Intense feelings are likely to rise to the surface as the planet of love


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Intense feelings are likely to rise to the surface as the planet of love

  1. 1. Intense feelings are likely to rise to the surface as theplanet of loveAstrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013Posted on January 16, 2013 by Eric FrancisYou are changing, and that can create instability in your sexual relationships. But it can alsofree you to create a sense of bold adventure in your life. You may feel uncertain whethersomeone close to you really wants to come along, or whether they are prepared to do so. Isuggest you not worry, and rather lead the way. They may be a week or two behind you intheory, but I don’t think they will be in reality. Meanwhile, a long-standing disagreement or pointof contention has the ability to disappear, but if an erotic bond goes with it, I suggest you let itgo and allow the next intriguing opportunity to come into your life. Just remember that if therelationship continues, it will do so on a new level of awareness.Pisces Moon/Aries Moon — and Aquarius Sun, here wecomePosted on January 16, 2013 by Amanda PainterThe Moon is currently in Pisces as of this writing — a visionary, sensitive, creative, romanticplacement generally. If you are in a time zone that lends itself to being awake while the Moontravels the last few degrees of this sign, take advantage of this extra boost to your creativity; theMoon is making a favorable aspect to a Mercury-Sun conjunction in Capricorn that is offering tohelp you ground your visions in structured plans you can convey to the world.Simplified chart section showing the Moon’s ingress of Aries today, nearly conjunct Uranus(blue ‘H’). The Sun and Mercury (green glyph with horns) are almost exactly conjunct inCapricorn. Venus (blue ‘female’ symbol), Pluto (red golf tee) and Juno (purple asterisk) are ina tight three-way in Capricorn as well.The thing is, the Moon’s aspect to Mercury and the Sun is a sextile — water to earth — whichmeans the translation from inner dream to interpersonal communication won’t happen byitself. You actually have to take the rudder, steer the boat to land, and disembark to makecontact with others. 1/3
  2. 2. If you were asleep while the Moon finished moving though Pisces, did you write down yourdreams when you awoke? The Mercury-Sun conjunction is not exact until Friday at 3:56 amEST (we’ll likely cover it again), so its quick-witted qualities and assistance in teaching andcommunicating will be building until then. So, too, might a sense that something is too close toyour face to see it (or more likely, see someone else’s feelings about it). There’s still a littlemore perspective on offer today.Once Mercury and the Sun finish their conjunction, the Sun sets sail straight for Aquarius (whichis not technically a water sign — it’s air — but its glyph is a pair of waves). The Sun entersAquarius just before 4:52 pm EST on Saturday, Jan. 19. Aquarius is fixed air, coming at themiddle of the season, ‘fixing’ it in place in a way. In the northern hemisphere, this means whatIsabel Hickey calls the “clear crystal electric air of winter.”We’ll be covering the Sun’s ingress of Aquarius in greater depth soon as well. I have to make aconfession: Aquarius remains the sign I have the hardest time ‘getting’, both intellectually, onpaper, and emotionally, in person. That said, there is something about the tandem work ofUranus (the modern ruler of Aquarius, which works to break up old forms) and Saturn (thetraditional ruler, which crystallizes and establishes the new forms) that appeals to me.Actually, in writing this, it occurs to me that I can appreciate how anyone significantlyrepresented by Aquarius might need its typical/stereotypical emotional detachment to balanceand navigate these processes. To combine continual shattering and crystallizing with atendency toward emotional attachment could be exhausting.Before we get to the Sun in Aquarius though, today we enjoy the Venus-Pluto conjunction inCapricorn described so well by Len Wallick yesterday. As you navigate any lust emerging fromyour depths (along with any accompanying fear of vulnerability, or the power of receptivity), bearin mind that the moon moves into Aries at 11:07 am EST. You may notice some quick, heatedreactions or aggressive impulses.The Aries moon will be conjoining Uranus (surprises!) and squaring the Venus-Pluto-Junoconfiguration in Capricorn. You may find yourself wanting to take sudden action to resolve thetension (be it emotional or sexual). Take a breath, count to ten, and see if the grounding of allthose Capricorn planets can allow you to let love (or at least your loins) prove the greaterforce over any upsets. 2/3
  3. 3. Moon in Pisces: Today and tomorrow, the most intense feelings are likely to rise to the surface as the planet of love, Venus, heads for a link to the planet of passion, Pluto. If you have been suppressing your feelings (positive or negative) they could rise up now for expression. Say what you feel (kindly). What’s to gain if you say nothing? A square between two planets is about something becoming so annoying or itchy that you have to do something (scratch the itch), so look at whatever happens now as a part of a necessary process. yasminboland 3/3Powered by TCPDF (