece of metal, after which he was dragged behind his bakkie on a dirt road until he died of a burst liver.
  49. 49. It is the story of a mother who lost the will to live after her 21-year- old son, Kyle Stols, was murdered on a farm close to Bloemfontein.
  50. 50. And it is the story of Attie Potgieter, who was stabbed 151 times with a panga, garden fork and a knife, after which his wife, Wilna, and two-year-old little daughter, Willemien, were murdered.
  51. 51. Of course it is not only white farmers who are being killed. Elisa Mokoenat and Augustine Khonjana, two farmworkers, were strangled during a farm attack and shot in the stomach.
  52. 52. Last year in the Free State a black commercial farmer was shot dead by attackers and his wife was kicked and shot.
  53. 53. It is pointed out on the cover of the book that the content is not for sensitive readers. The fact is that no South African can afford not to read the book.
  54. 54. The facts contained in the book are essential for any person who wants to deliver a constructive input in the debate on farm murders and farm attacks.
  55. 55. It empowers the readers with knowledge of immeasurable value when being asked why farm murders are different to other murders and why the South African government is complicit to it.
  56. 56. The content is graphic, but we no longer have the luxury to be sensitive about the facts.
  57. 57. The book Kill the Boer is an important contribution to the debate on farm murders and attacks, writes a crime expert.
  58. 58. This was especially true in a time in which farm murders and attacks had become an uncomfortable, thorny and political topic of discussion, said former police officer Dr Johan Burger, consultant at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).“
  59. 59. “The book will hopefully contribute to the debate and will wake some of us up who are still completely ignorant as to the seriousness of the situation,” said Burger.
  60. 60. Dr Theo de Jager, Chairperson of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), said that Roets tackled the topic of farm murders in a comprehensive manner.
  61. 61. “He writes about the facts and figures, as well as the fears, anger and worries that have become part of the DNA of the farming community.”
  62. 62. De Jager said that if you had visited the scene of such an attack, with the signs of torture, you would lose your appetite for theoretical debates on the relevance of statistics and figures.
  63. 63. Here follows a compilation of quotes and policies from ANC leaders: “All white people are criminals and should be treated as such. We need to take their property, deny them job opportunities and treat them as second class citizens. Propaganda Kills
  64. 64. White people are rapists, dogs and cowards. We need to sing songs about how they should be mowed down and murdered. White people are in the minority and that means they must have fewer rights than the rest of us.
  65. 65. Absolutely, that is how democracy works and if they dare to protest against these views, we must tell them to keep their mouths shut because they are racists who are simply getting what they deserve.”
  66. 66. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil… who justify the wicked for a bribe and take away justice from the righteous man!” Isaiah 5:20-23
  67. 67. The war on whites in South Africa is also seen in economics through Black Economic Empowerment/Affirmative Action job reservation, racial quotas. War Against Whites
  68. 68. All of which are designed to keep whites and particularly white males out of government and commercial employment.
  69. 69. But the violent, vicious and brutally sadistic tortures and murders of farmers and their family members defies description. Farm attacks in South Africa are 700% higher than in any other country in the world.
  70. 70. AfriForum has documented multiple cases of incitement to genocide and other menacing threats against whites on social media, including: ANC councillor, Bhekinkosi Mvelase: “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!” Hate Speech
  71. 71. Velaphi Khumalo of the Gauteng Arts and Culture Department: “I want to cleanse this country of all white people. White people in South Africa deserve to be hacked and killed. You must be bushed alive and skinned and your offspring be used as garden fertilizer.”
  72. 72. Luvuyo Max Menziwa: “I hate white people… just get me a bazooka or AK47 so I can do the right thing and kill these demon possessed humans.”
  73. 73. EFF leader, Julius Malema declared that he wanted to hit white men hard “We are cutting the throat of whiteness.” Cutting Their Throats
  74. 74. The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry calculated that every farm murder, or attack, cost the South African economy over R2 million annually. (This figure was based on the annual contribution of the Agricultural sector to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.)
  75. 75. When Freedom Front Member of Parliament, Peter Groenewald, reported on the horrific tortures being inflicted on white farmers in South Africa today, an ANC member of parliament jeered and shouted “Bury them alive!” “Destruction is in its midst; oppression and deceit do not depart from its streets.” Psalm 55:11 “Bury Them Alive”
  76. 76. “Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.” Proverbs 22:28
  77. 77. Is the War on Farmers State Sponsored Terrorism?
  79. 79. The uproar in South Africa over the claims by ANC that the 1913 Land Act dispossessed blacks is a blatant lie, and forms part of four core lies about South African history,
  80. 80. There is a common belief in South Africa that the Natives Land Act of 1913 shoved blacks on reserves (‘7 percent of the land’) and ‘prohibited them from buying land in white areas’. LIE NUMBER ONE
  81. 81. That ‘whites forcibly removed blacks to these reserves and that these reserves were on the worst land in the country with no mineral riches and that whites kept all the best land and minerals for themselves’.
  82. 82. Now if I was a black man, I might be tempted to want to believe that myth, because it could ensure me eternal victimhood status and compensation for generations to come.
  83. 83. Unfortunately, it is a blatant lie and can be attributed to the lack of reading ability or legal comprehension of the journalists and historians of our time.
  84. 84. First of all the biggest Platinum reserves in the world run through the former Black homeland of Bophuthatswana (North West province). THE TRUTH
  85. 85. The former Nationalist government had no problem allocating this area to the Tswana tribes for self-rule—although they already had a massive country called Botswana given to them by the British.
  86. 86. It was originally part of South Africa, called Bechuanaland. Blacks further got another two massive countries from the British called Lesotho and Swaziland. There goes their 7 percent.
  87. 87. ‘Black homelands were on the worst land in South Africa’. LIE NUMBER TWO
  88. 88. When one compares the rainfall map of South Africa and anybody with elementary knowledge of South Africa will tell you that the largest part of South Africa is called the Karoo. THE TRUTH
  89. 89. It is a semi desert comparable to Arizona or Nevada in the USA. Blacks never even entered this area let alone settled it. Whites made it blossom and created successful sheep farms producing meat of world quality.
  90. 90. Black “settlements” are found on the north and east coast of South Africa.
  91. 91. The East Coast has a sub-tropical climate and the north a prairie- like climate with summer rainfall and thunderstorms. An exception to this is the Western Cape with a Mediterranean climate and winter rainfall.
  92. 92. The northern and eastern part of South Africa with its beautiful green grasslands and fertile soil is where the blacks eventually coalesced and this is the land they chose for themselves.
  93. 93. Their eventual homelands were found on the land they inhabited out of their own free will.
  94. 94. The Afrikaners even have a song praising the greenness of Natal, called “Groen is die land van Natal” (Green is the land of Natal). It was perfect grazing area for the cattle herding blacks.
  95. 95. Blacks are indigenous to South Africa and first settled it’. LIE NUMBER THREE
  96. 96. Today Blacks in South Africa often tell Afrikaners and other minorities such as the Coloureds, Indians, Chinese or Malays to adapt to their misrule and corruption or “Go Home”… THE TRUTH
  97. 97. …implying that we, who have been born here, who hold legal citizenship through successive birthrights; should emigrate to Europe, Malaysia, India or elsewhere.
  98. 98. That the only ones who have a legal claim to South Africa, all of it, are the blacks. Blacks believe that they are ‘indigenous to South Africa’—but they are not: it was proven by DNA research. We are ALL settlers in South Africa.
  99. 99. This ill-advised policy of expropriating land without compensation is based upon a broad propaganda narrative of righting the wrongs of long ago and taking back that which was stolen. In a word, restitution. Questions which Must be Asked
  100. 100. But who stole the land? Where was it stolen? From whom was it stolen? When was it stolen? How was it stolen?
  101. 101. The Fact is that the Dutch settlers and Voortrekkers purchased their land and settled and developed the wilderness at great personal sacrifice. Facts Ruin a Good Story
  102. 102. Truth does not fear investigation. Facts can ruin a good story. Marxist Revolutionaries and agitators use propaganda to whip up hatred for their political ends.
  103. 103. However, if we were to consider the real theft taking place in our time, we would recognise that no one has stolen more from us than our government has. The greatest theft is from inflation, taxation and corruption. The Real Theft
  104. 104. The African Union calculates that over 32% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Africa is stolen every year by governments in Africa. That is more than 14 times (1400%) of all the foreign aid received by Africa every year. “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption…” 2 Peter 2:19
  105. 105. If we could cut corruption down by just 10%, it would equal all the foreign aid poured into Africa each year. Imagine if we could eradicate 50% of the corruption! Imagine eradicating over 90% of the corruption! Eradicating Corruption Would Enrich Everyone
  106. 106. Inflation has devalued the South African Rand to one five hundredth what it was back in 1980. Taxation, Corruption and Inflation Steals from Everyone
  107. 107. Theft by Inflation A survey on inflation in South Africa (undertaken by the Old Mutual), reported that in 1971 you could buy a car for about R1 000.
  108. 108. In 1981, the same amount of money would buy a motorbike.
  109. 109. By 2001, the buying power of R1 000 had collapsed so, that you could only buy a bicycle.
  110. 110. Now a good pair of running shoes could cost over R2 000.
  111. 111. "The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are His delight." Proverbs 11:1
  112. 112. The theft of so much of our hard work and ingenuity by exorbitant taxation and rampant corruption by the ANC government is vastly greater than all other causes of poverty combined. Over R1,4 Trillion is lost to corruption in South Africa - every year !
  113. 113. Comparison of $1,000,000,000,000 dollars to a standard-sized Football field
  114. 114. “Shall I count pure those with the wicked scales and with the bag of deceitful weights? For her rich men are full of violence, her inhabitants have spoken lies and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth.” Micah 6:11-12
  115. 115. "Skimping the measure, boosting the price and cheating with dishonest scales… I will never forgive." Amos 8:5-7
  116. 116. How long are we going to accept the smoke-screens, scape- goats, distractions and disinformation of the criminals who are ruining this country? The middle letters of Cancer is ANC. Reject the Distractions
  117. 117. To distract citizens from the disastrous failure and catastrophic corruption of the ANC government, lies, distortions, disinformation, fabrications, misleading statistics and campaigns of guilt manipulation have been manufactured to create a smoke screen to cover the rampant corruption and incompetence of the ANC. Smokescreens to Distract from Corruption and Failure
  118. 118. To enable the looting of the country, whites have been demonised and made scapegoats for every problem in the country. Even after over 24 years of ANC rule, nothing is accepted as their fault.
  119. 119. Instead irresponsible politicians have engaged in the most reckless rabblerousing and hate-mongering which threaten to subvert the very fabric of society.
  120. 120. Instead of redressing their failed policies, the ANC have continued to throw good money after bad, hell-bent on promoting immoral, unwise and counter-productive policies on every level. Hell-Bent on Destroying the Country
  121. 121. and catastrophic land reform policies of Zimbabwe, the ANC now want to remove Constitutional protections on private ownership of property.
  122. 122. They want to be able to expropriate farms without even compensation for the farmers who have poured generations of sacrifice and hard work into cultivating the wilderness and turning them into productive farms.
  123. 123. If they go ahead with this ill-advised policy, it will not only undermine the food security of South Africa, but greatly increase unemployment, chase away investors, employers, entrepreneurs and tourists. How to Chase Away Investors
  124. 124. The economic consequences and social catastrophe that would result from such a racist and lawless policy would be incalculable. It would represent the final breaking of faith with the reconciliation settlement made in 1994.
  125. 125. Violating solemn international agreements and destroying the very Bill of Rights which was meant to be foundation for prosperity and progress in this country will have catastrophic repercussions. One cannot violate private ownership of property without destroying the essential foundation for all effective economies.
  126. 126. Insane hatred will destroy this great country and the last chance for Africa to show a viable and successful working economy to the world. Blind Hatred will Have Disastrous Consequences
  127. 127. The disgrace that this would be to Africa as a whole and the disillusionment it would create amongst those who have poured their hearts and souls into building Africa up, would be catastrophic. South Africa would join the long list of failed African states.
  128. 128. Yet another warning to outsiders to not even try to invest in a continent that cannot respect private ownership of property, nor honour solemn agreements, bills or rights and international treaties.
  129. 129. Vilifying the victims and villains playing the victim card may work for a time, but ultimately it will come back to destroy the one playing this dangerous game. The Victim Card Has Been Overplayed
  130. 130. The malicious destruction of so many historic places, monuments, graves, churches, homes and even entire forests, is the path of national suicide. Destruction for the sake of it, envy, greed, hatred and jealousy do not build the kind of society any of us would want to live in. National Suicide
  131. 131. “Hate evil, love good; establish justice in the gate…. let justice run down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Amos 5:15,24
  132. 132. We need to do something. This is first and foremost an information war. We need to be informed. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6. So What Can We Do?
  133. 133. Obtain and read Sketches from South African History, Biblical Principles for Africa, Renaissance or Reformation Resources to Set the Record Straight
  134. 134. and obtain the Agenda 2 and Bitter Harvest DVDs. Good audio MP3 resources, include: South African History Boxset and War Against God MP3.
  135. 135. Visit the Henry Morton Stanley School of Christian Journalism website and Facebook page and Africa Christian Action website and Facebook page and Young Reformers Out to Change the World Facebook page.
  136. 136. “Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.” Proverbs 3:25-26
  137. 137. We need to be interceding. We need to be involved in practical action. We need to invest in workable solutions and we need to implement workable strategies for security and survival. “A prudent man foresees evil…” Proverbs 27:12
  138. 138. Pray. Publish. Prepare. Protest. We need to stand up, speak out and step out. We need to be armed and alert. Stock up supplies. Have back up plans. Secure your home and farm, church and mission. Be Prepared
  139. 139. Prepare for lawlessness, power failures, water mains being cut, know your neighbours, help one another, as there is strength is unity. “Watch, stand fast in the Faith, be brave, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13
  140. 140. We need to speak up on community radio phone-in programmes, write letters and articles for your local community newspapers, contribute to, or set up webs, blogs and social media that will deal with these issues. Practical Steps Each One of Us Can Take
  141. 141. Organise public meetings and film screenings, such as Agenda 2 and Bitter Harvest.
  142. 142. Obtain the Security and Survival Handbook and implement its practical solutions.
  143. 143. “…Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” Nehemiah 4:14
  144. 144. We need to rescue, redeem, restore, reform and revive. Help build community support structures. Support civic defence, neighbourhood watch organisations. Get networked. Rescue, Redeem, Restore, Reform and Revive
  145. 145. Work for decentralisation. Support Independence for the Cape movement.
  146. 146. Find groups in your area that you can network with for both information and mutual support.
  147. 147. “…Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” Nehemiah 4:14
  148. 148. Dr. Peter Hammond Reformation Society P.O. Box 74 Newlands, 7725 Cape Town, South Africa Tel: (021) 689-4480 Fax: (021) 685-5884 Email: Website: