Freedom and commitment in a Capricorn week


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Freedom and commitment in a Capricorn week

  1. 1. Freedom and commitment in a Capricorn weekOn Tuesday, Venus moves into productive Capricorn for the next three weeks. This canbe good for your finances if you are willing to put in some extra time and effort.The New Moon is on Friday the 11th at 11:44 AM PST (22 degrees Capricorn). On the worldlylevel, this is the new moon where you look at the core structure of your life to better understandwhat is working for you and what is not. A sacred Sabian Symbol for the degree of this newmoon illustrates the point:“By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character.” Meditate on thissymbol for personal meaning. One suggestion is that it is honorable to release somethingyou have been struggling to attain or maintain if it is no longer effective to keep pushingonwards.On the spiritual level, the Capricorn new moon presents an initiation into new levels ofunderstanding, but you must release old behaviors.Mark DodichFreedom and commitment in a Capricorn weekPosted on January 8, 2013 by Amanda PainterWe have a Capricorn-themed week ahead of us, with the Capricorn New moon on Friday andVenus entering Capricorn tonight just before 11:11 pm EST. In between, another currentCapricorn feature is raising questions about relationship structures, genuine commitment andtrue sexual freedom: the asteroid Juno (yes, her again!) conjunct Pluto.Love and marriage in the House of Capricorn: simplified chart section for the moment of Venus(blue ‘female’ symbol) ingressing Capricorn later this evening. Juno (purple asterisk) isfunctionally conjunct Pluto (red golf tee) — exact Jan. 14. Mercury (green glyph with horns) andthe Sun round out the major players in Capricorn; the Moon will enter Cap Jan. 10, then conjointhe Sun the next day for the New Moon.There seems to be some kind of paradox in how we conceptualize ‘freedom’ culturally. Does it 1/3
  2. 2. mean staying completely un-tethered, always having all options open? Or is it possible to get‘stuck’ in an idea of freedom that is actually a form of blind rebellion against what we fear?How many of our attempts at exercising our freedom — especially sexual freedom — are trulybased on authentic desire, rather than rebellion out of a fear of stuck-ness?Synchronicity struck as I was contemplating the current astrology. On a friend’s Facebook postabout freedom, another friend wrote the following: I remember the moment that I realized focusing on being ‘free’ was in fact very limited. It limited me from being in committed relationships, or joining into groups. I thought being free was not being ‘stuck’ so it came out of fear. Now I know real freedom means jumping in with my whole self and passion, and most importantly at my own pace. Being really free means never being ‘stuck’ but facing the difficult shifts and changes. Do I do it even most of the time? No, but I know the option and catch myself. I constantly meet up with that fear of being sucked up by someone or something. At the same time, the tendency to be a free spirit gives perspective and wisdom NOT to follow the crowd, so it certainly is a ‘soulful paradox’ …Now here we are with Juno conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is doing its deep, transformative,foundation-erupting push through our ideas about marriage, jealousy, and commitment versusobligation/expectation — the whole nine yards when it comes to our ideas about sexualrelationships.The Astrology is asking us, ‘does marriage actually provide a framework for commitment?’ Ifthe answer is ‘no’ — and the rates of divorce and cheating suggest that’s the case — thenwhere can we find that framework? I’m not even suggesting that polyamory as it’s generallypracticed is the answer. In fact, I’m not sure I know a good answer to that question.In tossing around some ideas with Eric, however, he brought up some good questions. One inparticular seems to tie into the quotation above: “What actual agreements do you make, andwhy?”People make agreements in their sexual/intimate relationships for all sorts of reasons: out ofguilt; to spare their partner guilt or jealousy; out of an expectation that the other willautomatically make and honor the same agreement; because ‘this is what is done’. Somepeople do make relationship agreements out of a deep devotion to the other’s wholeness andan acknowledgment that both parties will grow and change along the way. Culturally, this is notthe more common path.Eric also asked: 2/3
  3. 3. What do you do because your parents or grandparents expect it? Who are your examples for healthy, creative relationships? How many people can you name that have the kind of relationship that you want — people you know intimately? What is the role of guilt in your life? What do you do or not do out of guilt or to avoid feeling guilty? Be specific in that answer. We’re going to keep developing these themes and more throughout the week, and I’d love to see your thoughts and questions and answers to the questions posed here as we explore. We are in a moment of potentially very fertile, creative energy with regard to our collective approach to relationships, commitment, marriage and sexual freedom. As with many creative pursuits, it may be that we’re best able to explore and invent most richly and freely within some sort of container. Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is providing that container, though with Pluto there it may be more challenging to recognize its walls than it used to be. Luckily we have Venus in Capricorn as of later tonight. Venus in Cap offers the strength and patience necessary to overcome any fear, selfishness, jealousy or insecurity in love that Juno and Pluto may be stirring up. Can we allow ourselves the freedom to let those things go? Friday’s New Moon may actually be an opportunity to leave the past behind once we’ve said goodbye to it. 3/3Powered by TCPDF (