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Astrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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Astrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, August 29, 2012

  1. 1. Astrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, August 29, 2012Posted on August 29, 2012 by Eric FrancisGenuinely encouraging developments are taking shape on the work front as well as on thewell-being front, if you happen to have been struggling with any health issues lately. Inneremotional tensions have complicated your perception of both, and there is nothing to help youfeel better than simply feeling better. I suggest you focus your energies on who and whatmatters the most to you right now — make a conscious decision, and I trust that any malaise youmay be experiencing will melt back into the cosmic ocean. You’ve grown too accustomed toyour efforts getting delayed results, or no results at all, and this has indeed been exhausting.That is not a sign of things to come; rather, it’s a sign of things that are finally gone. =================================================================We’re heading towards a powerful magical Pisces Full Moon on Aug. 31, 2012 — the secondFull Moon this calendar month, making it what some call a ‘Blue Moon.’But first, Mars entered Scorpio on Aug. 23, 2012 and is stirring the pot bringing deep potential 1/4
  2. 2. for transformation and evolution. But this transit is also bringing darkeremotions of anger, rage, fear jealousy to the surface asking us to confront and acknowledgethem honestly. Only in awareness can these emotions be transformed and released to leavebehind the essence of ones spirit.Mars energy is like pure raw fire. Fire can be used to ‘cook’, but without awareness fire canburn a house down. Scorpio is water sign, but this is water in a state of transformation. Whenheat (Mars) is applied to a pot of water (base emotions) it will eventually boil, killing impuritiesand bacteria (darker emotions) and turn to vapor (spirit.) This is the process of transformationwe are now going through — on a personal, spiritual and psychological level. It’s a matter oflearning how to direct this energy with care and respect without projecting or acting onnegativity, or trying manipulate situations which will ultimately be self-destructive.Scorpio also is a reminder of ‘surrender’, to let go, and avoid trying to manipulate or controlsituations. It’s like baking a cake, as tempting as it may be to keep checking the oven, it is bestto let a process unfold naturally rather than keep interfering and ruin something.Mars in Scorpio is setting the stage for the coming phase of Saturn in Scorpio that we aremoving into. This feels like a tag-team relay between the planets — Mars leaves Scorpio on Oct.6, 2012 just as Saturn enters Scorpio on Oct. 5, 2012. Saturn will help us solidify the process ofchange that we are now starting.Over the next two and half years as Saturn makes its way through Scorpio, the more we movein a spirit of humility and surrender to the changes being asked of us — we can recognize ourown authority and power in situations, allowing us to direct the course of change. The more weresist change, the more will be the feeling of being dragged through the mud.As we head to the Full Moon on Friday emotions are definitely heightened and people are likelyto be extra sensitive. This Full Moon will be conjunct Chiron and Neptune in a sextile to Pluto inCapricorn.Also Mercury will make an opposition to Neptune the day after the Full Moon, suggesting noteverything you believe is necessarily true. So don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions or 2/4
  3. 3. believe what you are being told. Not necessarily because anyone is lying but because othersmay be as confused as you are about the truth. Rather than be in a hurry to figure it all out, if indoubt acknowledge as much and be patient as the fog clears and clarity returns.Yes there are difficult perhaps painful emotions surfacing now, but the potential for a magicalresurrection, healing and transformation also is very present. It would help to remember theseare wounds and ghosts of the past we are dealing with. Stuff that’s been deeply embedded inour psyche, which if we don’t acknowledge will continue to seep into and poison our presentreality. Any pain, frustration, anxiety, helplessness or stress you feel about currentcircumstances are asking you to go deep beyond the surface to the root cause of your suffering.Then we can start to heal from the source.Pisces is also the sign of “magic;” it represents Cosmic or Christ Consciousness, pure energyand spirit. And the Full Moon’s aspects offer deep potential for healing if we are willing toconsciously work on releasing pain, woundedness and negativity. The Sun is in Virgo the signopposite Pisces, suggesting we can channel divine spirit now and let it flow through us – mind,body and spirit, if we can only be open and receptive to it.Immerse yourself in what is soulful; music and art would be a very healing outlet. Virgo alsorules the work we do, our daily routines and health. This is a classic example of how personalpain, can often be the seed of the most beautiful art. Also see what you can do to take bettercare of your health, especially if you struggle with addiction or have a history with it — be in nodenial of what needs healing. Addiction is an escape from pain that is too difficult to deal with,but in confronting the wound honestly there can be deep healing at the source.This is the end of a two week cycle that began at the time of the Leo New Moon which had theSabian Symbol “A Rainbow after the storm.” So look at what began at that time and what isnow coming to light.Personally, rainbows have always been the Universe’s sign to me saying — ‘all is well.’ In thepast week I have seen four rainbows. The most magical part was yesterday when I actuallyreached the END of a rainbow and drove right through it! That was a first for me! And I may nothave found a ‘pot of gold’ in the material sense of the word — but in my heart and soul I feel Idid…Look at the magic that is revealing itself in your life now. Subtle or not, you can trust it’s veryreal. And the more open you are the more it can reveal itself to you…With Love,Priyap.s. 3/4
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