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Online Marketing


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Online Marketing

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Online Marketing

  1. 1. © 2011. Author: E. Benitez Making money online may sound simple in theory, but in realitymore than the cut-and-dried instructions. With an online business, trafficis the KEY. In other words, more visitors=more money. Increasing traffic toyour website can improve your cash flow by several means, the most
  2. 2. obvious of which is the increased potential number in sales, whetherdirectly or through affiliate commission. However, we are not here to discuss the benefits of increasedviewership. Instead, we are here to talk about how to increase saidviewership. How can you improve your websites traffic flow? There are tons of tricks and tips to achieve this, but this time wellstick to just 5, which is plenty and keeps this guide a little shorter. Dontwant to bore you to deaf posting more than 5. At the end of this report Iwill give you a link to where to find 65 more traffic getting tips and tricks. Well then let us get started: 1. Set Up a Blog Using Wordpress: Setting up a WordPress blog makes things so much easier, plus thereis a wealth of plugins that can make traffic generation so much easier. WordPress is in essence a suite of software components that make itis to publish and manage a blog. What makes WordPress so cool is thatyou can add plugins. Plugins facilitate some of the tedious task ofblogging. There is all sorts of plugins that perform actions like publishing postand making your articles and post SEO maxed. You can also add plugins
  3. 3. that turn your site into a more social site also known as Web2.0. Two ofthis plugs are ShareThis and AddThis. These plugins help your visitorrepost to Facebook and twitter or other social media outlets. Fact of the matter is you will probably need more help choosingwhat plugins to add to your site rather than what you want to make yoursite about. 2. Make A Squeeze Page Creating a squeeze page to capture leads is a must if you are runningan online business, regardless of what niche you are in. Creating asqueeze page allows you add more leads to your autoresponder. If youdont know what an autoresponder is I will explain as short andinformative as possible. An autoresponder lets you email your list on a constant basis, youcan mail what is a broadcast which will send a email to everyone on yourlist or you can set a certain time you want to send it. You can also create aseries of email to promote your product or service or remind them to visityour blog to see what you have posted. I use the autoresponder that Iprefer is called Aweber. Aweber in my opinion is one of the best you canfind. They take care of any problem you are having with your mailings andthey do it quickly too. The best part about Aweber is that they let youtake a trial version for about 2 dollars, which for most of us marketer is abargain when first starting out online. Ok enough about autoresponders, now a tip when you create asqueeze page. When creating one dont clutter it with video or any otherheavy element that is going to make the page lag when loading. Remember that the whole purpose of creating a squeeze page is tocapture leads. By doing that you can repeatedly market to your list. But
  4. 4. make sure when you ask for their details just ask for their email only sincemost people are paranoid about identity theft. Some folks get the infowith an ethical bribe usually something free in exchange which to mostpeople sound sometimes to good to be true.You can try to get them to sign up with a free ebook or software orwhatever your niche has to offer just dont give away everything yourpromorting! Also avoid distracting the user from running away from youby promising something you cant provide. 3. Video Marketing When YouTube made the big time as a site, the who internetexperienced a paradigm shift. Its not that hard to to understand though,as video has a sensory impact that other media does not have. To a marketer is a whole new way to make some serious money.They can use video to push new or old products that people havent seen.Some do reviews about certain product or services and try to get salesthrough their affiliate link. So how can this help you? Simple. You can post videos on your siteor you can also post them up on YouTube and add a link in thedescription of your video. You can also watermark the video with yourlink of your site or whatever you are promoting. You can try Vimeo. Thissite is like YouTube but less mainstream and not perceived as being full ofuseless videos, as Youtube sometimes is. There is a few other video sites you can post your videos to. There isalso a service that helps you post to multiple media sites at a click of abutton. The site I am referring to is called Traffic Geyser. This site not onlylets you upload videos and distribute them all over the Internet but youcan also post article and other things.
  5. 5. 4. Freebies What is better than the next big product launch? A product orservice that cost nothing extra when you purchase said product. Pairing your freebies with a new product not only helps you lookmore like a reliable source but also converts better than just the productalone. Sure the product does what it does but getting more for justbuying it is even better. Start a contest on your site or blog and tell your followers topromote your site and in return give away a membership to a site or ifyou have membership levels on your site you can always bump up theirmembership higher. Give out some of your case studies that have madeyou so successful or anything else you can think of. 5. Getting Social. Nowadays if your not on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social sitethen you must not have a pulse. Just kidding. But in all reality everywhereyou go they is always a plug to Facebook or any other social site. Watch acommercial and you will see what I am talking about. Why not take advantage of this and start promoting your businesson this sites. Start a Facebook account with your business. Add a twitteraccount to it and connect the two and make more leads an traffic followand like you. You can also start a Fanpage to promote your site or your niche.Start a group and discuss your niche and get new members daily. Usingtwitter to promote your site or blog is a must if you want traffic coming
  6. 6. to your site daily. This is just 5 of 70 ways to can promote your site to get more traffic.This also helps you promote yourself so you can become more of anauthority figure in your niche. Now I have a Ebook that contains the restof the tips and tricks to get you more traffic and you can go visit or click on the banner below. To Your Successful Adventures, E. Benitez