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About me 14


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Published in: Education
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About me 14

  1. 1. About me By: Felix
  2. 2. Childhood Hi my name is Felix I am 11 years old My birthday is on June first 1999 I was born in Brownsville
  3. 3. My family My Mom is Myra My Dad name is Felix My Grandma name is Sara My Grandpa name is Jesus My Grandma name is Erine My Grandpa name is Homie
  4. 4. My favorite songs Some of them are samegirl Dynamite by Taio Cruz Highway to the danger zone Wanted Dead Or Alive Dj got us falling in love again by Usher Fortune son
  5. 5. My favorite singers My favorite Usher My favorite Kelly My favorite Bon jovi My favorite Balto My favorite Tao Cruz My favorite ICE
  6. 6. My favorite things to do when not in school I like to Going hunting I like to Going fishing I like to Playing basketball I like to Skateboarding I like to Taking flying lessons I like to Driving my dune buggy
  7. 7. My favorite movies My favorite movie is Top gun My favorite movie is Rising sun My favorite movie is S.W.A.T My favorite movie is HULK My favorite movie is Expendables My favorite movie is A-team
  8. 8. My favorite video games My favorite game is Call Of Duty Black Ops My favorite game is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 My favorite game is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare My favorite game is H.A.W.K 2 My favorite game is Ironman 2
  9. 9. My Hobbies I love to make model airplanes Rubberband guns Making model guns out of wood Going to the shooting range Hunting
  10. 10. My Favorite Places to Eat I like to eat at Whataburger I like to eat at Mc Donalds I like to eat at Texas road house
  11. 11. My best friends My best friends are Alex My best friends are Dario My best friends are Edwin My best friends are Danny My best friends are Daniel My best friends are Brandon
  12. 12. Favorite quotes My favorite quotes The enemy of my enemy is my friend My favorite quotes Forgive your enemy but never forget there names My favorite quotes You got burned
  13. 13. Pets I have My dog name is Fluffy My dog name is Champ My dog name is Chica My dog name is Blacknose My dog name is Copper My dog name Is losty
  14. 14. My favorite food My favorite food is Burger My favorite food is Ham My favorite food is Tacos My favorite food is Mac and cheese My favorite food is spaghetti
  15. 15. School subjects and activites My favorite subject is Running My favorite subject is Math My favorite subject is Reading My favorite subject is Soc studies My favorite subject is football
  16. 16. Favorite books My favorite book is Titanic My favorite book is American military aircraft My favorite book is Military weapons My favorite book is A man no more My favorite book is Corvett
  17. 17. Thank you