It’s a process and at times we cannot see all!!


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It’s a process and at times we cannot see all!!

  1. 1. It’s a process and at times we cannot see all!!Saturday December 29 – moon Meditation: “I am kissing andmaking up…”moon in Cancer: If I had to nominate my Book Of The Year, it would have to go to JenniferHoffman’s, Ascending Into Miracles.And, if I had to nominate the part of that book which most moved and impressed me, it would bethe section about forgiveness and how it ends the otherwise endless karmic dance. Today, theMoon moves through caring Cancer and links to Saturn – it’s really a very good day to make alist of the people in 2013 who hurt you and to forgive them. And forgive yourself, too.==================================================================================As I read the above statement about forgiveness of others and ourselves……the first thing thatleaped to mind was that there is nothing to forgive! I know, I know, we have been hurt and hurtothers etc etc.However I am offering a different perspective and that is that the other person, situation,circumstance or experience that “they” put you through no matter how difficult and trying was infact there to force us to grow in whatever way it needed to happen, as soon as it couldhappen…no sooner or no later but EXACTLY when it needed to for our next evolutionary stepinto more awareness……..”they” in fact were helping us to be what we truly are…..For those with children…I’m doing this for your own good and you’ll thank me later! and asadults that grew from children, often we do thank our parents for the lessons that were not somuch fun then.I believe that the Conscious awareness of a person in large part can be measured by how muchthey take responsibility for their choices, life and what happens within it….I am of course talkingfrom a spiritual perspective as I know that children and others at risk do not have the samephysical control that adults etc do.We all choose our paths way before we are born, the fact that we often forget does not in itselfnegate those choices from long ago. Illusions lose their power when we all understand why and 1/2
  2. 2. how they are done…. This is why magicians don’t tell you how they do the illusions they do! There is certain power in being a victim for we do not have to make choices sometimes and even more power in realizing that we in fact are the Creators of our life and choosing WHAT we want to do and be in the play we call life! We become the Director of our play rather then the actor being told how to play! It’s a process and at times one we cannot see all the way through to the end from where we stand. In the What the Bleep there is a reference to driving from LA to NY at night and not seeing the whole road but as long as we can see the next 200 feet we can get there all 3000 miles! What I’m talking about is the same…………start knowing that you are already Spirit and wise beyond your understanding now, keep going forward into ever more awareness and thank each and every little, big thing that happens as steps that are helping you get to where you already know you are! Be grateful and you will fly! or not as you wish! Just my thoughts on this. Love and much Peace in your world. Federico 2/2Powered by TCPDF (