Astrological Climate for the Week of Sept. 3


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Astrological Climate for the Week of Sept. 3

  1. 1. Astrological Climate for the Week of Sept. 3 “Love is not a whisper or a weakness No, love is strong, so we got to get together ‘Til there isno reason to fight Mercy, will we overcome this Oh, one by one, could we turn it around Maybe carry on just a little bit longer And I’ll try to give you what you need” – Mercy, Dave Matthews BandMonday, September 3 Emotions run strong today, yet they may hit a wall. We might feel aloneand separated from someone we love as Venus, the planet of desire, aligns with Saturn, theplanet of resistance. We reach out, but fall short of satisfaction. Thankfully, action-hero Marsforms a harmonious trine with healer Chiron, enabling us to overcome some of the obstacles topleasure. Additionally, the impulsive Aries Moon encourages us to push our feelings to theedge.==============================================================================Astrology Today: Oracle for Monday, September 3, 2012September 3, 2012 by Eric Francis In the great design of the universe often the surprise orhidden factors are the ones that turn out to be the most valuable. A particular resource thatonce was much more important to you but which in recent years you’ve discounted hassuddenly re-surfaced. This phenomenon may actually be taking several forms: a partnership atalent and an idea all come to mind. Look to one you once considered “less than a friend” forinformation or assistance and remember to trust just a little more than your instincts say is safe. ===============================================Astrology Forecast September has a mixture of energies. On one hand, there is playful, socialand communications energies to make it a pleasant month. On the other hand, spiritual destinypoints called the “nodes of the moon” have just moved into Scorpio and Taurus for the next 1.5year.This means that you are processing your values and emotions to get clear on your truepriorities, and that means you will be making choices- the kind that you don’t go back ononce they are made!The other energy that started in late August and goes through early October is assertive Marsmoving through intense Scorpio. Normally you think of fall equinox as being a time of balance.When you combine aggressive Mars with the deep emotions of Scorpio, the light and thedarkness can both go to extremes. 1/7
  2. 2. And all of this is setting up Saturn moving into Scorpio on October 5th for the next 2+ years. Ifyou have emotional healing to do, then it would be wise to tend to it now, rather than waiting forit to be put in your face. The beauty of this incoming energy is that it helps you stand in yourpower, because everything that makes you powerless is being stripped away. So do enjoy thelight & easy part of the month, but do make inroads on understaning your changing valuesbecause you will be acting upon them very soon. September 1: Tend to important businessbefore 1:02 PM PDT. The moon goes into its quiet void-of-course phase until it goes into Arieslate in the evening. See a movie, meditate, or enjoy music on Saturday. September 2-8 : Getphysical on Sunday and USA Labor Day holiday under an athletic Aries moon. Sunday morninghas emotional re-activeness tendencies, so avoid acting out if a loved one says something inthe wrong tone of voice. Sunday afternoon and Monday are much more fun.Tuesday andWednesday have mostly pleasant planetary relationships all day, so mix business and pleasure.Mercy….: Mercury opposite Neptune; Venus squares Saturn; Moon in Aries Published by Priyaunder Daily Astrology and Cosmic Weather ========================Dear Friends, We are just coming down from the energy of a powerful Full Moon in Pisces,Mercury is now in Virgo and Venus squares Saturn later tonight. Here is a sneak peek at anexcerpt from the September Cosmic Weather (that I am just about done working on,) coveringthe current aspects. If you would like to read and receive the full report in your mailbox sign uphere for a one week free trial. September Cosmic Weather 2012, An Excerpt == “As we enterSeptember we are still under the energy of a powerful Pisces Full Moon which culminated onAug. 31, 2012. “This Full Moon was conjunct Chiron and Neptune, which may have broughtdeep psychological, subconscious wounds to the surface for healing. As painful as it can be tolet go of illusions; be in no denial of the wounds or ghosts of the past. Then we can finally startto heal and create the reality we’ve always dreamed of but never thought possible. “On Sept.1, 2012 Mercury entered Virgo and immediately made an opposition to Neptune. This may havehad us searching for clarity through the fog. Given emotions were heightened it would be wiseto wait till we have more information before judging something. “On Sept. 3, Venus in Cancersquares Saturn in Libra bringing us to a turning point within relationships and financial situationsthat have been difficult to say the least. “Saturn in Libra has been asking for a balance withinrelationships. And Venus in Cancer has been focus on security — in love and finances. But thismay have also brought to the surface insecurities and difficult emotions. “A square aspect as itsname suggests is a 90 degree angle, and we are turning a corner now. Only we don’t knowwhat is around the corner until we have turned it. Wherever there seems to be a sense ofrestriction or external blockage, or that someone just doesn’t care — this is asking us to turn to 2/7
  3. 3. look inward and look at what we need to resolve within ourselves and find inner peace sosomething need not be a fight anymore. “Currently the Moon is in Aries, and will be during thisaspect which may be bringing up difficult emotions of abandonment, betrayal, anger, rage,rejection and pain to deal with. It may be tempting to want to fight for oneself, be selfish but indoing so we only end up destroying the very thing we want to love and nurture. “Anyrelationship is only as good as it meets the needs of both people involved. And as long as weare only focused on selfish desires or needs there will always be an imbalance which ultimatelyends up hurting both parties. “Acknowledge what you need, where you need to pull back andwhere you need to be more giving. Recognize where your boundaries are and how far you arewilling to go and where you need to draw the line. Then you can find the inner strength tore-balance a situation that has tipped too far in one direction.” With Love, PriyaMonday September 3 – Moon Meditation: “I am undeterred…!” Moon in Aries: “They” saythat what doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger. And thankfully there is not much thatdestroys us. Every day – and week – brings a new chance to be stronger. Today, stick toyour plan and keep your intentions paramount, even if things don’t seem to be goingyour way. You might find it’s just a test from the cosmiverse. Get some Peace &Protection. ?????LOVE SPEAKS FROM THE HEART?????ARIES (March 21-April 19): Practice caution with that particularly ruthless edge you’represently wielding, Aries, but don’t surrender it altogether. This 8th-house-Mars energyis a godsend for thoroughly rooting out whatever may be obstructing a morecomprehensive leap forward in your work life, like how sometimes a good session ofvomiting is all we need to eject the toxins and gain ourselves a second wind. For its besteffects, you must be prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done right… whichsometimes means ripping the whole fucking thing apart and putting the pieces backtogether in a sleeker, shrewder format (then sweeping up the huge mess you made alongthe way). This gut-wrenching process also leaves you feeling satisfied that no stone hasgone unturned, no opportunity for improvement passed up, and no bit of rot left tofurther deteriorate. Naturally, however, you can see how this same energy can manifestquite treacherously, should it end up turned against someone you’re upset with and/ortrying to get something from. Once you launch a campaign do whatever it takes toemerge on top, you might not stop until after your fangs are piercing their jugular.TAURUS (April 20-May 20): One person’s ‘emboldened demeanor’ (that person being you,Taurus) could too easily strike somebody else as acombative attitude. And though you couldmake a reasonable case for their perceived misperception being their issue rather than yours, itstill presentsyou with a problem when attempting to get on the same page. Dang that dastardlyMars-in-your-7th, sowing the seeds of interpersonal dissent or discontent, regardless of whetheror not you’re actually trying to argue or antagonize or poke in tender places. This week, his 3/7
  4. 4. synergy with Mercury and Pluto only further amplifies the intensity with which you’re conveyingyour opinions (again, intentional or not), making it seem to those less-self-assured and/orcircumstantially-grumpy individuals subjected to your words that you are pontificating and/orhunting for a fight. An astro-climate that’sideal for capably getting your point across in writingsor projects or personal creative-work, then, also threatens to sabotage such efforts in anyone-on-one relationship contexts. Aim your energies accordingly.GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The rare few folks who get to see the intimate dealings of thebehind-closed-doors, private you—likely, only your family members, best friend,significant other, and/or housemate(s)—will be receiving a larger-than-usual eyeful ofyour unresolved feelings this week. But the big question, Gemini, is whether (1) they’llmerely be bearing witness to your at-home ventings and purgings as caring spectator(s)or (2) they’ll end up as target(s) of your exacerbated wrath. If we go with the first option,I believe you’ll do the relationship(s) a great service, if you fully allow yourself to sharethe emotions… and to go into deep detail about whatever personal history of yours hasinvested this particular instance with so much rawness. (For a sign that loves tellingstories, you Geminis have a funny way of omitting certain specifics that would betterhelp us understand you.) However, if it ends up with the second option playing out,please be damn sure you are targeting the appropriate individual(s)—and not simply theone(s) you’re most comfortable with spitting venom at. Wouldn’t it be a bit unfair to turnsome dumb molehill into a huge mountain, just because you’re too afraid of scaling thereal Everest in your life?CANCER (June 21-July 22): Don’t indulge your mental wanderings so much that they convinceyou of a certain someone’s ‘hidden wants’ or ‘underlying motives’, Cancer, when there’s nota whole lot of concrete evidence to back up such a conclusion. If you’re only talking about thissomeone with other people and/or constantly thinking up ways to please or displease ‘em, youare missing a key element in your information-gathering: an actual discussion with the individualin question. But to ensure the discussion is productive, I encourage you not to lead withaccusations or suspicions. Remember: If you’ve been ‘inside your own head’ too long on thisissue, your instinctive starting-point may be several steps into a questionable scenario… which issure to catch ‘em off-guard, and likely to (understandably) spur defensiveness. Let thediscussion unfold more naturally, moving it along gently, meandering into and out of topics,offering a lot of ‘I’-statement sharing. Most important, however, is to start out presuminginnocence on their end and/or a simple case of crossed wires. Your worries probably say moreabout you than they do about anything anyone else is manipulating or concealing.LEO (July 23-August 22): Let your desire for emotional independence propel yourstrategizing on both short- and long-term economic (and/or other practical) matters. Useyour adamant refusal to lose that harrowing battle against your tough inner critic as yourcore motivation for committing to extra-serious work efforts, Leo, so you can prove, onceand for all, you are able to adeptly steer your own destiny. These themes have alreadyshown up in your recent horoscopes, sure… but by mid-week, you’ll also have thepositively reaffirming arrival of benefic-maiden Venus to your sign, where she’ll staynearly a month, polishing your shine and increasing your outward profile. UnderVenus’s glow, you may finally begin to get more distinctacknowledgment from others 4/7
  5. 5. that they respect the work you’ve been putting in (presuming, of course, you havebeen)—which should hopefully provide the necessary fuel to power a continuance ofthese efforts. Though you’re ultimately doing all this for yourself, it doesn’t hurt to alsoget noticed for it.VIRGO (August 23-September 22): This is your week to lay it down, loud and clear, Virgo. Yourlogic-led speaking voice is a force to be reckoned with, resonating powerfully with the passion ofsomebody who (1) has thought long and hard about what you’re saying (rather than letting hotair blow), and (2) deeply believes it to be a reflection of your true essence. Who could possiblycontend with that? Pause at that rhetorical question for a moment, please. Once you realize thatits actual answer would have to be ‘nobody’—that is, nobody could adequately contend withyour strength of expression—then perhaps you might glimpse the only potential downside of yourcurrent power-position. You could come off sounding so damn well-thought-out-and-confident,you leave no room for anyone else’s feedback… as if your facts, figures and opinions create atotally watertight container that blocks out all input from the outside world. Yet, thanks to Jupiterin Gemini, tapping into your best professional luck continues to require a relativeopenness toalternatives, exceptions and grey-areas. With that in mind, treat your confident laying-it-down asa great first step, not the end-all-be-all on this issue, with more to come…LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Maximize self-preservation; minimize any makings ofa ‘big splash’. Lay low on the public front, and get the most from behind-the-scenesmoments of personal reflection. You need not give into pressures to formulate and/orannounce a coherent viewpoint, Libra, if you have yet to organically arrive at one… as Isuspect you probably haven’t. The astute among you probably comprehend that, foryou, there’s a good reason behind this still-unformed opinion: The issue is much morecomplicated, particularly on the emotional level, than it may appear to anybody else—andit isn’t likely to help your process to make these complications transparent to those whomay be watching and/or waiting. Your mindset will greatly benefit from further incubationtime… as well as from you dedicating some immediate initiative to resolving a few simplermatters, wholly unrelated to whatever others might be expecting or anticipating fromyou. Hold steady, so as to most securely situate yourself in the present moment, theplace from which our best realizations emerge most effortlessly, simply because wearen’t trying to project ourselves anywhere else.SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Between this week and next, I suspect you’ll begin toglimpse encouraging signs in your professional (or public-world) zone, courtesy of Venus’sarrival to your solar 10th… though this should hardly be seen as an invitation to back off from themighty push and/or rest on your laurels. Keep on going, Scorpio, using every reassuringresponse or bit of recognition as one more opening, into which you can masterfully insert yourwill and create further opportunities atop those which are already manifesting. The slycommunicative advantage I describedlast week also remains yours: You have a temporarilyenhanced ability to advance your personally-desired agenda by instinctively wrapping it inlanguage that appeals to your audience. Be careful, therefore, not to purposely fool anyone intoaccepting an incomplete and/or somewhat faulty understanding of what’s really going on. Suchmaneuvers may get you what you want in the short-term, sure, but will likely cause a laterconversational upset (once the full story comes out) at a most inconvenient moment. Persuasive 5/7
  6. 6. as you are, you shouldn’t need to mislead in order to get anyone on board.SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Sticking close to the ‘official party-line’ inall public communications, Sagittarius, doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you domust be precisely aligned with what The Powers That Be are hearing from your lips. Itdoes imply, however, that you ought not to veer a single inch from what has already beenaccepted as fact or the agreed-upon premise in all relevant discussions… not only withhigher-ups, but with peers as well. Behind the scenes, you may be gingerly devising howbest to uncover, outdo or overthrow whichever elements stand in your path to a firmergrasp on your own power in this situation, but nobody needs to know. Right now, it’sstill a quiet matter of arranging all the pieces in a row… in advance of a later momentwhen those pieces will so conspicuously argue your point by themselves, you won’thave to botherexplaining how the dots connect (and thus can more successfully keep theproverbial blood off your hands). Loose lips at this juncture, possibly egged on by atoo-curious chit-chatter, will prematurely blow your wad.CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Are you dauntlessly leading your team, Capricorn… orjust making yourself an annoying thorn-in-the-side of those who wish you’d shut your damnmouth already? There is often a fine line between being (1) the service-oriented individual whovoluntarily takes on responsibility for rallying the troops, even when such a role threatens toattract unpopularity, and (2) the preachy commander who claims to know what’s best foreverybody, and will not hesitate to let it be known. I wish you the interpersonal wisdom to stayon the sympathetic side of this line, enabling you to still call it like you see it but maintain acourteous tone that demonstrates consideration for all personality-types (including, yes, theultra-sensitive ones). I must again reiterate how the present astrological line-up—which nowfeatures a three-way flow between Mercury, Mars, and your ongoing 1st-house residentPluto—tinges your every move with added emphasis and potency, regardless of whether youintend to come across so strongly or not. You’ll have a hard time with attempts to come offsubtly, to downplay your interests or blend into the background… no matter what. Please keepreminding yourself how that might impact your fellow community-members.AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Lead the forward march of progress in your careerand/or other public-world contributions… and with that, Aquarius, please don’t let fearsof a gutsy reality-check conversation (and all the stark acceptances that might emergefrom it) keep you from continuing onward. While you needn’t achieve or agree uponanything at this very moment (review last week’s edition), you really should stay activelyengaged in such sensitive talks, just to keep the process moving. The worst thing youcould do, on the other hand, is retreat into a dark corner of your own making, where yourmost dreaded hypothetical scenarios will gorily play themselves out in your wickedimaginations… leaving the menacing figure(s) at the core of your fears absolutely noopportunity to show they’re not so menacing after all. On Thursday (Sep 6), Venusenters your one-on-one relationship house (the solar 7th), where she’ll amp up yourpersuasive likability factor—a pleasant astro-influence that’ll help bridge any real orperceived gaps in understanding between you and another person. As long as youdisplay willingness to wade through these potentially challenging waters, that gesturewill go far to signal your ultimately fruitful intentions in their eyes… and it gets easier 6/7
  7. 7. from there. PISCES (February 19-March 20): Though your interpersonal communications continue to be strongly colored by emotion, Pisces, it’s becoming increasingly important that you valiantly attempt to get your main point across… even under the likelihood your succinct phrasings may get sidetracked or hijacked by your innate concern for not upsetting anyone. You can’t legitimately stand for anything if you’re already ducking or bending at odd angles to maintain a certain relational peace (which isn’t actually all that peaceful for you, if you’re battling yourself over a belief you’re too nervous to express). To strengthen your backbone, then, you might want to deeply consider what kind of person you’ll be implicitly identifying yourself as by notfighting for what you know is right, just to ward off the anticipated pushback from a loved one. By all appearances, you’ll have become someone willing to sell out your own integrity, in order to show loyalty… in an alliance, mind you, that’s obviously fairly tenuous, since you apparently must sell yourself out to preserve it. 7/7Powered by TCPDF (