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Monarchy Project


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Monarchy Project

  1. 1. Jewish Monarchy For It!
  2. 2. Why Monarchy? 1. Without monarchy the Jewish people became assimilated. 2. The Jews themselves asked for a king. 3. When kings ruled there was peace and prosperity. 4. Kings helped the Jews when we fought wars. 5. Great things were accomplished when there were kings.
  3. 3. proof for #1 This is a picture of the sin of the golden calf. It proves that when there is no leader among the Jews, they begin to do things that are not of their religion, like worship idols.
  4. 4. proof for #2 It says in shmuel 1 chapter 8: ‫ּיֹאמְרּו אֵלָיו, הִּנֵה אַּתָה זָקַנְּתָ, ּובָנֶיָ, ֹלא הָלְכּו‬ ַ‫ה ו‬ -‫ּבְִדָרכֶיָ; עַּתָה, ׂשִימָה-ּלָנּו מֶלְֶ לְׁשָפְטֵנּו--ּכְכָל‬ .‫הַּגֹויִם‬ 5 And they said unto him: 'Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways; now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.'
  5. 5. proof for #3 This is a picture of some one sitting under there grape vine which is a symbol of peace and prosparity. This is the way it was like when king david ruled.
  6. 6. proof for #4 This is a picture of king Achav. He died in battle but the most impressive part about it was that even thought he was hurt he still made sure that he was there for his people so that they would win. This is one of the benefits of a king, they devote their life to their people.
  7. 7. proof for #5 What is the most significant thing anyone has ever built for the Jewish people? The Bayt Hamikdash, of course, and it was built by king Solomon. It couldn't have been built with out a king. v=k5ncfoa7j1E