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Astrology Report for August 9th to August 16th LunarForecast by JessicaAugust 9th to August 16th Lunar Forecast by Jessica...
Our journey here still has a ways to go (throughout all of August), however, there are momentsof rest to rejuvenate, to ta...
Monday august 13th and into Tuesday the Moon moves into Cancer today conjunct with Venusin cancer. The two Goddesses are f...
tears, to rejoice in being alive and being a spiritual being with the enormous capacity and ability                       ...
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Astrology Report for August 9th to August 16th Lunar Forecast by Jessica


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Astrology Report for August 9th to August 16th Lunar Forecast by Jessica

  1. 1. Astrology Report for August 9th to August 16th LunarForecast by JessicaAugust 9th to August 16th Lunar Forecast by JessicaOn Thursday August 9th we enter the Last Quarter Moon Phase. Breathe. It is now the time thatwe must really commit to the surrendering process upon us. The fruits are dropping from thegreat tree…the ripening phase has come and gone, and now all that was so abundantly availablefor the potential harvest is withering and beginning its decomposing. This week we are cleaningup around the Sacred Tree of Life, gathering all the rotten fruits, which symbolically representthe ideas, the plans, the hopes and dreams, and the desires that where not met by receptiveconsumption, but left to fall. Here with in this humble exercise we can hopefully recognize theperfection, purpose and completion of the natural life cycle. Some fruits were consumed andtransformed into nourishment, sustenance and the very life force feeding into the manifestationof the goal and intention, while the others, now fallen, remain to become composted materialgiving to the creation of the nutrient rich soil from which the next new seeds shall sprout.Nothing is wasted in the natural order of life… all has its purpose…We are in the final moments of some very potent and powerful planetary alignments. This monthof August is one that will leave an impression like a giant wave that takes back in half of theshoreline it has just met with. WE are being reformed. Some of us are actually feeling much likethat very shoreline being pummeled beneath a great cataclysmic force… and others havingmade it off the shore, cast off into the roaring seas, are facing the eye of the storm. For thosenavigating through less tumultuous conditions the current is still so full of force that greatattention and care is necessary, for this force is naturally pulling us in and down. The pressureand the tensions have been building for some time now and it appears evident that the dam hasbroken. It is washing over us all and we are swimming in a sea of the collective emotionalrelease that is occurring, consciously or unconsciously it is among us… We are wading through itwith all the effort it takes to stay above water. Some are sinking calmly adapting to survival inthis new watery element of existence and others are feeling simply overwhelmed and nearlydrowning. We all in some way have hit the high seas to concur our own dragon within and seizethe new day.Throughout this entire month, up until the last days, we have Neptune squaring the Nodes intheir final days of a 1-year journey in Gemini/Sagittarius. The emphasis is on clearing away allthe delusions, illusions, misperceptions – blurry perceptions in regards to how we areinterpreting life, our perspective, our opinions and understandings, about what is true, non-truth,your truth, my truth. Our faith and our trust in our selves, our partners, in life and in God or agreat power that we may trust in, are seriously being tested. Many have been engulfed in a seaof confusion, misunderstanding and overwhelm-ment of how to navigate through suchunpredictable weather. However, many of us in other moments are in fact experiencing alsogrand experiences of what feels like total alignment with a purity of faith and knowing, and witha Joy and Love that surpasses anything like it in our past. 1/4
  2. 2. Our journey here still has a ways to go (throughout all of August), however, there are momentsof rest to rejuvenate, to take in the miraculous spectacle that we are all participating in (smile),and to harness in on our strengths, our faith, and enter in to our hearts where we know thatthere is a glorious reality in the making within these times of reckoning.And with Mercury now direct our processes of communication and understanding should get alot less challenging…Thursday August 9th the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo. Here there is a tensionbetween the inner, receptive, feminine nature in Taurus seeking to feel some solid ground,security, a non-provoking moment (if possible), while the masculine, energized creative principleis in fiery, expressive and excited Leo. With Venus in Cancer harmoniously aspecting Neptunein Pisces the energy to harness here is a gentle, considerate, careful approach with ourrelationships. Perhaps we could all benefit a bit from moving though our activities a little slowertoday…Friday August 10th the Moon meets up with Lilith in Taurus…continuing at a slower pace…todayis a good day to be real honest with your self, gently and acceptingly embracing all that youare…full and rich with so much beauty and ripe with abundant potential for growth! The Moonmoves into Gemini today and joins the S. Node expanding us into vaster bodies of truth andknowing beyond our own inner world… Surrender to and embrace these moments of potentialwhere the qualities of relative truth and Universal truth stand side by side before us…not askingus to choose but to see the whole picture.On Saturday August 11th the Moon in Gemini joins up with Jupiter in Gemini who is still intentlyfocused on actively engaging us in all kinds of busying, interactive, mind expandingexperiences. This is certainly a weekend to get out (if you feel like it, Venus in Cancer) andreflect off of the multitude of experiences available to assist in gaining a greater comprehensionand understanding of the vastness of ideas, ways, concepts, expression, etc. with in the humanexperience. There is so much to choose from…and yet life is always moving and evolving intosomething else…have an opinion, then be open when the time is right to let it move…This time is utterly about surrendering to the unknown and letting go of what we essentiallyhave no control over.Sunday August 12th the Moon in Gemini is making a potentially softer aspect to the fired up andpotent Mars/Saturn conjunction. If we got to get away a bit over the weekend from the face toface, one on one experience’s with are most significant relationships, with some socialdistraction, today may bring us right back in, to yet again work on it in the most personal realms.For this essentially is the entire overtone of these weeks: resolve the unfinished business, andrealize this time of closure and new beginnings.Brace your self ~ for this coming week we have arrived in to the final moments in this testingperiod. The final judgments are being measured, and the options weighed. In many ways thesecurrent moments can feel very much like a “judgment day”. 2/4
  3. 3. Monday august 13th and into Tuesday the Moon moves into Cancer today conjunct with Venusin cancer. The two Goddesses are feeling deeply the entire emotional atmosphere which hasbeen powerfully permeating into all of us…consciously or not, we have been getting stirred upinside. Getting in contact with our deepest needs, longings and hearts desire is of utmostimportance at these times. Again there is an emphasis on being honest with what really is, andwhat is going on… The Goddesses’ are not alone today. They stand in exact opposition to Pluto;the Lord of the underworld, whose mere presence evokes the experience of going in deep, tothe root, to the raw truth of the matter. In Capricorn apposing Cancer the aim is to seek thebalance in the polarity of outer authority vs. inner authority, outer control vs. inner control, outerresponsibility vs. inner responsibility, and the whole dynamic of processing through it all. Thereis indeed a resurrection in process. Many are aware of this with in them selves and thererelationship dynamics on all levels. Our spirits are eagerly waiting to be liberated beneath theburden of repressed and suppressed emotions, and the weight of that ancestral inheritancewhich no longer serves us…On Wednesday August 15th there is a powerful force in the air! Mars has made it back to itsreturn to Saturn today. The journey through the next two days will finalize the original lessonseeded two years ago which carried the intention to heal and bring a greater state of balanceinto the extreme imbalances occurring on the planet with our relationships to all of life. We areall in so many ways going through the transmutation process, like the caterpillar, turning itselfinto liquid acid, to turn again into the majestic Butterfly.Today is also the last days of the Moon where we enter the 3 days of the dark moon. Today is aday to listen, really, really listen, to your own needs, and the others needs. Hear through thechaos, the voice of wisdom and higher guidance in the air and align yourself in balance and inintegrity to your new found resolutions of self-relating and relation to others. Hear the voice ofthe other from where ever they are, whether it’s the voice of the mature one, the wise one, theoptimistic one, the serious one, the wounded one, the child one… all voices must be heard,acknowledge for who and where they are and allowed the space to shift themselves into whatthey are becoming… Hold no one where they are, and not yourself, because again there is nostagnancy…life is ever evolving, we are ever changing and becoming what we are…..Love… is what now I am lead to…for today on Thursday, the Moon will move into Leo and haveits final day of this lunar cycle in the last slight essence of the remaining light of consciousness.The Moon joins up with Mercury in Leo today and though there are still tensions in the air,broken parts and pieces to be picked up, and the delicate process of re-adjustment is inprogress, having let so much go, and the uncertainty of all the unknown ahead of us, we canstill opt to make the best out of this closing time in ceremony with rituals of story telling andreminiscing in honor of the Brave-heart with in us all. For we have chosen this time to BE here.For the sake of joining heart, spirit, mind and body we gather to share our most heartfeltexperiences, our death and rebirth processes, our survival through our most threateningmoments, our failures, our triumphs, our victories, our lessons. Our loves lost and our lovesgained. We are all children of the night growing and learning continuously through this school oflife proceeding on through each test to the next level in our development.In the spirit of Leo the Moon invites us to play, even if there is anger, to laugh even if there are 3/4
  4. 4. tears, to rejoice in being alive and being a spiritual being with the enormous capacity and ability to feel passionately the whole spectrum of emotion available, to dance through them, to play the parts on the current stage of your life. Put on the mask feel it through, put it down and take another. That is the inevitable experience of life that we are playing out. No way around it…we are here to feel through all that is… Participate like a child eager to experience itself in the act. May we all be lead through the dark moments by the light of the beaming bright Stars that we are! Blessings… 4/4Powered by TCPDF (