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Presentatie Fred Lee


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Dit is een ingekorte versie van een presentatie van Fred Lee over zijn boek; \'If Disney ran your hospital\'

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Presentatie Fred Lee

  1. 1. Going From Good to Great In Patient Perceptions Fred Lee
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIf Disney ran your hospital you would…1. Focus on What Can’t be Measured2. Make Courtesy More Important Than Efficiency3. Regard Patient Satisfaction as Fool’s Gold4. Measure to Improve, not to Impress5. Decentralize the Authority to Say “yes”6. Change the Concept of Work from Service to Theater7. Harness the Motivating Power of Imagination8. Create a Climate of Dissatisfaction9. Cease Using Competitive Rewards to Motivate People10. Close the Gap Between Knowing and Doing
  3. 3. If Disney Ran YourHospital You Would... 1.Focus on What Can’t Be Measured
  4. 4. Measurement Outcomes PerceptionsClinical Financial Satisfaction Loyal Fan Good to Great No Complaints
  5. 5. On Measurement“Not all that can be counted, counts. And not all thatcounts can be counted.” -- Albert Einstein“The most important figures one needs for managementare unknown and unknowable…(invisible alsoused)…What is the value, for instance, of the multiplyingeffect of a happy customer and the opposite effect froman unhappy customer…(or the) Loss from inhibitors topride of workmanship?” -- W. Edwards Deming, Out of the Crisis, p. 122
  6. 6. You can’t manage perceptions in the same way you manage outcomes.Managing Outcomes Coaching PerceptionsObjective, Measurable Subjective, ImpressionsCreated by systems & teams Created by individualsMap and study process steps Take action -- just do it!Improve technical competence Inspire attitudes and behaviors“Zero defects” thinking “Best possible” thinkingReduce variation / standardize Increase variation / individualizeBased on what you do Based on what you sayEliminate carelessness Eliminate avoidance 80% of our PI scores 80% of our PS scores
  7. 7. If Disney Ran YourHospital You Would... 2. Make Courtesy More Important Than Efficiency
  8. 8. Paradox: Customer First is More Efficient unit efficiency first courtesy first internal focus external focus unresponsive responsivecompete for resources share resources Results in overall Results in overall organizational organizational inefficiency efficiency & teamwork
  9. 9. If Disney Ran YourHospital You Would...
  10. 10. Disney’s Quality Priorities 1. Safety 2. Courtesy 3. Show 4. Efficiency
  11. 11. Disney’s Elements of Guest Experience About our service? • Cast About guest experience? For the staff? • Setting For the guest? Efficiency first? • Process Courtesy first?
  12. 12. CAST Coaching: Key Driver in Patient Perceptions ManageCreate Coach
  13. 13. Disney’s Quality Priorities 1. Safety 2. Courtesy Hospitals 3. Show 4. EfficiencyWhat’s missing for patients? Internal customers?
  14. 14. What’s the greatest difference between our customer and Nordstrom’s?We’re not in the service business. The ways we aredifferent are greater than the ways we are the same.
  15. 15. Three enemies of caring Enemy This is about Enemy is not.. Is… CompassionIndifference What I Feel JudgingRudeness Courtesy Avoidance What I SayIncompetence Competence Carelessness What I Do Wilderness Lodge valets
  16. 16. Our Service Or Their Experience?Service paradigm OR Experience paradigm Depends on the emotional needs of the patient. No Pain High anxiety Low anxiety PainCourtesy CompassionWhat you say What you feelNo clinical effect Clinical effect
  17. 17. Fred Lee / CSP GroepFocus Activiteiten• Patiënt perceptie • Speeches – Van Goed naar Excellent • Seminars• Loyaliteit • Masterclasses – Patiënten & medewerkers • Workshops• Reputatie als fundament • ConsultancyInformatie Contact in Nederland• • Frits van den Assem• – +31(0)6 53 15 05 84