EchoSign E-Signature for SugarCRM User Guide


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EchoSign E-Signature for SugarCRM User Guide

  1. 1. eSignature and Contract Management Service for Document Version: 1.0 Date: 5/25/2011 Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011
  2. 2. IntroductionEchoSign for SugarCRM is the only eSignature system with complete integration toSugarCRM, delivering complete electronic signature automation in SugarCRM for e-signatures and fax signatures. Send contracts directly from SugarCRM, view contracthistory and save eSigned contracts associated the account, contact, quote and more.About This GuideThis document is a guide for SugarCRM users to send documents, quotes and otherfiles for electronic signature or fax signature. SugarCRM administrators may consultthe EchoSign for SugarCRM Installation Guide.Users can create an EchoSign agreement associated with an account, contact, quoteor other SugarCRM modules, attach files, specify recipients and send for signature.EchoSign updates SugarCRM with the current status of the agreement and stores thesigned contract in SugarCRM once it is fully executed.Creating AgreementsAgreements may be created through the EchoSign Agreements module or throughmodules configured by a SugarCRM administrator.Figure 1: EchoSign Agreement Edit View Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011
  3. 3. Creating and editing an EchoSign Agreement 1. From the Actions list on the EchoSign Agreements tab, select Create EchoSign Agreement. 2. In the main section of the EchoSign Agreement, enter the following information: a. Name: Enter a name for the EchoSign Agreement. b. Signature Type: Select the type of signature accepted for the document. The options are e-Signature and Fax Signature. c. I Also Need to Sign This Agreement: Indicate whether the sender also needs to sign the agreement. d. Remind Recipients to Sign: Select how often to remind a recipient to sign a document. The options are Daily or Weekly. e. Signature Order: Select the order in which the sender and recipients should sign. This field is required if the field I Also Need to Sign This Agreement is checked. f. Signing Deadline: Specify a date by which a document must be signed and returned. g. Host Signing for the First Signer: Indicate whether the sender would like to host the agreement signing in-person for the first signer. h. Language: Specify the language in which the signing page is displayed i. Message: Include additional instructions or comments for the recipient. 3. In the Security Options section of the EchoSign Agreement, enter the following information: a. Password Required to Sign: Indicate whether a password must be entered before a recipient may sign a document. b. Password Required to Open: Indicate whether a password must be entered before a recipient may open a document to sign. c. Password: Specify the password to use to sign or to open a document. d. Confirm Password: Confirm the password to use to sign or to open a document. 4. In the Other section of the EchoSign Agreement, enter the following information: a. User: Specify a SugarCRM user. The default is the user currently signed into the system. b. Teams: To change the primary team assignment, enter the name of the new primary team. To assign additional teams to the record, click Select and choose from the team from the Team List, or click Add to add team fields and enter the team names. For more information, see “Assigning Records to Users and Teams” in the SugarCRM Application Guide. 5. Click Save. Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011
  4. 4. Figure 2: EchoSign Agreement Detail ViewAfter an EchoSign Agreement is saved, the Detail View of the agreement includes thefollowing subpanels:  Documents: Upload a new document or select a document already uploaded into SugarCRM to send for signature.  Recipients: Any contacts listed in this subpanel will receive the documents specified in the Documents subpanel.  Events: Any action regarding the agreement like sent for signature, viewed or signed is listed in this subpanel.To edit an EchoSign Agreement, click the Edit button on the Detail View of theagreement. CAUTION: After an agreement has been sent for signature, the Edit button isremoved from the Detail View.Associating a document with an EchoSign AgreementSugarCRM users may either upload a new document or select a document alreadyuploaded into SugarCRM by using the Documents subpanel of an EchoSignAgreement record.To upload a document, click the Upload Document button in the Documentssubpanel, and a form will appear. See the “Documents Module” section of theSugarCRM Application Guide for more information on the individual fields of thatform. Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011
  5. 5. To select a document, click the Select button in the Documents subpanel. See“Viewing and Managing Record Information” in the SugarCRM Application Guidefor more information on how to manage related information in subpanels.Figure 3: Documents subpanelSpecifying a recipient for an EchoSign Agreement 1. Click Add Recipient in the Recipient subpanel of an EchoSign Agreement. 2. Enter the following information: a. Recipient: Select the type of recipient from the drop-down menu. Type the name or e-mail address of the Recipient in the text field. SugarCRM will look up the name as you type and offer a list of selections. Select a name if a match is found. You can also click the arrow icon to select a name from a pop-up window. To erase the name from the field, click the X icon. b. Role: Select a role from the drop-down menu. The options are Signer and CC. 3. Click Save.Figure 4: Recipients subpanelSending agreements for signatureWhen agreements are ready to be sent for signature, click the Send for Signaturebutton. Recipients then receive an e-mail informing them of the documents awaiting Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011
  6. 6. their signature. After the recipients have signed the document, the sender receives anotification by e-mail that the document has been signed.If the Host Signing for First Signer option is checked, clicking Send for Signatureopens a pop-up window to allow the signer to sign the document with the senderpresent.A Host Signing for Current Signer link also appears next to the Host Signing forFirst Signer field, which can be accessed until the document is signed. Use this linkto host agreement signing for multiple signers, or to reopen the pop-up window if itaccidentally closed.Figure 5: Click Send for Signature to send a document to a recipient for a signature.Canceling an agreementAn EchoSign Agreement may be canceled after it has been sent for a signature if allrecipients have not yet signed the document. A button labeled Cancel Agreementappears in the Detail View of an agreement after a document has been sent forsignature. Click this button to cancel the agreement.Figure 6: After an agreement is sent out for a signature, click Cancel Agreement to cancel it or UpdateStatus to check the status of the document. NOTE: If an EchoSign Agreement has been sent for a signature and the record isdeleted, the agreement is first canceled before it’s deleted.Tracking signaturesThe Events subpanel of an EchoSign Agreement tracks the status of agreementssent for signature. To see the latest updates on an EchoSign Agreement, click theUpdate Status button. This button is made available only after agreements havebeen sent for signature. Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011
  7. 7. Figure 7: Events subpanel Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011