Mars square Saturn, Sun square Moon


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Mars square Saturn, Sun square Moon

  1. 1. Mars square Saturn, Sun square MoonMars square Saturn, Sun square MoonPosted on January 3, 2013 by Amanda PainterFriday, Jan. 4, is the last quarter Moon: the halfway mark between the Full Moon and the nextNew Moon (Jan. 11, in Capricorn). This turning point comes as the Moon wanes, but it’s notabout winding things down yet. Rather, it’s about a balance of riding on momentum and action.The emphasis is on focusing toward completion.Simplified chart section showing Mars (red male symbol) in Aquarius almost square Saturn(gold squiggle) in Scorpio, at Friday’s last quarter moon (that’s the Libra moon square theCapricorn Sun).The quarter Moon is occurring in the midst of the building Mars-Saturn square, so there arelayers to the inner urge for movement you may be experiencing. Mars square Saturn is a call toaction. It’s an invitation to get unstuck, and it’s also a caution to use your mind before you takeaction. This is Mars in Aquarius after all.Yesterday Eric described Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio (exact Jan 7.) as, “aninvitation to think things through carefully, especially if they involve the assertion of will, the useof energy or force, and even the focusing of intentions. It’s not an accident that this aspect ishappening the way that it’s happening; the role of Saturn in Scorpio involves finding placeswhere there are emotional blockages and working them free. Think of Saturn in Scorpio asdredging out the bottom of a navigation channel in a river.”That image of a channel in a river is an especially helpful one, because one key to working withMars-Saturn aspects is the ability to focus the drive of Mars within the specific boundariesSaturn is describing. Right now Saturn is in Scorpio — a water sign. But if you try to pushthrough with Mars along the length of the whole river of material that Scorpio can represent, youmay find your energies dilute themselves to the point of uselessness. That lack of progresscould feel very frustrating, and work against you if you get carried along its current.Saturn is saying, stay focused on the navigation channel and go deep. Poseidon, aNeptune-like point that is making Saturn too slippery for Mars to get its usual traction against,might be making it harder to see where the walls of that navigation channel are. Dredging thischannel could take more intuition than sheer force of will. 1/2
  2. 2. As Eric also mentioned, this Mars-Saturn square is looking like Mars is being challenged by some of its own inner psychological resistance, since it rules Scorpio. Intuition rather than willful desire looks like the better approach. Just as talking with a group of friends can help us to get perspective on what we think we want and re-focus on a deeper issue, so too is group energy a key factor with this Mars-Saturn square. It looks like group energy and intention holds the release point for whatever is obstructing the deeper issue you’re grappling with. But this is about more than simply getting group feedback to be able to move forward. Eric described it as being “about focusing group intelligence into tangible action.” The group is taking action along with you in some way, if you’re seeing these themes in a group situation. For this to be less like herding cats and more like the movements of a precision marching band, remember to keep bringing back the focus to within specific boundaries. As for that last-quarter Moon: there is something here about the innate power, authority and (ideally) humility of the Capricorn Sun being challenged by the more emotional pull of a Libra Moon’s desire for everything to please everyone and to be liked. As you work on bringing closure to issues that came up with last week’s Full Moon, take a cue from Mars and Saturn and stay focused within specific boundaries. You can only be so much to so many people; balance and fairness sometimes take a while to sort themselves out, and we have another week before the Capricorn New Moon. Let the Libra Moon’s ruler, Venus, guide you toward loving solutions — solutions that keep you centered, digging deep and in tune with your group’s intentions — and the highest good for all concerned in the long run — rather than frustrations. 2/2Powered by TCPDF (