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Proclaiming the Mysteries
of the Kingdom

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Chaplain's Report

  1. 1. ­ f e b r u a rY 2 0 1 2 f v o l u m e 4 f n u m b e r 2 f w w w. k o f C . o r g / C h a P l a i n s CHAPLAIN’S KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS In Service to One. In Service to All. report learning the faith, living the faith f 1 Columbus Plaza, new haven, Ct 06510-3326, usa Proclaiming the Mysteries Celebration Honoring Our Lady of of the Kingdom Guadalupe Set for L.A. Coliseum in August At the heart of the Gospel, we encounter Jesus, his mission and his message Event will feature prayer, music and speakers honoring Our When Jesus began his public ministry, preaching the Good News, people stopped Lady of Guadalupe Bishop and listened. He did not seek to dazzle his William E. Lori he Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will Supreme Chaplain listeners with knowledge or impress them with subtle arguments. Rather, his identity and his T play host to a massive “Guadalupe Celebration” on Aug. 5, co-sponsored by the message were one in the same. There is no gap between who Jesus is and what he taught. St. Order and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Mark’s Gospel brings this point home clearly: The event will feature prayer, music, and hose who saw and heard Blessed Mother speakers honoring of Our Lady of Guadalupe, T Teresa of Kolkata speak were touched by her words. She didn’t use jargon or try to be “The people were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority the Patroness of the Americas. The celebration will bring together tens of and not as the scribes” (1:22). The people’s original. Her message was simple, straight astonishment knew no bounds when Jesus thousands of Catholics from across the from the Gospel. When she spoke, we paid proceeded to heal a man with an unclean ethnically diverse five-million member attention. Many others preach and teach a spirit who called out from the crowd. “What archdiocese, as well as faithful from other areas similar message but without much effect. So is this?” they asked. “A new teaching with of southern California and beyond. what is the difference? The answer can be authority! He commands even the unclean “We are pleased to be able to cosponsor this summarized in two words: her life. Mother spirits and they obey him” (Mk 1:27; see also event with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles,” Teresa didn’t just teach the Gospel; she lived it Mt 7:29). said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “We through her religious consecration, her prayer strongly believe that Our Lady of Guadalupe and her service to the poor. Her words and her THE BEATITUDES: has an important message to share with all of life fit together. A PORTRAIT OF CHRIST us and has an important role to play in The awe and comments regarding Jesus’ unifying the faithful of this hemisphere. The authority amounted to a premonition about Guadalupe Celebration will be an his identity. People sensed, at least to some opportunity for us to bring Our Lady’s degree, that they were in the presence of the message to a large audience joined together in incarnate Word of God. Pope Benedict XVI prayer and celebrating the great gift she has explains, “Now the word is not simply given this hemisphere.” audible; not only does it have a voice, now the In 2009 Anderson coauthored the New word has a face, that of Jesus of Nazareth” York Times’s bestseller Our Lady of Guadalupe: (Verbum Domini, 12). Mother of the Civilization of Love, with Jesus’ words resonated in people’s hearts Monsignor Eduardo Chávez, who oversaw the like none they had ever heard before, and signs Cause for Canonization of St. Juan Diego. and wonders often accompanied the truth and Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, beauty of those words. Jesus possessed not Supreme Knight Anderson and Monsignor only intellectual and moral authority, but also Chávez will be featured speakers at the event authority over nature and even over sin. His in August. miracles were no sleight of hand, but a beam “At certain times, the Church gathers of light illuminating his announcement that together for an event that provides the the kingdom of God was truly at hand. opportunity for the expression of faith in a A church window depicts Jesus giving his Sermon Nowhere in the Gospels is the content of very public way,” said Archbishop Gomez. “In on the Mount, which begins with the Beatitudes. Jesus’ preaching more concentrated than the this celebration we will renew our devotion to (CNS photo from Crosiers) SEE Mysteries, PAGE 2 SEE Guadalupe, PAGE 2 Visit to sign up to receive future issues of this newsletter via e-mail. Previous issues are also archived at this site.
  2. 2. Mysteries, FROM PAGE 1 Guadalupe, FROM PAGE 1 The Order’s devotion to Our Lady ofSermon on the Mount, in which he gave the Beatitudes (see Our Lady of Guadalupe and our Guadalupe reached a milestone with theMt 5:1-12; Lk 6:20-23). Here, Jesus unlocks for us the commitment to continue the process of chartering of the first Mexican councilsecret of true and lasting joy, which is a fruit of the Holy evangelization that she began on this as the “Guadalupe Council” in MexicoSpirit. Happiness does not consist in being rich, powerful, continent nearly 500 years ago.” City in 1905. Since then, the Knightssated with pleasure or an ability always to escape criticism. Both the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have done much to spread Our Lady’sRather, it has to do with being poor in spirit, in mourning, and the Knights of Columbus have a message, including co-sponsoring a being meek, in hungering and thirsting for holiness, in history tied to Our Lady of Guadalupe. tour of the Archdiocese’s tilma relic inbeing merciful and clean of heart, and in being a Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to 2003. The Knights also held the first-peacemaker. St. Juan Diego — a Native American ever International Marian Congress in In his book Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict describes living in Mexico — in 1531. She left her 2009 in Phoenix, Ariz., whichthe Beatitudes as “a sort of veiled interior biography of Jesus, image, miraculously imprinted on his concluded with the 22,000-persona kind of portrait of his figure. He who has no place to lay cloak, or tilma. Today, the tilma is Guadalupe Festival.his head (cf. Mt. 8:20) is truly poor; he who can say, ‘Come enshrined in Mexico City’s basilica, at The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is theto me … for I am meek and lowly in heart’ (cf. Mt. 11:28- the site of the Blessed Mother’s largest Catholic archdiocese in the29) is truly meek; he is the one who is pure of heart and apparition on Tepeyac Hill. It is the United States with more than fiveunceasingly beholds God. He is the peacemaker, the one most visited shrine in the Western million Catholics. The diocese waswho suffers for God’s sake” (74). When Jesus proclaimed Hemisphere. established in 1840, and was created anthe kingdom, he invited people to turn to him and to be Los Angeles’ Cathedral of Our Lady archbishopric in 1936. Archbishop Josémolded into living images of the Father’s glory. of the Angels is home to the only relic Gómez is the fifth Archbishop of Los of St. Juan Diego’s tilma in the United Angeles. There are a total of 287 parishesTHE NEW EVANGELIZATION States. The archdiocese has also been located in 120 cities throughout the In his first encyclical, Pope Benedict wrote that home to several large-scale Marian Archdiocese.becoming Christian is not “an ethical choice or a lofty idea, events, including 2007’s Rosary Bowl in For more information on thebut the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life Pasadena, which drew more than Guadalupe Celebration visita new horizon and a definitive direction” (Deus Caritas 40,000, and the annual Archdiocesan, 1). Procession and Mass in honor of Our Once we truly encounter the person of Christ in faith, Lady of Guadalupe in East Los Angeles,repentance and prayer — and once his word has penetrated which draws 25,000.the depths of our hearts — we are changed. A new strengthhelps to overcome temptation, and through the Holy Spiritwe receive a new joy, integrity and light in our daily livesthat attracts others to Christ and to the Church. We findthat we, too, have something of the “authority” that causedthe crowds to put their trust in Jesus. Central to the pontificates of Blessed John Paul II andPope Benedict XVI is the new evangelization. This doesn’tmean inventing a new Gospel to suit the spirit of the times,but rather the fresh proclamation of the Gospel today sothat we may open our hearts to Christ and work to build aworld that reflects his love more clearly. More thananything else, the new evangelization depends uponwitnesses — those who, like Mother Teresa, havenencountered Christ and have loved him in others such thatthey can bear personal witness to the Gospel by their lives.When we live the Gospel that we teach, people are morelikely to pay attention. As we meditate on the third luminous mystery, we turnto Mary, who, more than any other human person,embodied the truth and the love of the Gospel. She is the“Star of the New Evangelization,” and through her prayers,we can open our hearts more fully to Christ and find thecourage to be those witnesses the world needs.M E M B E R S H I P I N T H E K N I G HT S O F C O LUM B U S is open to men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing)Catholics in union with the Holy See. This means that an applicant or member accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing in the Catholic Church.
  3. 3. F ROM THE D IRECTOR ’ S D ESK Posada Celebrated on New Haven Green ‘10 Keys to Success The New Haven Green was the site of a Posada celebration, a popular Hispanic Christmas tradition, on Tuesday, Dec. 20, when hundreds of area residents took part in the event as a Chaplain’ sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. A Posada is a traditional, family-oriented Christmas celebration popular in Latin American Knights just another charitable organization, culture. Combining Bible readings and dramatic Father John P. involved in social activities? I believe that the reenactment, the Posada (Spanish term for “inn”) recounts the story of the first Knights are not just another charitable group. Grace, O.S.A. The very fact that the Order has been Christmas. In New Haven, participants made Director of Chaplain continually expanding since it was founded by their way in procession with the characters of Programs & Development Mary and Joseph as they traveled — across the Father Michael J. McGivney in 1882, speaks for itself. The reason why may be described in Green — on their journey to “Bethlehem.” these words taken from the Chaplain’s Supreme Advocate John Marrella acted as the uring the last few years, a number of narrator for the English portions of the program.D pamphlets have been printed by theKnights of Columbus Supreme Council Handbook: “as the program of the Order has been expanded to meet the particular needs, its history is filled with examples of Al Cala, director of Hispanic Growth, acted as narrator for the Spanish portions of the celebration.headquarters staff under the general heading outstanding contributions to Church, stateof “10 Keys to Success” or “10 Steps to and community. Whenever and whereverSuccess.” These are offered as a there is a need for the strengthhelp for state deputies or grand available in an organized body ofknights and others to focus on loyal Catholic laymen, thesome of the more important Knights of Columbus — by theaspects of the specific office in very nature of the organization —question. is able to respond quickly and Last year, the “10 Keys to efficiently.”Success as a Chaplain” (#4940) Are there misgivings? Are therewas also offered to every Knights misunderstandings? Have thereof Columbus state and council been disappointments? Havechaplain. This pamphlet has also there been problems in somebeen translated into French, parishes? Yes, to all of theseSpanish and Polish. We’ve because we are, after all, a humanmentioned this in previous issues organization. But, surely theof the Chaplain’s Report, and we chaplain can play a unique role inhave also spoken about it at this out-of-the-ordinary laychaplains meetings. Like any fraternal organization. A phrase I CIS Booklet:other material that emanates have been using is: “If you get thefrom the Supreme Office, chaplain, you get the council.” Freedom to Flourishpractical use needs to be made of it. The booklet, That is why we maintain in this first element Freedom to We can offer some suggestions here, but the of the “10 Keys” that the chaplain should Flourish, exploresmain impact will only become evident with “nourish the special role that the Knights of the Catholicpersonal familiarity with the items discussed in Columbus plays in the Church”; that he teaching on thethe brochure and in adapting these ideas to suit should “recognize that Knights take great pride intrinsic dignity oflocal needs and circumstances. in being ‘the strong arm of the Church’”; that each human Here is the first area covered in the “Keys” he should “encourage their charitable works”; being and thebrochure. that he should “encourage active threat to true • Nourish the special role that the Knights involvement….” freedom posed of Columbus plays in the Church as a lay No hard and fast rules can be laid down as by advocates of fraternal organization. to how this is to be implemented, except that physician- • Recognize that Knights take great pride it must all begin from our first principle, a s s i s t e d in being “the strong right arm of the Charity — love of God and love of our suicide and euthanasia. The booklet, part of the Church”. neighbor. Everything else flows from this, and Veritas Series, draws on history, Scripture and • Encourage their charitable work and the without it, we are just any other Tradition, including the insights of the Second way in which it helps Knights and their philanthropic group that does outstanding Vatican Council. A free copy may be families to live the Gospel. social works. downloaded in PDF format from the CIS Web • Encourage active involvement in the As chaplains, maybe this first of the Ten Keys site, For more information, spiritual and social life of the parish. could be discussed seriously with the council write: CIS, PO Box 1971, New Haven, CT Many organizations are involved in social members, both from the Chaplain’s viewpoint 06521-1971 or charitable works, some of them without and from the lay members’ standpoint. Do theaffiliation to any religious body. So, are the SEE Keys,PAGE 4
  4. 4. CHAPLAIN’S report 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510-3326 Day of Prayer for the Unborn Child ith the Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child soonW approaching on March 25, Knights have the opportunity to standup and speak out against the evil of abortion. The Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child was instituted as an addition to the Order’s commitment to build a culture that respects and protects every human life, from conception to natural death. For more All members of our Order are encouraged to hold a special prayer information on the Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child seeservice in council homes, meeting places or local parishes. the “community” section of celebrating the Day of the Unborn Child, councils are In addition, to further assist your pro-life activities, theencouraged to conduct a pro-life Mass or rosary service. Supreme Council offers the following materials (all of whichRemember to invite all members of the community, including are free of charge when ordered in reasonable quantities; therepublic officials and health care workers. Strength in numbers is only a shipping charge):gives others the courage to speak up and also lets the • The four-page, full-color “Winning Words of Life” flyercommunity know there is a group willing to help women in (#2275) offers responses to common abortioncrisis pregnancies. To plan a service, councils should: arguments. • Consult with your chaplain or the pastor of the local • The brochure “A People of Life — And for Life” (#4795) parish to establish a time and the kind of service (i.e. poster (#4804) with a similar design are available. rosary, Mass, etc); • “Pray the Rosary to End Abortion” poster (#2073) and prayer card • Ask the pastor to make a pulpit or bulletin announcement regarding (#2072). the program at all Masses the weekend prior to the event; • “Gospel of Life” poster (#4238) and prayer card (#4237E, F, or S) in • Send a notice to the local diocesan newspaper and secular media; English, French or Spanish. • Distribute Prayer for Life cards (#4665), available in reasonable quantities from the Supply Department.Keys, FROM PAGE 3 These are just a few thoughts to get us started on our journey throughchaplains actually recognize and promote what is of great pride to the the “10 Keys to Success as a Chaplain.” An honest discussion should proveOrder? Do the council members comply with this tenet, and are they, in to be interesting and helpful, and may the good Lord grant us this grace.fact, the strong right arm of the local Church in which their council is God bless and keep you all.situated? Are their charitable works consciously activated by the Gospel, and do Rev. John P. Grace, O.S.A.these activities give evidence of a better living out of Gospel values? Are the Director of Chaplain Programs and Developmentfamilies involved? Does the chaplain encourage such endeavors and help john.grace@kofc.orgthe members deepen their spirituality through the Knights of Columbus’ (203) 752-4263charitable works? Apart from their own Council charitable activities, are the members Copies of 10 Keys to Success as a Chaplain (#4940) can be ordered from theactively involved in the spiritual and social life of the parish? Does the Supreme Council Supply Department by using a Requisition Form (#1)Chaplain really encourage this? P UBLISHED 12 TIMES A YEAR BY THE K NIGHTS OF C OLUMBUS S UPREME C OUNCIL 1 C OLUMBUS P LAZA , N EW H AVEN , CT 06510-3326 f 203-752-4264 f KNIGHTLINE @ KOFC . ORG