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Week and Month of January 2013 Astrology


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Week and Month of January 2013 Astrology

  1. 1. Week and Month of January 2013 AstrologyAstrology Today: Oracle for Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012Posted on December 30, 2012 by Eric FrancisYou seem determined to break free of emotional patterns that have served their use.This in turn is leading to a revolution in how you experience yourself, and how you perceiveyourself. Granted, it’s a subtle revolution, but there’s no doubt that your perception of yourselfis thawing, and as the ice melts, what is emerging is a deeper level of emotional confidence.This may initially be the confidence to stand on your own, and to honor feelings and desires thatyou’re pretty sure aren’t espoused by most other people. Yet you feel what you feel, andyou’re beginning to understand what matters to you. There is little point in trying to convertanyone to your cause.Be available and you will notice that the people who understand are available to you. Yesterday Tomorrow Sunday, December 30 We want to demonstrate our love today because the moon enters heartfelt Leo at 2:45 am EST, but positive intentions only take us so far. Fortunately, exploring hidden feelings reveals buried treasure as the radiant Sun aligns with transformational Pluto and realistic Saturn. If we avoid our fears, we’ll shadowbox with an unknown enemy. But shining the light of awareness into the dark can prevent us from being swept up in the current turmoil. January 2013 Astrology ForecastSome philosophies suggest that as we enter this new year and a new Mayan Calendar, that wehave shifted into a new world. Numerous ancient cultures say that there have been four worldsthat shifted through fire and floods. Whatever your philosophy, it is difficult to deny that theworld is changing rapidly and dramatically. It is time to embrace change, even though youare probably feeling like you are caught between worlds. Each of us needs to step out of 1/5
  2. 2. our comfort zone because new energies are taking hold.I am sure it will not be a surprise to hear me write that emotions are going to behighlighted in 2013. There is a growing emphasis on the water element signs of Scorpio,Pisces right now, and Cancer will be very strong come summer. So now is a good time todo emotional healing and to honor your feminine side. Perhaps that is the message ofthe new world, often called the fifth world- to manifest a better balance between themasculine and feminine. January is not overly eventful from an astrological point of view, souse this month’s energies to establish healthy routines on all levels. At the end of the month,expansive Jupiter ends its retrograde cycle, so it will be easier to push ahead at the yearpicks up speed. It is important not to get sucked into all of the fear that is amplified in themedia when bad things happen. Call upon your higher self when world events occur; it is theonly way to go beyond the drama.Mark DodichAstrology Forecast for January 2013 “Wheels in the Sky Keep on Turning”Now that we’ve all made it through the end of the world, we can turn our eyes more tothe immediate situation of creating a new one! Looking at the situation from the “outside,”we could say that nothing has really changed. However, it bears repeating that collectively weare moving toward a rebalancing of the masculine/feminine or “outer/inner” polarity. Themeasuring stick of success for the last 6500 years of male-dominated patriarchal conditioninghas been “outer,” or “material.” The more property, money, business, or muscle (in somesocieties) you managed to acquire, the more successful your life could be deemed. For manymillions/billions of people existing within the consensus reality this is, and will continue to be, thecase.For individuals expanding their conscious awareness beyond 3rd dimensional reality intonon-physical realms of existence this has not been, and will never be, the case. As weforge ahead into the frontiers of heightened awareness, creativity, and balance, we come into agreater appreciation and understanding of the more subtle, inner, feelings that do a dance withour outer physical reality and contribute equally, if not more, to a sense of purpose, fulfillment,and joy in life. The potential for a greater recognition and integration of these twopolarities also recognized as heart/mind or soul/ego has been, and will continue to be, atthe forefront of human evolution through the years ahead. 2/5
  3. 3. December 21, 2012 did not bring massive, visible, external (masculine) changes. However, thepotential for a radical rebirth of a new, internal, identity as “more than human,” or better,a new definition of what it means to be human was, and remains, possible. From thisperspective, we can view the year of 2013, and specifically the month of January, as a time ofinwardly maturing and expanding our capacity to love, nurture, and have compassion forourselves and all life. We have seen the futility in waiting/hoping for some outside force tochange our lives and are now freed to take up the task more fully ourselves. The changebegins inwardly and works its way out to visible acts of kindness, improving the quality of life onplanet earth.There are some long-term astrological aspects that have been in effect throughNovember and December that will continue through January and some beyond that.Uranus will remain in square to Pluto for another 2 years, and the Yod involving Jupiter,Saturn, and Pluto will remain in effect through March 2013. These aspects coupled with theSun moving through Capricorn into Aquarius (with Mercury nearby); to join Mars (there for theentire month), serve as the foundation for this monthly forecast. The square that will occur fromMars to the Moon’s Nodes and the Sun/Mercury to Saturn during the latter 1/3 of the monthmust also be taken into consideration (actually the list goes on and on!).What we will be finding more and more as time marches on, is that the needs of the manyoutweigh the needs of the few or the one; that one often being ourselves! We allindividually grow from self-centered infants totally engrossed in our own needs, to caregivingparents and contributing members of society as we age. This can be done more or lessgracefully, successfully, and willingly, depending upon our ego/soul nature. Some may resistthis process tooth and nail, so to speak, and remain emotionally stuck in childish behaviorpatterns just seeking to selfishly survive. However, just as the tree grows, provides shade,fruit, and possibly itself as lumber, all nature shows us that maturity has to do withgiving.Particularly now as Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio stand as guardians of the thresholdbetween naïve innocence and mature wisdom (that Jupiter wants to step through in the Yodconfiguration) do we need to grasp and integrate these growth processes. We have theopportunity, as individuals and as a collective, to come to a greater understanding, appreciation,and capacity to enjoy the power, beauty, and emotional fulfillment gained through contribution. Some may grudgingly call it duty, others may resent it as too much responsibility orcommitment and seek to escape it, but we may also see it as an opportunity to step into the fullmagnificent potential of our creative Self. It’s time now to see how and why and whichpoint of view we consciously choose.Through the month of January, as the Sun marches through Capricorn, the sign of the wise,objective elder to join with Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, the sign of community, global society,and future planning these issues will arise. What is best for the good of the family, thegroup, the tribe, the community, the country? Do I pursue my own security, futurecomfort, and short term gratification over the environment, the children, and futuregenerations? In my personal relationships is it all about my satisfaction, or should I givein, surrender, sacrifice, and meet the needs of my partner? The answers that we give to 3/5
  4. 4. these and similar questions will determine the future well-being or deprivation of ourselves, ourloved ones, and the world at large.So the forecast is that this is a good month for community projects, for committing tolarge enterprises, for taking that promotion or additional responsibility even though itmay not be comfortable or easy. This is not the time to relax on easy street, even though youmay be able to. Some may encounter what they perceive as “karma” when life doesn’t seemto be giving them any kind of a free ride in any way, shape or form. There can be some toughlessons that come through cruel circumstances, but in the end serve to shape our character andreveal our shortcomings to ourselves in ever new and creative ways (if you know what I mean!).Life is forever showing us ourselves, what we are afraid of, how we limit our reality with thosefears, and the work we need to do on ourselves to change it. This is an excellent month formaking big personal changes brought about through deep inner reflection,self-determination/discipline and the sheer guts to go through with them. The feeling ofhaving made a great change by yourself is far better than resenting everything and everyonewho seems to be constantly nagging at you to make them; that’s for sure!While it may not be an easy month, it can be a good time to accomplish a great deal, to grow agreat deal, and to step out of limited self-perceptions (boxes) to become a bigger and betterperson. It will be through cooperating and joining together with others in ever grander andbigger ways that will ultimately serve the needs of your inner soul. Using all earthly activity assimply a means to combine your time, energy, and love with this individual or group will producethe highest future return. Expanding our heart’s ability to love, to take on and take in moreand more hearts and lives into the equation of our life, is what is being asked of us ashumans on this planet, at this time, in the evolution of consciousness.As we each break out of our limited self-interest and focus more time and energy towardphilanthropic pursuits, the quality of life on our planet will continue to improve. As wegenerously give of ourselves and continue to give more and more, we will come to see that weare capable of giving more than we thought! That we are bigger than we thought, that we havemore, and simply are more than we thought, than we were told, or had experienced in the past.Suddenly, the future is wide open with more possibility and potential because we can now takeon and do more than we could have before. We have changed. May you step up, step out,take up, and get out, do more, feeling more and giving more, than ever before. I hopeyou blow your own mind this month with the outrageous experience of breaking out ofthe 3D laws of limited energy/resources to imaginative heights of creative infiniteabundance just because you decided that is who you are and how you want to live. Therevolution starts within and spreads out.Big days of Change are: 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 16-19, 25, 26 and 30 4/5
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