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EchoSign E-Signature for NetSuite 2.0


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EchoSign E-Signature for NetSuite 2.0

  1. 1. EchoSign E-Signature and Contract Management Service for NetSuiteVersion 2.0 Release NotesWhat’s New?Hosted SigningAccess agreements immediately from your iPad or laptop and host the signing for those contracts thatneed an in-person signature.Dynamic Document ExpirationSet an expiration date for your agreements to ensure they are not out for signature indefinitely.GlobalSign in French, Japanese, Chinese or any language you want across the globe.Plus: 1. Cancel an agreement after it has been sent for signature with the Cancel Agreement button 2. Signed agreements are stored in the File Cabinet of the Customer or Transaction record they came from 3. If you don’t want the first document to be a PDF version of the Transaction record it came from, uncheck Auto Attach Transaction PDF Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2005-2011