Christmas Eve…


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Christmas Eve…

  1. 1. Christmas Eve… Seasons Greetings Monday, 24 December 2012 Season’s Greetings. We’re entering Christmas under a waxing Full moon. So the further we get into the next few days, they greater the possibility of emotional outbursts. Expect intense experiences and moments of passion, followed by fleeting feelings of confusion. Beware exceptional sensitivity to inebriants. In my experience, alcohol becomes more intoxicating at Full moon, just as it has more of an effect at high altitude! Be careful, be conscious, be aware that it’s only another day, be sensible about where you place your expectations… and be ready for what could yet be a truly wonderful season for all! Dec 23-29 : For Christmas and Kwanzaa, the moon is in talkative Gemini. This is a social, but keep moving, kind of holiday. On the 25th, ambitious Mars moves into high-tech Aquarius to support all those technology gifts or purchases. Do avoid frustration with technology or transportation later in the day on December 25th as the Sun squares Uranus. This is an impatient and forceful energy, so don’t try to fix your new iPad with a hammer or drive to fast. Mars will be in Aquarius through February 1st, so there is plenty of time to learn new technology. This is also good for networking with new friends and organizations. Mark Dodich 1/1Powered by TCPDF (