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  1. 1. Dog BreedsTop 15 breeds by registrationnumbers with the American KennelClub 200853 million dogs in U.S. (textbook); approximately1.1 million registered by AKC each year.Assuming the average registered dog lives tobe 10 years of age, it means that about 20% ofdogs are registered.
  2. 2. Tallest dogGibson, a Great Dane, was the worlds tallest dog, measuring 107.18centimeters from floor to shoulder. In this photo, Gibson is playing withwith his friend, Zoie a 19.05 centimeter Chihuahua.
  3. 3. RANKINGBREED 2011 2006 2002 1997Retrievers (Labrador) 1 1 1 1German Shepherd Dogs 2 3 3 3Beagles 3 5 4 6Retrievers (Golden) 4 4 2 4Yorkshire Terriers 5 2 6 9Bulldogs 6 12 18 26Boxers 7 7 7 13Poodles 8 8 8 5Dachshunds 9 6 5 7Rottweilers 10 17 13 2Shih Tzu 11 9 10 11Miniature Schnauzers 12 10 11 14Doberman Pinschers 13 21 24 -Chihuahuas 14 11 9 12German Shorthair Pointers 15 20 - -
  4. 4. Working together
  5. 5. Ready foraneveningout
  6. 6. It was a fun night!
  7. 7. 1 Labrador Retriever
  8. 8. The Labrador Retriever originated in the19th century in Newfoundland (notLabrador), where it was used by fishermento pull in fish-filled nets by retrieving theattached cork floats.Labrador Retrievers are among the mostappealing dogs. They are very trainable,always ready to work and to please theirowners. They are also kind, outgoing,intelligent, adaptable, and friendly to humansand to other animals. All breed information from Petsmart website.
  9. 9. LabradorNewfoundland
  10. 10. 2 German Shepherd
  11. 11. The German Shepherd originated in the 19thcentury in Germany as a sheepherding dog.Today this breed is better known for its skillsin search-and-rescue, police, military, bomb-detection, tracking, and protection work.These highly trainable animals are alsooutstanding family dogs. Because of theirpopularity, however, they have beenindiscriminately bred, and many undesirabletraits have entered the shepherd gene pool.
  12. 12. Beagle3
  13. 13. Beagles are an ancient breed with a clouded history. Small hounds used to hunt hare existed in the British Isles for centuries, probably arriving with the Celts. Breedings to French scent hounds gave us the dogs we know as beagles today.The beagle is one of the most popular breedsbecause it is friendly with people and otheranimals, loves children, does well withmoderate exercise.
  14. 14. 4 Golden Retriever
  15. 15. Developed in England and Scotland in the 19th century, the Golden Retriever resulted from the breeding of a Newfoundland-derived yellow retriever with the Tweed water spaniel and the occasional out-crossing of this new dog with the Irish setter, bloodhound, and other water spanielsThere are few breeds asgentle, affectionate,playful, eager to please,and devoted as theGolden Retriever.
  16. 16. 5 Yorkshire Terrier
  17. 17. The Yorkshire Terrier originated in19th-century England, where it wasused for ratting.Yorkshire Terriers are energetic,assertive, demanding toy dogs withlarge-dog attitudes.
  18. 18. Sylvia, a matchbox-size Yorkshireterrier owned by Arthur Marples ofBlackburn, England, was the smallestdog in recorded history. The dog diedin 1945 when she was two years old,at which point she stood 2.5 inchestall at the shoulder, measured 3.5inches from nose tip to tail, andweighed 4 ounces.
  19. 19. 6The Bulldog had its origin in the British Isles . The name "bull"was applied because of the dogs use in the sport of bull baiting,which was extremely cruel. The original Bulldog had to be veryferocious and so savage and courageous as to be almostinsensitive to pain.In 1835 dog fighting as a sport became illegal in England.
  20. 20. 7Boxer
  21. 21. The Boxer was probably developed inthe 19th century for bull baiting and dogfighting. Today it is often used for policeand guard work.Boxers generally get along with otherdogs, but some females may beaggressive and some males inclined tofight for dominance. Early obediencetraining is therefore very important.
  22. 22. 8 Standard Poodle
  23. 23. The standard poodle originated in Germany duringthe Middle Ages and was used as a water retriever.Even then the coat was clipped (as it is today) toreduce water resistance and to enhance buoyancy.In 19th-century France the standard poodle wasused often as a water retriever and circus dog.Miniature and toy poodles were developed inEngland in the 18th century (during the reign ofQueen Anne) and served as truffle hunters,performers, and companions."Poodle" comes from the German pudelin, whichmeans "to splash in the water." Poodles of all sizesare sometimes erroneously referred to as Frenchpoodles.
  24. 24. 9 Dachshund
  25. 25. The modern Dachshund (däksʹhoond) isrelated to a thirty-five-pound dynamo thatwas used to hunt badgers in medievalEurope. It was bred to be smaller about onehundred years ago in Germany to huntrabbits and foxes. (Dachs is the Germanword for badger; hund means dog.)Dachshunds are clever, lively, playful, andlove to be involved in all family activities.
  26. 26. Also known as wiener dogs
  27. 27. 10 Rottweiler
  28. 28. Chat rooms for dogs
  29. 29. Used by Romans to herd cattle tomarket and protect proceeds on wayhome. Can be aggressive unlesswell trained. The Roman armytraveled through the small markettown of Rottweil, Germany where thebreed was developed.
  30. 30. Breed-related health concerns: hipand elbow dysplasia, deafness,parvovirus, neurological disorders,kidney failure, bloat.
  31. 31. 11 Shih Tzu (SHEET-sue)
  32. 32. Over the centuries, depictions of thisbreed have appeared on Chinesecarvings, embroideries, and other artobjects. They were valued companionsin Imperial China.Shih Tzus are outgoing, happy, andaffectionate companions that respondwell to gentle obedience training. Thesesmall lapdogs are well suited toapartment living.
  33. 33. 12 Miniature Schnauzer
  34. 34. The bushy-muzzled Miniature Schnauzer,named after the German word for nose ormuzzle, was developed from Affenpinscher,Giant Schnauzer, and Miniature Pinscherbloodlines in the 19th century in Germany forits ratting ability.Miniature Schnauzers are spirited yetobedient family dogs.
  35. 35. The Doberman Pinscher originated in Germanyaround 1900, taking its name from tax collectorLouis Dobermann of Apolda, crossed the oldshorthaired shepherd, Rottweiler, Black and TanTerrier and the German Pinscher.13
  36. 36. 14 Chihuahua
  37. 37. The Chihuahua may have developedin the 9th century from the Techichi,a toy breed of the Toltec Indians ofCentral America. Or it may havebeen brought to Central America bythe Chinese or Spanish.The Chihuahua is the smallest of alldog breeds.
  38. 38. German Shorthaired Pointer came about bycrossing the German Bird Dog, local Germanscent hounds, track and trail dogs, and EnglishPointers. Breed recognized by AKC in 1930.15
  39. 39. 16 Siberian Husky
  40. 40. 17 Pomeranian
  41. 41. The Pomeranian is probably descendedfrom a large German spitz dog of the16th century. Bred to its current size inthe 19th century, the Pomeranian stillthinks of itself as a big dog.
  42. 42. 221889 Boston Terrier breed was established inBoston. The breed originated by crossing a anEnglish Bulldog and a white English Terrier
  43. 43. Belongs to the toy breed group. Originally from China.26 Pug
  44. 44. The pug is a "toy" (very small) breedof dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzledface, and curled tail. References topug-like dogs have been documentedas early as 551 BCE by Confucius,who described a type of "shortmouthed dog".
  45. 45. The breed was imported toEurope in the 16th centuryby the Dutch East IndiaCompany. English painter and his Pug in 1745
  46. 46. 1759 1915 2010
  47. 47. Batdog
  48. 48. 27 Cocker Spaniel
  49. 49. Shar Pei
  50. 50. 36 Collie
  51. 51. 45 Border Collie
  52. 52. 73 Dalmatian
  53. 53. 84 Old English Sheepdog
  54. 54. Dog eating peanut butter.
  55. 55. Pet People!!!
  56. 56. Hercules, worlds largest dog, at 284 lb.
  57. 57. World’s Tallest DogGuinness announced 2/22/2010 that a 250-pound blue Great Dane from Tucson stands 3feet, 7 inches tall from paw to shoulder.
  58. 58. You don’t say!
  59. 59. 166 Komondor
  60. 60.