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student number: 3266604

course applied: Master-of-Arts-Illustration

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Student number3266604 master-of-arts-illustration

  1. 1. p ort f oli oDiana Rute Costa2012
  2. 2. I nt r o d u c t i o nThe present portfolio displays a great diversity ofillustrations performed during my graduation inGraphic Design at the Fine Arts College from theUnivesity of Porto, for the period of 2009-2012.Additionally, this portfolio shows other illustrationsfreely created outside the course context during thistime.The work selection here exhibited demonstrates mypreference for traditional illustration, though I amalso able to digitally illustrate. The technical skillsemployed to perform the marjority of illustrationsencompass watercolour or pencil colour paintingand vector drawing.A common theme in my work is the representation ofthe female body and costumes, deeply influenced bythe Medieval fantasy aesthetics. I am also inspired bythe paintings of the Pre-Rhaphaelite artists EdwardBurne-Jones and John William Waterhouse, whichportray females from ancient mythology, legendsand tales. In this connection, the beauty and fashionillustration field is another of my interests.
  3. 3. S lu m d o g G e n e r ato rcollege workI used the Nodebox software to create an image generator that continuously changes the picture of a slumdog wearing different outfits andaccessories. The purpose was to hypothetically insert this generator in a website that advertises clothes for dogs.Vector Illustration
  4. 4. E yj a fj al l a j o k u l lcollege workThis 3D piece was exhibited in an expositionorganized by the Fine Arts College from theUniversity of Porto, whose theme was the eruptionof the Icelandic volcano “Eyjafjallajokull” in 2010.I pictured the moment before “Eyjafjallajokull”eruption as an asleep boy dressed with traditionalIcelandic clothes, laying on wood branches. Colour Pencil on Paperboard
  5. 5. F a i r y T al e S o r c e r e rcollege workThis project aimed to create a profile image ofa facebook group entitled “Old people that lookyounger than what they really are”.I represented a very old sorcerer whoseappearence is still young and somehow seductive.I was inspired by the classical tale illustrations ofEric Kincaid. Colour Pencil on Paper
  6. 6. C u lt u r e s C o s t u m e scollege workThe three following images depict maidens wearingtypical costumes of spatially and temporallyunrelated cultures: Portuguese, Persian and Aztec.Pencil Colour on Paper
  7. 7. T h e M i s t s o f Av alo ncollege workI redesigned the cover of “Mists of Avalon” byMarion Zimmer Bradley. Due to all the femaleesoterism and mystical symbolism present in thebook’s story, I turned its cover into an invertedtriangle, a well known symbol of women.Demonstrative Photography
  8. 8. Ha ns e l & Gr e t e lcollege workIn this project, I illustrated the pages of the famoustale “Hansel and Gretel”. I drew the charactersin a very classical way keeping the backgroundminimalistic, so that the story course could beunderstood based on the charaters’s expressionsand features.Colour Pencil on Paper
  9. 9. Mo on & Su nfree workThe antagonistic concepts of moon/night versussun/day were personified as human characters,with influences of arabian culture.Watercolour on Paperboard
  10. 10. O r b i s c o lo rfree workThe diversity of characters here representedbelong to an imaginary world populated by manydifferent fantasy cultures.Colour Pencil and Collage on Paper
  11. 11. S p ri n g P ri ntfree workThrough the use of wood stamps, I printed flowerypatterns on the character’s clothings.Colour Pencil and Wood Stamps on Paper
  12. 12. Th e C u r s ecollege workIn this project, I created 3 villains cursed to bedepressed, broken hearted and crow shaped. Inopposition, I invented an optimistic and laughablehero resembling Charlie Chaplin, that possesses avery intellectual bulldog as a sidekick. Colour Pencil and Collage on Paper
  13. 13. Colour Pencil and Collage on Paper
  14. 14. X e q u e - m at efree workThe following sequence of illustrations representsthe clash of the white and the black chess kings, inwhich the black chess king decides to interrupt themarriage between the white king and queen...Watercolour on Paper
  15. 15. M e d i e v al A nt h o lo g yfree workThis illustration is an example of a set of variousillustrations created for a small sized book, whichgathers several texts about the Portuguesemedieval literature and its authors. Watercolour on Paper
  16. 16. R o m a nt i c V a m p i r e sfree workA collection of Romantic vampire characters,inspired by the 19th century costumes.Charcoall on Paper Watercolour on Paper
  17. 17. Graphic Pencil on Paper
  18. 18. Zenfree workThis work was inspired by the Buddist symbolismand I tried to represent a character that wouldexpress a certain meditation pose. Ink on Paper
  19. 19. M e d i e v al c o l l e c t i o nfree workImage collection of female characters and outfitsinspired by medieval fantasy. Ink on Paper
  20. 20. Graphic Pencil on Paper
  21. 21. E lv e s a n d F a i ri e sfree workImage collection of female characters and outfitsinspired by fairies and elves from the celticimaginarium.Graphic Pencil Pencil Color Watercolor Ink
  22. 22. F lo w e r y O r n a m e nt sa nd he ad p i e c e sfree workThe following illustrations focuses on femaleheadpiece decoration by using ornaments.Ink on Paper Pastels on Paper