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The Unexpected


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The Unexpected

  1. 1. The UnexpectedDoreen Brandon . Orlando Calvo . Tom GaritanoMelanie Sampson . Renia Singleton . Brandon Strickland
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT THAT IS UNEXPECTED?Sergei saw how cinema began to develop.In Kabuki, Sergei Eisenstein saw effectsthat might be achieved through a camera.
  3. 3. What Surprised Eisenstein? Eisenstein praised the Japanese for their instinctive practice. He admired the  Sergei also admired the mechanical cutting by fragmented acting. Thats actors. The actor were where an actor would act able to break up their a scene with their single acting without transitions. body part. The next An actor was able to shift scene would be a their emotions, which was different body part. The similar to how Eisenstein time of each shirt would shifted emotions in the decrease, which would way he cut shots. cause more a dramatic affect.
  4. 4. How does Eisenstein relate his experience to cinema?  He relates his experience with Japan and the Kabuki in many ways. One is he talks about the “Karauki-musume” is a melodramatic farce. How this ends in “incredible gloom” and for long intervals is criminally torn in both directions. (27)
  5. 5. His experience to cinema Cont. Eisenstein mentions that trying to combine elements is one of the hardest things to do. He also talks about how Charlie Chaplin was unable to balance tying the elements together. This shows how difficult it may be. Eisenstein also mentions the archaism of non-differentiated sense of “provocations” and “montage thinking.” (27) Eisenstein took away thins from the Kabuki theatre which he could relate to his own work.
  6. 6. What is Conventionalism? the philosophical attitude thatfundamental principles of a certain kindare grounded on (explicit or implicit)agreements in society, rather than onexternal reality
  7. 7. Are conventional! How can such conventions move Europeans?!” Use a monistic ensemble “Sound-movement-space-voice don’t accompany another, but each are an element of significance.”KABUKI THEATRE
  8. 8. MontageA technique in film editing in which a series ofshort shots are edited into a sequence tocondense space, time, and information.
  9. 9. Movies that show Montage
  10. 10. YouTube Clips  .com/watch?v=XwN .com/watch?v=Sh7k 5ndR65QM VYYBNyk (over tonal) (UP)