Creative Commons Business Models


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A brief introduction to business models based on creative commons.
___How business can
make more money by sharing___
___How creative commons can be promoted
through illustrating the business potential___

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Creative Commons Business Models

  1. 1. creative commons business models
  2. 2. How business can make more money by sharing How creative commons can be promoted through illustrating the business potential
  3. 3. Many companies are using: “The amazing power of the internet to spread”
  4. 4. ...and then monetize these ideas in other ways for a larger overall profit
  5. 5. 1 Why share....... 2 The business of sharing....... 3 Examples.......
  6. 6. Why share
  7. 7. Because It’s a practical way of sharing....
  8. 8. The musician...
  9. 9. .....that would like people to remix his music
  10. 10. Or...
  11. 11. The writer who wants people to share his book with their firends.....
  12. 12. That is good because.... lets everybody enjoy
  13. 13. ...and it fosters creativety and innovation for the good of society
  14. 14. The business of sharing
  15. 15. Sharing is fun, sharing makes you happy, sharing is good for society But sharing is also good for business
  16. 16. Today many industries are in trouble
  17. 17. Because with the internet you can now copy music, books movies etc. at virtually no cost Which hurts the traditional business models
  18. 18. We have all heard about the crisis in the recording industry
  19. 19. yet some businesses see it differently
  20. 20. They see the sharing ability of the internet as a good thing.... and use it to make a larger profit Sharing =
  21. 21. by sharing the mp3..
  22. 22. ...and selling the concert
  23. 23. or sharing the pdf...
  24. 24. ...and selling the lecture
  25. 25. Examples
  26. 26. Flat world Knowledge have textbooks freely available online. They make a profit from selling physical books, audio books, study guides ect.
  27. 27. Magnatunes let users listen online, and use the music for non profit and developing projects, using the CC licens Once a project becomes commercial or someone decides to download the music, they have to pay.
  28. 28. Nine Inch Nails let fans freely share the album Ghosts I-IV, using a Creative Commons license. They have made a profit from selling other products, like a $300 limited edition delux box set.
  29. 29. + many more
  30. 30. For more cases and tools
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