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Frustration can turn to anger today, unless we express our truth +


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Frustration can turn to anger today, unless we express our truth +

  1. 1. Frustration can turn to anger today, unless we express ourtruth + Yesterday Tomorrow Monday, January 7 Frustration can turn to anger today, unless we express our truth without blaming anyone. The emotionally intense Scorpio Moon dredges up powerful memories, but we struggle to put our feelings into action. We are afraid of losing control now as combative Mars stressfully squares cold Saturn. It seems as if we’re stuck in a holding pattern without being able to progress or retreat, yet a combination of caution and kindness gets us through the day. Week of January 7 Love’s Week in Preview: Love takes on a somber tone as we’re challenged to grow up and face reality in relationships this week. Amorous Venus’ entry into ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday night rewards people who are committed to learning from the past and intent on setting clear goals for the future. Earning loyalty and respect will be the result of honesty and hard work.On Monday at 11:33 AM PST, warrior Mars makes a challenging square to Saturn. Don’tforce situations under this energy. But the most likely result will be feeling tired whereyou have a lot to do and just don’t want to do it. On Tuesday, Venus moves intoproductive Capricorn for the next three weeks. This can be good for your finances if youare willing to put in some extra time and effort.Mark Dodich 1/8
  2. 2. ARIES (March 21-April 19): What’s no longer in vogue for your week ahead, Aries, includes anyperpetuation of squabbling and/or strategic positioning within your community, team, or group ofassociates… which otherwise only threatens to weigh you down, with no personal benefit (other thansupposedly saving face by technically ‘winning’) to be reaped. What’s much more fitting for the moment islimiting your involvement in anything that isn’t directly relevant to your professional (or other outer-world)ambitions, since you’ve got a few weeks of blessed favor to exploit in this particular arena-of-life. As perusual these days, gutsy self-directed action is strongly preferred over pandering, brown-nosing, orinsincerely deferring—though, on the other hand, I do recommend respectfully relying on the guidance ormentorship of any knowledgeable higher-ups, if you can do so with sincere regard. If you’re taking thiscareer opportunity to heart, you’ll clearly and immediately see how the other bullshit hardly deserves yourtime.TAURUS (April 20-May 20): A certain public friction or fight for the upper-hand that might’veloomed over your prior week appears to be subsiding, Taurus… and, in its place, arrives apalpable enthusiasm for moving cleanly ahead, whatever that might entail. Kudos on correctlyembracing such an ‘onward ho!’ attitude, since your brightest future will surely not bepredicated upon belaboring a relatively minor hiccup (or the petty narrow perspective that wouldinsistently overemphasize its significance). The next hiccup is bound to be lurking right aroundthe corner, after all. Some folks might even call it a wonderful surprise, though they’d probablybe the types who leave plenty of room in their enthusiastic envisionings to include unexpecteddevelopments as part of the plan (knowing full well that ‘plan’ takes on a different shade ofmeaning in this context). Strive for this realism: Hatch the broad intentions with specificity, but,to be fair, invite unpredictability in their ultimate expression. Since the ‘unexpected’ usuallycomes at the hand of someone else, your approach could make or break the correspondinginterpersonal dynamic.GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Jonesing to get the next thing already, Gemini? Though thecalendar may have flipped to a new number, you aren’t magically free of logisticalhangings-over from the prior year. But I probably don’t have to tell you that, do I? While it’sworth acknowledging the existence of a potentially demoralizing dark cloud of ‘still dealing withthis’, I really don’t want you to concentrate on that. As of this week, there’s a good opportunityopening up in your relations with whichever other people, entities and/or institutions still hold akey power-marker or bargaining-chip in this situation: Whereas before they might’ve been 2/8
  3. 3. inflexible, unresponsive or unable to understand your stance, they may now show up toreinitiated negotiations with a different attitude or knowledge-level. It’s certainly worth a shot,isn’t it? It’ll help your case if you’re able to adopt a tone of ‘this is what other people in similarcircumstances have done’ or some other such social-widening of the issue, forcing them torespond less personally and more ideologically. If you don’t possess the perspective necessaryfor such a widening move, please reach out to possible allies for insight.CANCER (June 21-July 22): Hindered by the need for a fair degree of restraint in how deeplyyou involve yourself in someone else’s business, Cancer—which I do think is a fair descriptionof your latest circumstance, if you’re paying adequate attention—doesn’t have to mean thatthings between you two is a problem. In fact, if there has been an out-and-out conflict, you maynow be able to patch it up… though probably not by pushing for a schmaltzy re-airing of thecontested issue(s) or weepily begging for forgiveness. Take a couple giant steps back from themagnified scene-at-hand, and just refocus on the simple act of reestablishing mutuallyagreeable companionship. In other words, don’t succumb to the meta-level worrying about thedynamics of your dynamic; simply forefront the elements of the dynamic that are working well,and set aside the heavier stuff for now. While there might be a meatier issue that requiresaddressing at some point, you’d do the relationship a favor by easing up on your urgency tomake it a case right now… at the expense of an otherwise pleasant Venusian influence.LEO (July 23-August 22): To begin with, Leo, I want to be clear I’m not taking sides. Now thatI’ve gotten that out of the way, let me continue: If you’re still stinging from a not-so-niceexchange with someone you believe has not properly handled your feelings, your best bet fornow is to focus on how you might be responding with hypersensitivity and/or taking thissupposed ‘slight’ too personally. Does that mean they’re ‘innocent’? The question itselfalready indicates misdirected attention. Their relative right-and-wrong-ness doesn’t actuallymatter; only your own hurt feelings do. And believe it or not, your wisest approach to soothingthem should not involve the other person at all. (Perhaps there will be a later time when that’sappropriate, or perhaps you’ll later decide it’s not worth the hassle.) Concentrate instead ongoals related to improving your day-to-day workflow… such as organizing your workspace,eliminating unnecessary steps in your processes, or taking healthy steps in your diet and/orexercise routines that’ll leave you feeling better in your body. Trust me, this will perk up yourmood—without anyone else being responsible for it.VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Please leave any residual annoyances from last week inthe past, Virgo. Unless you’re needlessly fighting the tides, I see you catching a ride on thewave of cheerful self-possession that’s due to hit you this week… which means, first and 3/8
  4. 4. foremost, choosing to fix your attention on the countless items which make you happy instead ofthe comparatively fewer snags or snafus which don’t. Venus entering your solar 5th ought tobring an obvious uptick in pleasure—taking more pleasure in whatever’s going on, specificallyseeking out the activities that reliably produce more pleasure, and more freely expressing yourpleasure so that it helps produce more pleasure in other people’s lives. I added that last bit bothto (1) accentuate how the choices you make in this context will indeed affect more than just youand (2) encourage those of you who are looking for some lovin’ to please take advantage of thisromantically promising astro-influence. How best to do so? Once you’re in the pleasurablemood, be surprisingly bold about picking a prospective love-match out from the crowd andexplicitly inviting ‘em to join in. Remember: It’s fun to be a little wild!LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You’ve probably just encountered some party-pooperpracticality of a reason to hold yourself back from what could’ve been super-fun, Libra… whichlooks to me to have been the right thing to do. Wipe off the dusts of disappointment. (Therewards of ‘right’ are far longer-lasting, anyhow.) Your latest recommended activities, courtesyof Venus, include: private beautification rituals (alone or with a family member whose companyyou’ll enjoy), home-décor sprucing-up (and specifically, if applicable, procuring an affordablenew decorative item or piece of art you’ll look at every day), smoothing over any wrinkles fromthe holiday season (including letting go of unreasonable expectations that a certain someonemight ever act some certain way), a new-year’s removal of emotionally toxic waste from yourimmediate environment (quite literal), meaningful house dinners with whoever you live with (howoften do you sit down together and eat?), and/or quiet catch-ups with your pleasure reading orTV-watching. Any activity that grants you solitude, familial peace, domestic bliss, and/or innersolace is an easier immediate triumph.SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Spend your week decompressing from any internalstresses caused, Scorpio, by your own relentless replaying of whatever scattered events,conversational fragments, and/or specks of others’ momentary emotional spasms stirred anunsettled reaction in you. To a large degree, that feeling of pinched frustration is a result of youtelling and retelling stories about someone else’s motives or psychological states… which notonly (1) aren’t so precise, despite what your intuition’s reporting, because they assign toomuch conscious agency to what were likely unconscious (or semi-conscious) actions on theirpart, but also (2) have been unnecessarily prolonging your angst, due to a fruitless compulsionto ‘get to the bottom’ of something that, maybe, just isn’t that deep. Lay low until after Friday’s(Jan 11) new moon in your house of communications (the 3rd). Then, consider readdressing thesituation with the relevant party—only, without assuming they’re guilty of bad intentions and/orsetting traps for them to fall into. 4/8
  5. 5. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Your own interests demand you not wait out thefirst few weeks of the year, Sagittarius, as if you somehow think it’s ‘safer’ (huh?) to watchhow the other players’ actions reframe the playing-field before joining the game. That’s merelyirrational fear whispering not-so-sweet nothings in your ear, encouraging you not to enter animagined fray because, gosh, who knows what could happen?!?… and that just doesn’t soundlike a voice we associate with the genuine you. With pageant-winner Venus landing in yourmoney house (the 2nd) for the remainder of January, you cannot afford to squander a singlelucrative moment on setting aside your pursuit of the desired stake. Proceeding strategicallyneedn’t also mean proceeding slowly or self-protectively. It simply requires knowing exactlywhat your goal is, and committing in advance to evaluating all potentially relevant actions byhow they help or hinder your securing that goal before you act. It is not too soon to put such astrategy into motion, especially if finances are concerned.CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): It’s cause for celebration whenever Venus returnsto one’s sign (as she does to yours late on Tue Jan 8), since she usually leaves us looking andfeeling our best… and, therefore, enables us to more successfully derive whatever we wantfrom any given situation. Venus remains in your neck-o’-the-woods for the rest of January,Capricorn, bestowing upon you added powers of attraction and persuasion across all zones ofyour life—though it’s fair to warn you, due to the Uranus-Pluto tangles, your relative advantagehas the heightened chance of triggering certain other people’s envies or insecurities. In suchcases, please be magnanimous (minus the smug condescension) about their poor behavior.There’s also the annual fresh-start of a new moon in your sign this week (Fri Jan 11), awonderful moment for specifically articulating just what you hope to get from Venus’sfew-weeks’ visit. If you’d like an appropriate general theme for such intention-setting, might Isuggest focusing on whatever will free you up from an emotionally self-imposed obligation toperpetuate ways-of-thinking that don’t serve your new level of self-empowerment? Throwingaway symbolically relevant items should help.AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): For the time being, Aquarius, it’s been push, push,push… along with periodic tightenings of whatever tunnel you’ve been pushing through, leadingto slowdowns or superficial scratches or the odd shooting of sparks from all that circumstantialfriction. All the while, though, the fruits of this tireless pushing remain out of your visible sight, asituation that could lead you to falsely believe your efforts are all for naught. Please keep onpushing through the end of this month, knowing the benefits (which are slowly accumulating)may resist showing themselves until February and beyond. You’ll have to find yourpositive-reinforcement motivation elsewhere, then: not from accessible tangibilities, but in thefaithful diligence of practice. Persevering with your rightful pushes must come with its ownspiritual rewards… and from connecting with that esoteric logic (or another one that works betterfor you, but locates good purpose in process rather than product), it’s a smoothmagic-carpet-ride to happy surprises, based in your having properly aligned with the universe. 5/8
  6. 6. PISCES (February 19-March 20): The momentary limbo you’re liable to experience, in termsof being able to move your self-selected endeavors along at any observable pace, is nothing toget down about. Your moment for more marked progress in (re)defining and/or (re)assertingyour next declaration of self will come, Pisces, though it still remains about a month away. But inthe meantime, you have the delightful privilege of welcoming other people’s influences over yourshort-term happenings… so you may make new friends and/or reconnect with old ones, occupyyourself with engaging considerations beyond your ultra-personal concerns, and/or gatheradditional information or insight that otherwise wouldn’t have come your way if not from themouths of surrounding characters-of-interest. Whatever you do, please don’t hide yourselfaway. If you’re invited somewhere by a pal or acquaintance, please go along. If you’re askedto contribute a few hours of non-self-serving participation, do it. Your critical time for decisiveaction comes in February; until then, you’re off the hot seat.Under Pressure: Mars Square SaturnPosted on January 7, 2013 by Eric FrancisToday among other aspects, Mars forms an exact square to Saturn. This is Mars, relativelynewly in Aquarius, square Saturn, recently arrived in Scorpio. Given that both planets are in newsigns, nothing like this has happened for quite a while. We described this aspect last week,though as it’s exact today at 2:33 pm EST, it’s worth one last consideration.Simplified chart section showing Mars (red ‘male’ symbol) in Aquarius square Saturn (goldsquiggle) in Scorpio.To give the Astro 101 here, Saturn tends to represent structures. Mars represents will powerand energy. Put the two together in a square and you can have a stuck situation; a kind ofdeadlock or impasse.Both planets are in fixed signs, that is, the kind of sign that likes things stable, sturdy and builton a large concrete slab. Mars is exerting its will against Saturn, and we shall see if it getsanywhere. Saturn, though, is in a sign ruled by Mars. it’s almost like Mars is exerting its energyonto itself — which might manifest as frustration, anger or some shade of guilt.Some will experience today’s exact square a release point; for others, it will be a peak of the 6/8
  7. 7. challenges associated with it, which may extend back for two weeks or more. How you responddepends in part on your natal chart. Anything you have at between 8 and 12 degrees of thefixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius is going to be ‘picking up’ this square.If your moon is there, you may be feeling it on the level of your emotional needs not being met.If your Venus is there, your relationships might be in a stormy state. If you have your Neptunethere, you may be feeling like the walls are closing in.How you respond also depends on your ability to communicate, both with yourself and withthose around you. The more you can consciously know what is happening, and then have theflexibility to respond, the better off you are. Pay attention to others close to you and keep apulse on what they’re feeling. Some people are under a lot of pressure, and I do mean a lot ofintense, uncomfortable stress, potentially feeling no way out.Saturn in Scorpio is about clearing out stuck emotional energy. There’s plenty of that here onour planet where hardly anyone talks to anyone about anything. We grossly, ridiculouslyunderestimate the degree to which we are too quiet about what matters the most. ‘Learning tocommunicate’ can translate to learning how to say, ‘I am having a difficult day’ or ‘I needattention’ or ‘I need time to myself’.When feelings are held down, this turns to stuck emotions, and those, in turn, can manifest asresentment. Resentment is frustrated anger; when it’s turned on itself, that is guilt. Guilt isself-directed rage. Today’s aspect looks like some will be going through an unusual bout withthis strange emotion.We have been hearing a bit more than usual about people in a suicidal state of mind, includingthreats and attempts. Any threats you hear should be taken seriously, despite the fact that mostof them are dramatic callings out for help. Those, however, sometimes end badly. Therefore, doyour best to respond appropriately without getting too deep into the drama. Give people achance to talk themselves through their situation. If someone you know is threatening suicide,it’s reasonable to ask how they plan to do it. That will give you a psychological hint what’sgoing on, though it’s also an opening for the next question: do they have the means available?While suicide is a taboo topic, handing it is a matter of common sense and compassion.Meanwhile, what if you’re the one who has gotten angry, picked a fight, stirred up drama,projected your rage and pressurized emotions onto someone else via blame, or anything elsethat you now regret? Consider your situation and maybe initiate contact with the other person.Pause long enough to listen to what the other person has to say. Hear what any lingeringdefensiveness on your end is pointing your attention to within. Getting mired in guilt won’t makeanything better. You can’t fix the past, but you’ll have opportunities to make better choices inthe future. 7/8
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