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How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent


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How to make homemade laundry detergent – in 5 minutes!

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How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent

  1. 1. How to Make Homemade Laundry DHow to Make Homemade Laundry Dhttp://5-minutes.net
  2. 2.  Making your ownMaking your ownlaundry detergent atlaundry detergent athome is one of thehome is one of thebest decisions you’llbest decisions you’llever makeever make.. It’s soIt’s somuch cheaper, it’smuch cheaper, it’schemicalchemical--free, thefree, theclothes will still smellclothes will still smellgreat, and they willgreat, and they willlast longerlast longer
  3. 3. You will not only save a lot ofYou will not only save a lot ofmoney and keep your clothes formoney and keep your clothes forlonger, but feel the amazinglonger, but feel the amazingbenefits on you and your family’sbenefits on you and your family’sskin too.
  4. 4. What You’ll NeedWhat You’ll Need1 cup1 cup boraxborax1 cup1 cup washing sodawashing soda1 bar of soap (Recommended:1 bar of soap (Recommended:FelsFels NapthNapthaa oror Ivory soapIvory soap))
  5. 5. ToolsToolsGraterGraterBowlBowlStirring spoonStirring spoon1 cup measure-er1 cup measure-er
  6. 6. Step #1Step #1 Grate the bar ofGrate the bar ofsoap into a bowlsoap into a bowl Time: 2 minutesTime: 2 minutes
  7. 7. Step #2Step #2 Pour in one cupPour in one cupof Boraxof Borax Time: 5Time: 5seconds.seconds.
  8. 8. Step #3Step #3Add 1 cup of washing sodaAdd 1 cup of washing soda..Time: 5 secondsTime: 5 seconds
  9. 9. Step #4Step #4 Mix the ingredients until the soapMix the ingredients until the soapflakes break and the while thing looksflakes break and the while thing lookslike, well, laundry detergentlike, well, laundry detergent..Total time to homemade laundryTotal time to homemade laundrydetergent – 4 minutes.detergent – 4 minutes.How awesome is that?How awesome is that?
  10. 10.  You can keep it in a bowl, or inYou can keep it in a bowl, or inTupperware, or anything else that’sTupperware, or anything else that’scomfortable to youcomfortable to you.. By the way, if your clothes have strongBy the way, if your clothes have strongodors you can add a scoop of baking sodaodors you can add a scoop of baking sodato every load, it takes out the strongests ofto every load, it takes out the strongests ofsmells with no problem.smells with no problem.
  11. 11. Dive DeeperDive Deeper If you are interested inIf you are interested indetoxifying your home,detoxifying your home,making your ownmaking your owncleaning products is acleaning products is agreat way to startgreat way to start..DIYNatural’s guideDIYNatural’s guide(link!) has everything from(link!) has everything frombathroom cleaners tobathroom cleaners tolaundry detergent to airlaundry detergent to airfresheners, and it’s all sofresheners, and it’s all sosimple and fun to make.simple and fun to make.