2012 is going out with a bang!


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2012 is going out with a bang!

  1. 1. 2012 is going out with a bang!Wednesday, December 26Although we might try to keep the energy light and easy, the breezy Gemini moon is no match for the solidsextile between heavyweights Saturn and Pluto today. On one hand, we want to hold on to the holidayspirit in anticipation of the New Year; on the other hand, we’re sobered by real issues that seem topermeate our lives. Instead of being annoyed by the divergent cosmic messages, it’s wiser to practicemoving back and forth between them.Astrology Today: Oracle for Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012Posted on December 26, 2012 by Eric FrancisThe marriage issue is up. It’s not that you’re getting married, it’s just that marriage, the concept,currently has the tendency to get kicked around your life like a soccer ball. But this is not agame and I don’t suggest you take it as one. You really need to get a good sense of what is atstake. I would propose that it’s more than you think. You are being led in a certain direction,and that may wind up having consequences far beyond what you can currently imagine. Pleasemake sure you’re not being inspired by a dumb fairy tale that makes you want to give upeverything for nothing.Dec 26 2012Cancer Full Moon | Sabian Symbol – Cancer 8Published by Priya under Daily Astrology and Cosmic WeatherDear Friends,It’s Boxing Day and yet another Christmas has past. 2012 was an unforgettable year for most 1/4
  2. 2. and life will never quite be the same again.This was my first year home for Christmas in Mumbai since 1998. I’ve spent every Christmassince 1999 in NYC expect for the last one in Vermont — all pretty magical and eventful in theirown way. It’s been a long journey and it’s certainly good to be home, but I can’t help butreminisce on the years gone by.And as we head towards the Full moon in opposition to Pluto on Dec. 28, 2012, there isdefinitely a rising wave of nostalgia in the air.Today, Mars enters Aquarius and the Capricorn Sun squares Uranus in Aries. Also this FullMoon is triggering the Pluto-Uranus square, with Uranus at the apex of the T-square.It’s almost the end of the year but upcoming aspects suggest it isn’t over yet. 2012 is going outwith a bang and aspects in the following days suggest there may still be a few more fireworks,waterworks and surprises to deal with. Just remember to take a deep breath before you react.There are certainly unpredictable developments unfolding over the days that follow triggeringdeep emotions or a situation that began to unfold between June and September 2012; and aglimpse into the wave of change peaking in about August 2013.But really this is a story that goes further back than just the recent past; offering a chance tobreak free of life-long patterns and live more authentically.Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbol for this degree is particularly insightful aswe try to grasp the message of this lunation:==“PHASE 98 (CANCER 8°): A GROUP OF RABBITS DRESSED IN HUMAN CLOTHES WALKAS IF ON PARADE.KEYNOTE: The tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth.This rather strange symbol points to what is essential in all first attempts at developingconsciousness and furthering and furthering one’s growth through association with those whohave already reached a superior evolutionary or mental level. Every seeker looks for an“Exemplar.” The religious mystic speaks of “the Imitation of Christ.” In Japan the music studentsits in front of his teacher playing an instrument, and carefully imitates his every gesture.At this third stage of the five-fold sequence we see at work the basic features at the start of allLEARNING PROCESSES. At the next stage we will watch a more advanced, more typicallyhuman quest for knowledge.”== 2/4
  3. 3. As human beings we are the most evolved life forms here on earth. So for us to “imitate” a“higher life form,” before responding to any situation it may be helpful to ask oneself — “Whatwould ‘God’ do? We are not perfect and we are certainly not God. We are human, but whenwe lose our humanity, then we have nothing — then we are animals. And this especiallyresonates with the gruesome events that seem to be unfolding over the world, demanding thatwe take a close look at our laws and this so called civilized society we’ve built.The Sun in Capricorn, symbolizing the most evolved manifestation of earthly energy, thequestion is how we do become the best human beings we can be? And “best” defined not bythe external conditioning of society, this world, culture, parents, upbringing, religion, scriptures,authority figures, ideas about success or failure but by an inner core awareness and reality. Asmuch as this is an evolutionary, growth and learning process this is also a process of unlearningof surface conditioning.With the Moon in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, as one goes through the almost obsessiveemotions that are undoubtedly rising, it’s important to release them consciously. Especially theheavier ones of sadness, pain, resentment, bitterness. Only then can we stand to learn theunderlying reality and respond constructively rather than destructively.This Full Moon is also trine Saturn, with Saturn forming a sextile to the Sun-Pluto conjunction.This suggesting there can be grounding, transformation and solid change if we are willing tomake the effort. The aspects and Sabian Symbol are a reminder that no matter how evolved weget as a species, underneath the fancy clothes, the airs of sophistication or hardenedpsychological protective shell — we are soft like “bunnies” on the inside. We are living,breathing, sentient, sensitive, human beings with a deep capacity to feel — and be deeply hurt.Feelings are never right or wrong, they are real but they are not “reality.”Uranus at the T-square of this lunation is pushing boundaries but asking that we find an innerbalance before we react impulsively adding to the insanity.As the Sun approaches a conjunction to Pluto on this is calling a confrontation of thesubconscious darker aspects of ones nature and becoming aware of ones subconsciousmotivations. In responding consciously with self-awareness we can reach important personalbreakthroughs allowing one to break free of past patterns.As I look ahead, 2013 is ushering in a great wave of change.And this Full Moon is offering a glimpse into the energy of the coming year. This is a chance towipe the slate clean of the past as we move into the future. Let go of emotional baggage (fromperhaps as far back as childhood), hungering for material success or fearing failure, or whateverit is that holds you back.Then you can be all you were born to be and channel the great flow of abundance andprosperity that 2013 holds in store. 3/4
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