Prezly — make your PR team rock


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Introduction to our PR service Prezly, aimed at helping PR professionals publish and distribute press releases.

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Prezly — make your PR team rock

  1. 1. ContactsEmailsFilesPress roomCommonpress releasetools
  2. 2. ContactsEmailsFilesPress roomExportDuplicateInsertInsert linksUpload,view reportsWrite, layout,distribute,view reportsKeep upto datePublish,add media assets,view analytics
  3. 3. ContactsEmailsFilesPress roomIntegratedanalytics+Social mediadistribution+
  4. 4. Multi-device press rooms
  5. 5. 2.000 views of this press release2:20 visit timeSocial media press roomsMultimediacoverageSocialsharing
  6. 6. Brandedpress roomsChange the layout ofyour press roomsyourselfCustom domain name,eg: press.yourclient.comShort url:
  7. 7. Contact management
  8. 8. E-maildistributionA generated email basedon your press release.Automatic previews ofyour assets
  9. 9. Reporting
  10. 10. Simple. Clear. Flexible. Versatile. Prezly is the technologyplatform that helps us to communicate our press releaseswell to opinion leaders, media and communities.Ann MaesOgilvy Public Relations
  11. 11. Prezly delivers results with less overhead. It helps usconnect with journalists and influencers more easily andreport PR results to customers more clearly.Davy VandevinneOutsource communication
  12. 12. There should be a law against the traditional approach ofsending press releases attached as pdfs. I want to seeimmediately if the message is relevant and I want get allthe information. The content and ease of use is essential.And thats what I get with Prezly.Stefan Van RompaeyEditor in chief, Editing Media Group
  13. 13. €200/month5 rooms€40 per extra roomPricing
  14. 14.