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* I send love upon our winds *


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* I send love upon our winds *

  1. 1. * I send love upon our winds * 21dic2012 12/21/2012 marks the beginning of the New Age . . . Join Us to Learn &amp; Sharere: The Great Awakening! : ) ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ NOTE: I&apos;ve changed the EventPhoto because I thought the original &quot;Change: Asteroid hurdling toward Earth&quot; photomight be a bit, shall we say, &quot;apocalyptic&quot; . . . As I don&apos;t believe that the datein question (12/21/2012) is so much an End, but a New Beginning (with each of us having achoice to Change &amp; Transform), I felt the new Butterfly/Transformation photo was moreappropriate to &quot;The Great Awakening&quot; (Of course, the purpose of this Event is toLearn &amp; Share, so I welcome any/all Viewpoints). : ) I also changed the Event Name from&quot;Countdown to 2012: The Great Awakening&quot; to &quot;2012: Countdown to the GreatAwakening&quot; because there seemed to be some confusion with some potential&quot;Attendies&quot; who thought that it has already passed (the actual Event is on12/21/2012). 12/21/2012 marks the beginning of a New 5th Age . . . It is an exciting time, indeed(Great Polar shift) ~ You may have noticed certain shifts or changes (whether in yourself,others, or the world – or even the cosmos) that may be confusing, at times (ie the GreatFlare-up from Venus in the last week of 2011 – The Goddess Awakens), but we can prepare&amp; adjust . . . I&apos;ve created this <b>…</b>Astrologysource. 1/2
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