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Moon Meditation: “I am detaching…


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Moon Meditation: “I am detaching…

  1. 1. Moon Meditation: “I am detaching… Yesterday Tomorrow Sunday, January 20 We might try to hold our course steady-as-she-goes, but the cosmic weather isn’t as cooperative as we wish. Although the determined Taurus Moon is normally a stabilizing factor, her stressful aspects to wild Uranus, warrior Mars and ruthless Pluto today set the stage for a battle of wills. Meanwhile, an erratic Mars-Uranus alignment is like a lightning rod that attracts sudden but necessary change if we fearfully cling to the status quo. Sunday January 20 – Moon Meditation: “I am detaching…” moon in Taurus: Today the Sun moves into Aquarius, joining Mercury who moved in there yesterday. Think about where you are trying too hard with someone or something. A little detachment from the situation could be what’s needed to improve matters. Remember that nothing reeks like the smell of desperation! If you know you have been chasing after someone or something too hard, today and over the coming few weeks, it will be that much easier to proceed with a modicum of decorum! 1/2
  2. 2. January 20-26 : This is a busy week so get ready to move quickly. Be flexible and adapt as your schedule changes. The only real challenge this week is on the morning of Friday the 25th when Mercury squares Saturn. Just double check your work so that mental exhaustion does not catch you sleeping (or make room for a quick nap today!). Friday evening is very enthusiastic, so get out of the house. The Full Moon is on Saturday January 26th at 8:38 PM PST (8 degree Leo/Aquarius). It sets up a “motivational” (as in, get off your backside and get moving) pattern called a T-Square. It’s like sitting on a three-legged chair trying to find the fourth leg to create stability. At the top of the “T” is the full moon in Leo telling you to open your heart and step into greater leadership. The other side of the T is the sun moving through Aquarius advising you to hold the higher ideal but not get involved in the drama of others, practice detachment. The base leg of the T is Saturn in Scorpio, urging you to be in the utmost integrity with your emotions. Together, this full moon wants you to open your heart without getting sucked into the soap operas that go on around you. And at the same time, you must emotionally connect at the deepest levels to heal and express your vulnerable side. Although this will feel complicated at first, know that you are being integrated on multiple levels to make you a more full and whole human being. It’s good to practice healthy emotions and do emotional healing now, because the emotional tone is going to be stronger as summer approaches. 2/2Powered by TCPDF (