Failcamp @ trendforum 2010


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FailForward: Why successful innovators have to learn how to fail. This deck was used to facilitate an interactive "Fail Camp" on stage of 'trendforum' 2010 in Munich with innovation experts from IBM, Deutsche Telekom (and many more in the audience). The Fail Camp was set up to discuss how failing relates to innovation, to share experiences about failed innovation projects and the best practices companies can develop to learn from failure and succeed from learning.

Failcamp @ trendforum 2010

  1. #FailForward Till Grusche // Director of Marketing Europe // trendforum 2010
  2. Best Cases
  3. Best Cases Changing User Demands Technology Shifts Competitive Pressures
  4. Best Cases
  5. Failing
  6. Failure is an integral part of (disruptive) innovation
  7. Failures large and small are a reality
  8. Fail Camp
  9. Fail Camp Thomas Wenzel- Haberstock, IBM Till Grusche frog design Peter Borchers Deutsche Telekom
  10. Failure can drive success
  11. a failure isa failure
  12. Fail fast, fail early, fail smart
  13. Failing forward requires a process
  14. “Design as a process”
  15. Rapid prototyping
  16. Rapid prototyping
  17. Rapid prototyping
  18. What does it take to successfully “fail forward”?
  19. 1) Culture & Leadership
  20. Start-up
  21. Pure Digital
  22. Corporates
  23. Metrics & Leadership
  24. 2) Structure
  25. “Innovation Lab”…?
  26. Not much to Lots to Calculating gain/lose gain/lose the stakes Firewall it from your vital organs so you won‟t be dominated by fear. Build Do you really want the possibility for mutation,High risk of failure to waste any time e.g. milestones that are on this? not „pass/fail‟ but rather continue-straight / change- direction / stop) Be selective. Yeah sure, like this You may be spending quadrant exists,Low risk of failure too much of your right? resources on these. .
  27. 3) Character
  28. A question of education
  29. A question of education
  30. Entering work life…
  31. In medias res
  32. Ever tried.Ever failed.No matter.Try Again.Fail again.Fail better.Samuel Beckett