The chaplain's Report: The Transfiguration


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The chaplain's Report: The Transfiguration

  1. 1. ­ m a r C h 2 0 1 2 f v o l u m e 4 f n u m b e r 3 f w w w. k o f C . o r g / C h a P l a i n s CHAPLAIN’S KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS In service to One. In service to all. report learning the faith, living the faith f 1 Columbus Plaza, new haven, Ct 06510-3326, usa The Transfiguration Supreme Chaplain Offers Mass at In contemplating Christ’s majesty Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life shining through his humanity, Knights involved in many facets of March for Life we see a vision of future glory ishop William E. Lori as principal B celebrant and homilist Mass Jan. 21 as part of the 13th annual Cardinal O’Connor On Jan. 22, the continued with a keynote address from conference Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Conference on Life held at Georgetown of Philadelphia. Bishop University prior to the 39th annual March “The task you need to take home with William E. Lori for Life. you today is this, never give up the struggle Supreme Chaplain “It is not enough for us to be pro-life that the March for Life embodies,” intellectually and politically,” Bishop Lori said Archbishop Chaput told the conference in his homily during the Saturday evening attendees. “No matter how long it takes; no Mass. “We must embrace the Gospel of Life matter how many times you march — it n the second Sunday of Lent, as the O Church prepares by prayer, penance and charity for the solemn commemoration in the depth of our souls in such a way that it continually transforms us: bringing us to our knees in repentance for our own failures matters, eternally. Because of you, some young woman will choose life, and that new life will have the love of God forever.” of Christ’s death and resurrection, a Gospel against human dignity; filling us with joy and Several members of Congress participated account of the Transfiguration is proclaimed gratitude for God’s gift of human life; in a panel discussion during the conference. (see Mt 17:1-9; Mk 9:2-10; Lk 9:28b-36). permeating our minds and hearts with Across town, the Supreme Council hosted Even though we are in the midst of a somber bedrock convictions, born of faith and reason, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ an- about the inviolable dignity of human life at nual “Pro-Life Leadership Mass” at the Blessed season of repentance and self-denial, we find every stage,” Bishop Lori said in his homily. John Paul II Shrine for the leaders of ourselves gazing upon the Lord’s splendor, The conference has been held at pro-life groups. In addition, the “You and Me” which he revealed atop Mount Tabor to Peter, Georgetown University since 2000 as a pro-life exhibition created by the Sisters of James and John, in the presence of Moses and vehicle to connect and educate college and Life was featured at the shrine and was viewed Elijah. As we meditate on this Gospel scene, high school students from around the country by hundreds of people throughout the week- we begin to share something of the wonder during the days prior to the annual March for end. that the Apostles experienced as they saw a Life in Washington, D.C. The conference was Knights from the District of Columbia glimpse of God’s hidden glory and heard the named for the late Archbishop of New York, served as ushers during the Mass opening the voice of the Father proclaim Jesus as his His Eminence John Cardinal O’Connor, a National Prayer Vigil for Life on Sunday beloved Son. Georgetown alumnus, in recognition of his evening at the Basilica of the National Shrine dedication to defending the sacredness of all of the Immaculate Conception. They also FROM DEATH TO GLORY human life. helped assemble and distribute thousands of The annual conference is co-sponsored by “Defend Life” signs that are carried by The preface for the second Sunday of Georgetown University Council 6375. participants in the march. Lent explains why we are presented with such a scene amid a penitential season: “For after he had told the disciples of his coming Death, on the holy mountain he manifested to them his glory, to show, even by the testimony of the law and the prophets, that the Passion leads to the glory of the Resurrection.” Lent should not be viewed as a punishment, but rather as a gift from the Lord, a season when we open our hearts to the ultimate gift of love. The purpose of Lent is not merely to overcome a few bad habits, but to allow ourselves “to be led to that SEE TRANSFIGURATION, PAGE 2 Supreme Chaplain Bishop Lori of Bridgeport Archbishop Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., of Philadelphia Visit to sign up to receive future issues of this newsletter via e-mail. Previous issues are also archived at this site.
  2. 2. TRANSFIGURATION FROM PAGE 1 glory of the Trinity’s self-giving love poured out upon the world. Thisfullness of grace which God the Father bestows upon his sons and same love is lavished upon us in the Word of God and the sacraments.daughters” (see Preface I, Lent). By gazing upon “the glory of God It is the love that we sense in the lives of the saints and in those whoshining on the face of Christ” (2 Cor 4:6), we see that by sharing in the strive in God’s grace to bear witness to the truth of the Gospel. It enablesPaschal Mystery, we die to our sins and become capable of reflecting us to love God above all things and to love our neighbor as God lovesGod’s glory in our humanity. Even in this life, we can begin to share in us. When our lives are immersed in divine love and shaped by it, we alsothe grace of Christ’s resurrection. gleam with some of God’s glory! To paraphrase St. Paul, we glorify God The presence of Moses and Elijah signaled to the Apostles that Jesus in our bodies (see 1 Cor 6:20).was the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. Yet, Jesus knew that the Blessed John Paul II understood that it is not enough for us to re-way in which this fulfillment would come about — namely, through his call the Transfiguration only twice a year. He wrote about it often. Forpassion and death — would shake the faith of even his closest example, he spoke of those who follow the evangelical counsels offollowers. He also knew that his resurrection would astonish them chastity, poverty and obedience as leading “transfigured lives capable ofbeyond anything they could imagine. amazing the world” (see Vita Consecrata, 20). Not surprisingly, the In his Transfiguration, Jesus made an enduring impression on the Transfiguration is of central importance to the luminous mysteries ofminds and hearts of Peter, James and John. John writes in his Gospel: the rosary. In his apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, John Paul II“We beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten Son of the Father” called it “the mystery of light par excellence” (21).(Jn 1:14). And Peter writes: “We had been eyewitnesses of his majesty. Although the Blessed Virgin Mary was not present at theFor he received honor and glory from the Father when that unique Transfiguration, she helps us contemplate the transfigured face of Christ.declaration came to him from majestic glory, ‘This is my Son, my After all, no one listened more attentively to the voice of her son didbeloved, in whom I am well pleased.’ We ourselves heard this voice come than Mary. No one lived the Beatitudes more completely, fulfilled thefrom heaven while we were with him on the holy mountain.” (2 Pet vocation to love more fully, or shared more totally in the mystery of the1:16-18). cross and the glory of the Resurrection. Sinless from the moment of herLOVE OUTPOURED conception and attuned to God’s saving will even amid suffering, Mary Since the Transfiguration played a foundational role in the Apostles’ led a transfigured life that continues to amaze the world: All generationsfaith and in the entire pattern of Christian life, the Church sets aside a call her blessed (see Lk 1:48). May the glorious Virgin Mother of Godspecial day, Aug. 6, to celebrate this mystery. By contemplating the lead us to share in and reflect the glory of God shining on the faceglorified humanity of Christ, we sense the tremendousness of our of her son!baptismal vocation. The glory that Jesus revealed on Mount Tabor is the Plan Now: World Day of Prayer for Vocations upport for vocations has always been a priority for the • Promote a “Vocations Day” event such as aS Knights of Columbus, and observance of the WorldDay of Prayer for Vocations is one way we can encourage vocations’ fair, a presentation by various seminarians, postulants and/or young religious, orpeople to answer the call to priesthood and religious life. a drive to raise funds for a needy seminarian or By supporting and praying for those who answer religious.God’s call to priesthood and to a life of consecrated • Make the Order’s scholarship and student loanpoverty, chastity and obedience, we serve as a much- information available to seminarians andneeded resource enabling them to continue their voca- postulants.tional discernment. One way to support these men and • Sponsor a trip for local youth groups to a nearbywomen is to stand with the entire Church and celebrate seminary or religious house to explore the idea ofthe day dedicated to religious vocations throughout the priesthood or religious • Pray for the Lord to prompt young people’s hearts Encourage your fellow council members to join to respond to His call to a priestly or religiousCatholics from every nation in observing the World Day vocation at the beginning and end of your councilof Prayer for Vocations on Sunday, April 29, in a varietyof ways. Here are some suggestions for your council or Sunday, andassembly meetings. • Design an ad for vocations and place it in yourassembly to consider: parish bulletin or local newspaper. • Invite seminarians, postulants and young religious to your council or assembly’s community events or April 29th • Hold an open house within your council for families and friends of your parish with a vocations social gatherings as guests of honor, and ask them to theme. speak and give witness to their lives of dedicating • Schedule a retreat for those contemplating a themselves fully to the service of God and neighbor. priestly or religious vocation. Retreats often enable Continue the event with an appreciation dinner to an individual to recognize his or her vocation. honor your guests.M E M B E R S H I P I N T H E K N I G HT S O F C O LUM B U S is open to men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing)Catholics in union with the Holy See. This means that an applicant or member accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing in the Catholic Church.
  3. 3. F ROM THE D IRECTOR ’ S D ESK ‘10 Keys to Success CIS Booklet: as a Chaplain’ Jesus Christ: Know the Workings of the Order Lesson 5 by reading Columbia magazine, Father John P. Chaplain’s Report and Knightline, and by visiting Grace, O.S.A. Some of our chaplains have made the Director of Chaplain effort to acquire this working knowledge of Programs & Development the Order’s operation, even at all levels. The best way to accomplish this is by attending meetings other than just the local council ast month, we began to look at the 10 meetings. These might include the assembly,L Keys to Success as a Chaplain (#4940) in aneffort to stimulate some ideas, and maybe the diocesan gathering (or chapter), and the state convention. This is also an opportunityraise a few questions, or even a few to meet other chaplains and to compare notesobjections. The 10 Keys are suggestions and with them. New and helpful ideas emergenot mandates, but we do hope they will be from such gatherings.taken seriously. They should help all of us to Monthly council meetings have presentedhave a commonpurpose and assist us to focus challenges for some chaplains. We are all tooon how we can fit-in as chaplains within a lay well aware of the demands on parish priests tofraternal organization. attend the meetings of every church We have been blessed with many, many organization.outstanding chaplains who have made Asking him to take part in the Knightswonderful contributions to the Order, and we meeting every month seems an addedare indebted to their spiritual burden. At the Supremeimpact over the years. Our hope is Convention last August athat providing these ideas will help resolution was passed to helpmany chaplains who just do not minimize the problem. I haveknow where to begin, especially printed the complete Resolution Jesus has been the subject ofthose who have recently joined the and a short explanation in the discussion and debate among people forranks or those who wish to September issue of this newsletter. thousands of years. The Wikipedia articleestablish a new council where the Here I will quote once again theKnights have never had a presence. final statement: on Jesus is the fourth most revised articleSome chaplains may be wondering FURTHER RESOLVED, that on that site, which is evidence of thewhere they are going to get the time we call upon our brother Knights to passionate debate that surrounds do justice to such a willing group recognize and accommodate the time Catholics believe that their Church isof laymen, while others may feel commitments of our beloved priests founded by Jesus and faithfully reveresomewhat lost and unsure of how by allowing the Council Chaplain toto begin. provide his message at the beginning everything that Jesus taught. But thereYes, there are a lot of questions, and of the meeting, as described above, or are some tough questions about Him:at times too few answers. So it may seem. We at any other time during the meeting as may best How can He be both God and man ofmay not have a complete plan as yet, but we fit the schedule of the Chaplain. God? Why do Catholics have faith in hisare well on the path to formulating it. Believe More needs to be said about this secondme, we have a magnificent array of willing key, so I hope to continue on this topic next divinity? Why did God become man? Thisparticipants. It istime to stand on the world month. booklet offers insight into some of thesestage and coordinate our efforts. and other topics. Produced by the Order’sLet us move on to the second of the 10 Keys: God bless and keep you all. Catholic Information Service (CIS), thisAcquire a working knowledge of the booklet is part of the Luke E. Hart SeriesOrder’s operation at all levels. Rev. John P. Grace, O.S.A. • Try to be present at all of your council’s Director of Chaplain Programs based on the Catechism of the Catholic meetings, and take the opportunity to and Development Church. To obtain free copies of this and get to know the officers and members. other booklets, or to listen to MP3 format • Make a point of comparing notes with (203) 752-4263 presentations, visit Request other K of C chaplains in your area and share good ideas. Copies of 10 Keys to Success as a Chaplain printed copies by writing: CIS, PO Box • Consider attending your state (#4940) can be ordered from the Supreme 1971, New Haven, CT 06521-1971 convention or other statewide K of C Council Supply Department by using a meetings. Requisition Form (#1) • Stay current with the Order’s initiatives
  4. 4. CHAPLAIN’S report 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510-3326 Survey Finds Unity among Americans on Abortion Restrictions Nearly 8 in 10 advocate significant restrictions on abortion s the United States marked the 39th anniversary of the Supreme survey moves beyond the labels of pro-life and pro-choice, we see aA Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, a new survey was released showing thatthe vast majority of Americans support significant abortion restrictions. fundamental unity among Americans in favor of significant abortion restrictions.” The Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll found that 79 percent of In addition, the survey found that most Americans (84 percent)Americans say that they would not allow abortion after the first three believe that laws can protect both the life of the unborn and the health andmonths of pregnancy. Fifty-one percent would only allow abortion — at well-being of women. That number was consistent with — and slightlymost — in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother — or higher than — findings two years ago when the number who said bothwould not allow it at all. The numbers have held up over time as well and could be protected was 81 percent.are almost unchanged from two years ago. The questions on abortion were part of a broader survey, which will be “Almost four decades after the Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade released in February.and Doe v. Bolton, which resulted in the almost totally unrestricted This report details the findings from a telephone survey of 1,053 adultsabortion regime of today, these decisions continue to be out of step with residing in the continental United States. Data were collected fromthe vast majority of Americans,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. December 15, 2011, through December 27, 2011, using an online,“Far from being settled law, the inadequacy of the Court’s reasoning on probability-based panel from Knowledge Networks, Inc. Reports forabortion in Roe and Doe is readily apparent to most Americans. Once a adults have a margin of error within +/- 3 percentage points. Knights March for Life embers of the Knights of Columbus from the District of from the State, and that governments are accountable to a higherM Columbia area and throughout the country were among the thousands who braved rainy cold weather to participate in the 39th March authority, identified by our Founding Fathers as ‘Nature and Nature’s God.’ President John F. Kennedy eloquently summarized our commonfor Life in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 23. At the beginning of the event belief in his Inaugural Address, saying ‘the rights of man come not fromSupreme Advocate John Marrella (photo to below) offered remarks and led the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.’ By coming tothe marchers in the Pledge of Allegiance during a rally on the Washington today, all of you are bearing witness to the truth about theNational Mall. dignity of the human person and each person’s God-given right to life.” “Before we begin, I’d like to Walking under the Order’s reflect on two very important banner, college Knights (photo words in the Pledge of to right) from throughout the Allegiance: under God,” Mar- country also participated in the rella said. “These two words re- event. The annual march flect the idea, held by our marks the anniversary of the Founding Fathers and under- Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. stood by most Americans for Wade decision legalizing most of our history, that our abortion. rights come from God, not P UBLISHED 12 TIMES A YEAR BY THE K NIGHTS OF C OLUMBUS S UPREME C OUNCIL 1 C OLUMBUS P LAZA , N EW H AVEN , CT 06510-3326 f 203-752-4264 f KNIGHTLINE @ KOFC . ORG