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Ed psy 1 grp pres final


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Ed psy 1 grp pres final

  1. 1. + Education Psychology 1 Group 2 / LG 01 Joseph. Odilia. Angela. Cheryl. Jessica
  2. 2. + Contents   Introduction to Scenario 1   Problem identification   Theories   Problem Analysis   Suggested Solutions   Reference List
  3. 3. + Introduction to scenario 1   Ms Jia is a teacher who has poor time management despite writing down her tasks at hand on a to-do list. She is stressed due to the heavy workload and self-questioned if she was suitable for her job. Her HOD was sarcastic towards her as she asked Ms Jia to contact John’s parents, as John was notorious in Ms Jia’s class.
  4. 4. + Introduction to scenario 1   During one of her lessons, a Mathematics test was conducted and Ms Jia noticed that John picked his eraser from the floor and found his action suspicious. She confronted John immediately. He felt wrongly accused and raised his voice defensively mentioning that he spent the weekends studying. Ms Jia felt shocked by John’s rude outburst and the class was told to resume with their test as John stormed out of the class.
  5. 5. + Introduction to scenario 1   As the bell went off signaling the end of recess, John decided to skip Ms Jia’s Math lesson. He joked to his friend, Marcus, that Ms Jia was so blur that she will not notice his presence and even rudely nicknamed her as “Jia Lat” (terrible in dialect).   Ms Jia was late and she was ignored by the class with her barely audible voice. Annie took the chance to hijack Ms Jia’s sole attention so that her eager thirst for knowledge can be satisfied. Ms Jia wished all her students would be as hardworking as Annie.
  6. 6. + Introduction to scenario 1   Ms Jia had to get one of the louder students to help her settle the class. She was apparently lacking in class control as students ignored her.   Miss Jia was trying to complete her topic and snappily answered Minah, who genuinely wanted to know the answer to one of the mathematics question. Minah felt offended and dejected as the class jeered at her for acting smart.
  7. 7. + Introduction to scenario 1   John then came into the class, reeking of cigarette smell. He nonchalantly greeted Ms Jia and wormed his way out of Ms Jia’s suspicion of him smoking. John bragged to his friend that he had two sticks of cigarette in the toilet (his usual hideout).   John teased Lian Huay but Ms Jia only snapped at Lian Huay to stop her vain ways. Lian Huay was peeved but she just continued to read her Cleo magazine. Minah feedbacked to Lian Huay, mentioning that Ms Jia was biased towards John. Lian Huay agreed, saying Ms Jia just wants to resume her lessons “peacefully”.
  8. 8. + Problem Identification Scene 1: -Ms Jia feeling unmotivated and tired from her heavy workload -Has problems with one of her students-John -Whined about having to call John's parents -Her HOD rushed her to key in her class CA marks in the midst of her heavy workload.
  9. 9. + Problem Identification Scene 2: -John and Ms Jia got into an argument -John was being rude to Ms Jia -John claimed that Ms Jia has never believed in him.
  10. 10. + Problem Identification Scene 3: -The class was oblivious to Ms Jia's presence. -The class was not able to hear Ms Jia's voice amidst the noise -Ms Jia was condescending and irritated towards Minah’s question in class -Class jeered at Minah -Minah was angry upon hearing the jeering -John was late for class -Ms Jia suspected John was smoking
  11. 11. + Problem Identification Scene 3 (continued): -John made fun of Lian Huay -Shouting and unpleasant remarks were exchanged between John and Lian Huay -Lian Huay felt unjustified when Ms Jia picked on her and not John
  12. 12. + Problem Identification The identified problems have been narrowed down into four main categories: 1. Ms Jia’s professionalism as a teacher 2. Motivation 3. Learner’s Behaviour 4. Classroom Management
  13. 13. + Problem Analysis & Solutions 1.  Ms Jia’s professionalism as a teacher -Ms Jia feeling unmotivated and tired from her heavy workload( long list of to-dos) and questions if teaching was really her career choice. Hypothesis: Ms Jia had no motivation as there were many things in hand uncompleted. As a teacher, not only does she need to teach, she also needs to take on the role of a manager, a counselor and a decision maker. In addition, Ms Jia does not have a supportive HOD. Solution: Ms Jia should organise, prioritize her schedule and do those which are urgent first then to the less urgent tasks. She can seek help from her colleagues, reaffirm on why she chose teaching as a career and to reflect on her personal teaching pedagogy.
  14. 14. + Problem Analysis & Solutions 2. Motivation -Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation - When Ms Jia accused him of cheating during Maths test, he rebuked saying that he spent the past weekend study and practising. Hypothesis: Not only were John’s efforts not recognised by Ms Jia, she demotivated him by maligning him of cheating. Solution: Ms Jia should not accused John in front of the whole class. Instead, she should be careful so as not to hurt his identity and self- esteem by giving him a non verbal signal if he still continues, she can give him a soft warning without disturbing other students. If neccessary, Ms Jia should talk to him face to face after the test.
  15. 15. + Problem Analysis & Solutions 3. Learner’s Behaviour -  John was rude to Ms Jia when she accused him of cheating -  Has a habit of smoking -  Gets agitated easily. -  Habitually late for Ms Jia’s classes -  Is always not on tasks Hypothesis: We feel that John may have family problems, easily giving in to peer pressure. Solution: John should seek counseling and his teachers should make an effort to find out more about his background before judging him.
  16. 16. + Problem Analysis & Solutions 4. Classroom Management Ms Jia has little/no control over the class hence the class being oblivious to her presence. She asked one of the students to keep the class quiet. -  Hypothesis: -  She did not set structured classroom rules and procedures from the beginning. -  Solution: Ms Jia should remind the students by reasserting ground rules for the class and fortify the class rules and routines before the commencement of every lesson.This is to ensure a more effective learning environment.
  17. 17. + Reference List Eggen, P., Kauchak, D. (2010). Educational Psychology:Windows on Classrooms (8th ed). NJ: Pearson. Tan, O. S., Parsons, R. D., Hinson, S. L., & Sardo-Brown, D. (2011). Educational Psychology:A Practitioner- Reseacher Approach. An Asian Edition (2nd ed). Singapore:Thomson The end