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Effective use of powerpoint as a presentation tool


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Published in: Education
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Effective use of powerpoint as a presentation tool

  1. 1. *What is powerpoint ?Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentationsoftware developed by Microsoft. It is a standardcomponent of the companys Microsoft Office suitesoftware, and is bundled together with Word, Exceland other office productivity tools. The programuses slides to convey information rich inmultimedia. The term slide refers to the old slideprojector, which this software effectively replaces.
  2. 2. types of presentationprogram
  3. 3. *What is the role of powerpoint?* Powerpoint- is a software wherein you can make youreveryday lecture as a teacherthere are a lot of effects that you can do inpowerpoint to make your lecture more appealing
  4. 4. *How To Apply Powerpoint inTeaching* you can use powerpoint in presenting to meet the different types of teaching you can present different problems in more creative way you can show the first line first then .. proceeded by a Gif. type of pictures. or inserting some sound then after . in the next slide show the solutions by inserting animation
  5. 5. *Teaching Strategies
  6. 6. *Why Powerpoint?* As a part of the young generation , i can truly say that indeed it is more enticing and appealing for us to listen to certain lectures if there are some sort of entertainment . just like videos , effects and such.
  7. 7. * students tend to listen more attentively when they see media , a presentation that visualize the lesson that the teacher is discussing , students participate in the discussion with this way of teaching instead of teacher talking all day .
  8. 8. * And so , powerpoint is an effective tool for all the mentors ouut there coz it does not only entertain the students , it also help them see clearly all the vivid images in their minds through the visualization , with the use of powerpoint .
  9. 9. *Respectfully Submitted to :* Prof. Erwin M. Globio, MSIT