I am no longer fooled Into giving my attention To headlines full of news and fear-filled distractions.


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I am no longer fooled Into giving my attention To headlines full of news and fear-filled distractions.

  1. 1. I am no longer fooled Into giving my attention To headlines full of news and fear-filled distractions. I am no longer fooled Into giving my attention To headlines full of news and fear-filled distractions. I AM HERE TO LEARN TO LOVE Through focused concentration, Forever in devotion, Humility and compassion. So who ever thought the Great Awakening would look like this ha ha?! We must not forget that out of mass confusion and chaos (Neptune now in Pisces) will emerge the individuated, liberated consciousness (Uranus now in Aries)! I think we have to face it that all our buttons are going to get pushed (some simultaneously) to trigger our evolution these days. In this week’s Pele Report I go into the 3 levels of love and truly feel that this time of awakening is an awakening to love in a new sense of the word. This spiritual love that goes beyond our personal ego needs requires getting over a lot of them (needs that is!). All this Scorpio energy is making us personally quite uncomfortable as it urges us on to think/feel into wider and wider realities. One answer can be to open to and focus upon the greater good of the greater whole and put some of our own “stuff” on hold for a bit. If we focus on unconditional giving it WILL come back around and ALL our needs (and more) will be fulfilled. Give it a shot….. best of all…. aloha……Kaypacha Friday, November 30 We may find the day filled with dilemmas that cannot be easily resolved. Feelings of vulnerability encourage us to choose emotional security over risky behavior once the Moon enters self-protective Cancer at 8:54 am EST. Nevertheless, an erratic Venus-Uranus alignment creates an air of electric excitement, tempting us to throw caution to the wind. A surprising attraction creates innovative options, but trouble arises if we react too quickly. Open Up — Sun Opposite Jupiter Posted on November 29, 2012 by Len Wallick The Sagittarius Sun will oppose Jupiter, retrograde through Gemini, as Sunday transitions into Monday. This year’s opposition of the two largest objects in the solar system will encourage you 1 / 4
  2. 2. to open up as never before. Opening your mind to include ideas and your heart to include others remains important, but a broader imperative now beckons. This year, the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter is asking you to open up and include yourself in an exchange beyond the material and the self. It is obvious that all beings exchange material. Every atom in your body was once in another body. It is less obvious that you can choose to include yourself in an intangible exchange on a wide scale. Consciousness is intangible. Yet, without it, there would be no awareness of anything, tangible or otherwise. In astrology, the solar is consciousness. That’s because the Sun is the first principal without which the solar system could not exist. Also, the awareness implied by words such as ‘day’ and ‘light’ is inseparable from and has its ultimate source in the Sun. Finally, like the Sun, consciousness unites all earthly beings through mutual and simultaneous experience. Among earthly beings, we humans have an extraordinary capacity to manipulate consciousness. That capacity can be useful to create distinctions, such as the lines on a map. Somewhere along the line, however, such partitions became our reality, separating us from each other and from the Earth. The trend has gone so far as to make us nearly unconscious of anything but self, almost incapable of opening up except to take in. The Sun-Jupiter opposition now developing is a symbolically opportune time for you to revive a conscious capacity to open up and be included. Jupiter by itself is about opening up with the purpose of taking in. When you open your mouth to ingest nourishment, or your arms to embrace somebody, that’s Jupiter, manifesting in your life. Jupiter retrograde in Gemini symbolizes another side of it, a contemplation of how to practice that manifestation to a greater effect than simply taking things in to your self. That’s because intellectual Gemini is on the opposite side of the zodiac from Sagittarius, where Jupiter rules and Sun currently resides. Every annual tour of Sagittarius by the Sun represents a chance to contemplate greater things, and not just because of the Jovian rulership. Sagittarius contains the center of our galaxy and a distant source of incalculable gravity called the Great Attractor. The Galactic Core’s position relative to the Sun and the Great Attractor’s gravity relative to our galaxy correspond to the Sun’s central position and gravity in the solar system, but on a much greater scale. As big and central as the Sun is to us, it reflects and is part of something much bigger and more widespread. The particulars of the Sun-Jupiter opposition this weekend ask you to open up and reflect on the possibility that the same is true of your consciousness. While it is challenging to be conscious of being conscious, it is not impossible. It is very much like the Sun moving through Jupiter’s dominion only to see Jupiter looking back from the other 2 / 4
  3. 3. side. If there is anything to astrology, this is the time and place for you look at yourself the same way, both as capable of greater manifestation, and as reflected on a wider scale. The question is whether you are willing to accept what it means. This time around, the Sun opposed to Jupiter asks whether you can open up to include the fragile, mortal and material center of your consciousness in something bigger and more widespread, and whether you are open to exchange being yourself for being itself. The planets are in place, the choice is yours. Offered In Service Astrology Today: Oracle for Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 Posted on November 30, 2012 by Eric Francis Vesta, the most misunderstood of the major asteroids, is in your sign. She is the creative fire of the psyche and you are the one who embodies her. She identifies as sexual and, at the same time, in full possession of her purity. This is not a paradox; it may be that the inner core of sex is the only purity, so closely is it connected with the existence of humanity. The work of Vesta is to hold us to the fire and purge us of all the shadowy emotions we associate with eroticism: shame, guilt or any other sense of wrongness. Then there is the loss of self-possession that sexual involvement so often seems to inflict. Finally there is the tendency to take sexual energy and either stuff it or subvert it into some other form of expression, rather than letting eroticism be the inspiration for expression. Right now these are the themes upon which your life is turning. Gemini Full Moon: Quest for Truth… Published by Priya under Daily Astrology and Cosmic Weather I’m watching the Lunar Eclipse with Jupiter slung right below it as I write this. It’s been a hectic Eclipse season since the time of the Scorpio Total Solar Eclipse and my last post, bringing it’s share of surprises. And the days following tonight’s Gemini Eclipse are sure to bring more revelations… Here is an excerpt from this month’s Eclipse report sent out to Subscribers covering the energy of this Gemini Lunar Eclipse. 3 / 4
  4. 4. “With the Eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini, communication will be key to understanding the past so we can make the wise choices. Keep sight of the bigger picture and remember anything worth having is worth waiting for. “The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. If the Sun represents one’s primary consciousness, the Moon represents our inner intuitive self and emotions, which would remain hidden if not for the light of the Sun. Gemini rules duality, information and communication among other things. As the Moon’s disk is eclipsed in the sign and revealed again, we may be understanding something in a new light. Or seeing a different or whole other side to the story. There is hidden information, desires and truths coming to the surface. “Expect to have deeply revealing conversations or communications at this time. Create a safe space for each person to express themselves. Avoid analyzing feelings but just try to feel through what you are learning about yourself or another or a situation. Communicate your feelings, and listen before you respond or react. “Above all be honest with yourself about any feelings or desires you’ve kept hidden. There are two sides to a story and then there is the truth. And the Sun in Sagittarius suggests we can gain a higher perspective on a situation now if we try. This Lunar Eclipse also brings us a glimpse into December 2012 as Jupiter will be in close conjunction to the degree of this Eclipse, conjunct the fixed star Alderberaan and will form a Yod configuration to Pluto and Saturn on Dec. 21, 2012 — the same day as the end of the Mayan calendar. This is likely to magnify the situations we face now so pay close attention to what comes up around the Gemini Eclipse at the end of the month. As humans, with a finite mind, we will never know it all. But there is a higher plan in motion, so be patient as more information comes to light with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Then you can be guided to make wisest choices and re-write a story with a deeper understanding of reality. Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) 4 / 4