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Humility in the face of what cannot be controlled has power.


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Humility in the face of what cannot be controlled has power.

  1. 1. Humility in the face of what cannot be controlled haspower.Aloha!When I make choices to empower myself,I must consider the community’s health,For only with the balance of give and take,A whole new world can we create!What an amazing time we live in! The energy now is difficult to put into words and takes somuch longer than a short little Pele Report! I’m seeing it as a time of moving from a “personallove” to an impersonal spiritual love guided by divinity. If we can possibly get our ego-loverelationships in order (as in balancing the masculine/feminine energies within ourselves) there isavailable this “higher order” of divine love that can “descend” into us, our relationships, andour lives. To realize this divine nature is to be totally at one with all existence in a blissful stateof surrender/joy to everything and anything that comes.The yod configuration involving Venus/Saturn, Mars/Pluto, Moon/Lilith/Jupiter and the Sun onthe Eclipse date of the 28th can open this door to another dimension of human experience. Ihope that you can experience this in preparation for the Solstice which is rapidly approaching. Ifwe can come into humble forgiveness of ourselves and everyone we have ever had an issuewith it will clear the slate for this new beginning. It involves being grateful for everyone that hasever entered into our lives and seeing that Life brought them to us for a divine purpose… nosmall task indeed! But the reward for making that space in our hearts is that we can move into awhole another state of personal/universal spirit integration.I hope this doesn’t sound like I have done too much ayahuasca ha ha! but I can say that I havefelt/experienced this union of the eternal with the temporal self now and know that it is apossible new reality in ordinary daily life. Wishing you the best on your journey….. aloha….Kaypacha (tom)Thursday November 22 – Moon Meditation: “I am love…”Moon in Pisces: There is a lot of confusion in the air, as mentioned yesterday, but there is alsoa lot of room for romance! Actually, Venus moves into sexy Scorpio today and instantlyconnects with dreamy Neptune, under the romantic Pisces Moon. Talk about setting the scenefor romance. If things have gone awry for you romantically lately, this is a good day to get thingsback on track. Even if you can’t sort everything out, you should at least be able to tell if theconnection is still there. 1/4
  2. 2. Today’s OraclePosted on November 22, 2012 by Eric FrancisEven here in one of the few moments in modern history where Pagan is considered valid andinteresting, many people still make a face when met with the idea that what we think of as‘sexual’ and what we think of as ‘spiritual’ have anything in common.To some it’s obvious; others see a divide, and contemporary Evangelicals are on the warpathlike they haven’t been since the crusades. I would note that both of these are false categories.If sex is at the root of our physical origins, then it’s not just sex. If the cosmic force that is withinus, and surrounds us, is a real thing, then it embraces all forms of creation. You may say youbelieve this, but I would ask, as a reality check: what is the role of guilt in your life? And do yousay yes when you mean yes?Thursday, November 22We may be lulled into a dreamy vision of perfection that cannot be matched by reality, only tobe zapped awake by the power of the truth. Surreal Neptune is activated early in the day by theSun and Venus. But fantasies go awry midday when mischievous Mercury forms a stressfulaspect with wild Uranus. The Moon’s entry into brash Aries at 9:56 pm EST further encouragesrisky behavior while an electric Mars-Uranus square can push us over the edge.For the Week of November 22, 2012The Aquarium Age is a report on the general astrological patterns of the coming week for allsigns, not just Aquariums. 2/4
  3. 3. The planets align in pernicious patterns this week, and as these difficult combinations coalescewith the “normal” frustration of Mercury Retrograde, patience, care, and consideration foryourself or others won’t be easy to access, let alone actualize.Expect aggressive attitudes from just about everyone—many of us will be struggling with theurge to use sheer brute force as a way of insuring a specific agenda. Also anticipate dramaticmood swings as many more struggle to break free from persistent emotional patterns that onlyseem to inhibit rather than enhance happiness.Part of the problem stems from the disparity between the ideal, which is all too easy to imagine,and the seemingly endless effort it takes to turn those visions into reality.Transformation always requires tremendous determination. It also requires humility, especiallythis week, when astral forces feed the tendency to bully or to be bullied. If possible, resist thetemptation to devolve into a rant or a tantrum.Adding to the drama won’t serve any greater purpose—and it will probably only make mattersworse. Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and the Moon are the source of the strife. Mars in Capricornconjuncts Pluto, as both Mars and Pluto simultaneously square Uranus. This is volatilealignment. Mars symbolizes the warrior. Pluto represents irresistible compulsions. And whenthey share the same space, Pluto tends to amplify Mars’ pugnacious temperament, a conditionthat translates into the urge to push certain situations regardless of the short or long-termconsequences.Also be wary of rationalizing brutality as a necessary evil. The positive potential of thisconjunction is the ability to demonstrate great determination through unrelenting effort.Unfortunately, that constructive application is likely to be out of reach, given the square toUranus.Uranus always accelerates change, and its presence and pressure through the friction of asquare destabilizes the persistence of the Mars/Pluto conjunction. That destabilization has thepower to turn the combined influence of all three planets toward violence. Bloodshed and loss oflife in all those areas of the world that are erupting with aggression are sure to escalate.Personal grievances, petty or significant, are also likely to worsen. Avoid instigating a fight justto blow off steam. Children are especially vulnerable under this influence. As are patientlyenduring pets, so please don’t kick the dog because you can.But that’s not all. The Moon moves into Aries on November 22, forming a conjunction toUranus, and a square to the Mars/Pluto conjunction. As the Moon amplifies this already toointense astral bundle, lots of us will feel pushed to the brink.Be prepared for declarations of emotional independence, some of which might be bitter withdisappointment, and others that might be too poignant with need and longing.Also expect that some of what’s said and done could have a cruel or brutal edge. Do your best 3/4
  4. 4. to be compassionate. Soothing words will work wonders not just for the person you may be trying to calm down, but also for you, as a way of stepping away from an out of control emotional vehicle. Sometimes the unseen forces that underscore day-to-day reality are daunting in their intensity, and meeting them with aggression often only worsens the situation. Although humility may feel like weakness in the midst of maddening hostility, humility in the face of what cannot be controlled has tremendous creative power. Let it be the wise choice. 4/4Powered by TCPDF (