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Combining beauty and function

Humans have shown themselves s capable of great feats of innovation. They are able to come up with incredible things when given the opportunity. This is exemplified in how furniture has evolved with the years.

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Combining beauty and function

  1. 1. Combining Beauty And FunctionBauhaus Furniture Page 1
  2. 2. Humans have proven that they can do incredible acts ofinnovation. When given the chance, they are able to createincredible things. This is exemplified in how furniture hasevolved with the years. Before the 20th century, furniture waseither of the bulky, intricate kind or of the simple and crudetype. It was difficult to find a meeting ground.Then came along thee Bauhaus school of thought. Actually, it’svery interesting to look into the History of Bauhaus furniture.This is for the reason that one does not only find out about thedevelopment of furniture through the years but of people havedeveloped too. To visit here allows one to be able to see howman has changed with the years and this can be done whenone will click here. So what exactly is the Bauhaus school of thought? The design school Bauhaus was founded in Germany in 1919. The founder believed that designs must have relevance to society and ought to utilize moderntechnology and materials to be able to produce products thatare inexpensive for consumers.The History of Bauhaus furniture presents how furniture hasadapted with the passing of the years. People should visit herethe history to get a feel on how society’s mores has evolved.What is now popular in furniture and decorations are designsBauhaus Furniture Page 2
  3. 3. which are clean and simple. Click here to see examples ofthese.Perhaps the greatest contribution the Bauhaus school ofthought has made to modernity is the use of steel to frame furniture such as tables, chairs and lamps. The use of steel tubing fir furniture meant that mass producing was now easier because the designs were more simple. This meant that the cost of production was lowered which meant that the end product was made more affordable to consumers.Also, this was responsible for bringing about the modern look.The History of Bauhaus furniture show those who would visithere that its founders prioritized functionality in their works.What is meant here is that said works where primarilyfunctional and then artistic secondly. To see how this wasaccomplished click here. The Bauhaus school of thought wasan advocate for furniture that wouldn’t just be beautiful butwould as well be functional and give comfort to their users. Atthe end they were able to do so. This is an example to thelimitless potential of man.Bauhaus Furniture Page 3