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Swedbank corporate presentation, October 25 2016

Swedbank corporate presentation, Q3 2016

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Swedbank corporate presentation, October 25 2016

  1. 1. This is Swedbank October 25, 2016
  2. 2. Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are our home markets 16 million inhabitants 7.2 million private customers 640,000 corporate customers 14,000 employees 400 branches ©Swedbank 3
  3. 3. Our global presence ©Swedbank 4 Sweden Norway Denmark Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg USA South Africa China Home markets Other markets
  4. 4. ©Swedbank 5 Lending, SEK billion (Sept 30, 2016) 1439 Operating profit, SEK million (July-Sept 2016) 6 034 Deposits, SEK billion (Sept 30, 2016) 865 Return on equity (July-Sept, 2016) 15,8% Swedbank in figures
  5. 5. We enable people, businesses and society to grow. Vision Open Simple Caring Values Purpose We encourage a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses. Who we are
  6. 6. We started in1820, as Sweden’s first savings bank. Our purpose was to combat poverty and to encourage ordinary people to save for a better future. Once upon a time… 1820 1915 1991 1992 1995 1997 2005 2006 20071994 2014 Jordbrukskassan Föreningsbanken Sparbanken Sverige IPO Föreningsbanken Föreningssparbanken IPO Sparbanken Sverige Hansabank Swedbank TAZ - Kommerzbank Sparbanken Öresund
  7. 7. With a focus on social, economic and environmental sustainability. Our engagement in society continues
  8. 8. We get involved where our customers are (examples) Against bullying In Sweden, we collaborate with the Friends Foundation (Stiftelsen Friends), to prevent bullying among children. Introduction to business life In Lithuania, we have Who Needs It?!, an initiative that strengthens the collaboration between schools and businesses. In Sweden, we collaborate with Young Enterprise (Ung Företagsamhet), which trains high- school students in entrepreneurship. . Football A partner to the Swedish Football Association. Local associations We have a strong and extensive involvement in local community associations. Internships Through Young Jobs (Unga Jobb) we help arrange internships for young people. Through A Job at Last (Äntligen Jobb) we help arrange internships for academics born abroad. Both initiatives are based in Sweden. The environment We were certified according to ISO 14001 back in 2003 – as the first listed Nordic bank.Portal for donations In Estonia, we contribute funding and expertise to I Love to Help, a portal for donations to around 40 charities. Support for future teachers Through the programme Mission Possible we help talented students in Latvia to become inspiring teachers and future leaders. Teach private economy Through Young Economy (Ung Ekonomi) we teach private economy at Swedish schools.
  9. 9. Our employees • We invest in our employees’ development. • We create opportunities for internal mobility. • We work for equality and diversity. • We help our employees to find a balance between their job and private life. • Our goal is to have the industry’s best managers. ©Swedbank 10
  10. 10. The world is changing. And so are we.
  11. 11. Customers’ new needs New competitors Macro- economic developments New regulations
  12. 12. Customers’ new needs More and more customers are choosing to do their daily banking using a computer, smartphone or tablet. At the same time many customers want personal help, especially in cases that are a bit more complex. Our future: Customers should be able to handle all their daily banking digitally, but also be able to get personal, customized help at our branches. ©Swedbank 13
  13. 13. Macroeconomic developments Due to globalisation, both we and our customers are increasingly affected by what happens in the world. Demographic changes such as urbanization and population growth are creating new business opportunities. Low inflation has resulted in an expansive monetary policy and low interest rates. Our customers are taking greater risks and bigger loans. Our future: To remain a strong, relevant bank, we need to constantly adapt to the changes around us. ©Swedbank 14
  14. 14. Macroeconomics – current situation (Oct 2016) We see risks in both the global and the Swedish economy. Interest rates will remain low, which is a challenge to our profitability. Political developments are in the foreground for the coming year. We have the Brexit process and important elections in the United States, France and Germany. The Swedish economy is booming, but we believe a slowdown is coming. ©Swedbank 15
  15. 15. ©Swedbank 16 New competitors Our competitors are both global banks and companies that are operating outside the traditional banking sector. Our future: We must make it even easier to manage daily banking digitally. And we must become even better at transforming customer data into customer insights, in order to provide tailor-made services and products.
  16. 16. In the past few years, several new regulations have been introduced, nationally as well as within EU and globally. The regulations aim to increase financial stability and to protect consumers. Our future: The new regulations will increase our costs and put pressure on our profits. Nevertheless, we welcome these regulations as they contribute to increased stability. As a matter of fact, Swedbank is one of Europe’s best capitalized banks. 17 New regulations ©Swedbank
  17. 17. MiFID II EU directive that regulates trading with securities and aims to improve investor protection. Basel III International regulation that has tightened the requirements for banks’ capital adequacy ratio and reporting. Aims to prevent future financial bubbles and crashes. PSD2 EU directive that aims to create clear rules for third-party services in the banking market. It also establishes rules for common security standards. 18©Swedbank Examples of new regulations
  18. 18. We are a part of our customer’s day – throughout their life.
  19. 19. Our private customers Has her own savings account Planning to buy a new car Saving for his retirement Recently bought a summer cottage Saving for a trip around the world Stock trader
  20. 20. Our private customers Almost half of the population in our home markets are Swedbank customers! Here are a few of the things we help them with: • Loans & mortgages • Savings & investments • Payment services • Pension and insurance • Private banking ©Swedbank 21
  21. 21. ©Swedbank 22 Our corporate customers Wants to start a company Needs to hire staff On her way to the stock exchange Wants to sell his company Dreams about retirement Needs more capital
  22. 22. Our corporate customers In a company anything can happen. To be able to help our customers in every possible scenario, we offer expertise in the following areas: • Pensions & insurance • Financing • Risk management • E-services • Cash management • Asset management • International business • Taxes & legal services • Transfer of ownership • Business management • Investment • Property management ©Swedbank 23
  23. 23. There are many ways to Swedbank Digital services Via smartphone, tablet or computer E-mail Phone Social media 400 branches Customer