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Kevin Wolf & Rachel Rolnick Holocaust Integration Project


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Published in: Spiritual
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Kevin Wolf & Rachel Rolnick Holocaust Integration Project

  1. 1. An Analysis Of The Massacre That Will Be Remembered Forever<br />By: Kevin Wolf & Rachel Rolnick<br />The Holocaust<br />בס"'ד<br />
  2. 2. A Purim Miracle<br />Sollywas brought to the Camp of Dachau, especially deceptive of most camps as it was located among the most beautiful scenery. On Purim one year, a man who identified himself as ‘Rabbi’ dressed up as a king, using whatever he had as a makeshift costume.  He went outside the barracks proclaiming the death sentence of Haman. The people stared in awe, convinced he was mad. He called out to them, explaining it was Purim and they should celebrate. He promised they would receive shalchmanot. Indeed, later that day the Salvation Army sent gift packages to the dying Jews in the camp. For a moment, these people were infused with a bit hope provided by the Purim miracle. It gave them strength. Soon, they were liberated, and this survivors recalls this story every year as Purim rolls around.<br />בס"'ד<br />
  3. 3. A Small hope<br /> Cohen had been trying to distract his brothers from their pain when he brought up the fact that it was Purim the next day. This sparked debate amongst the inmates as to the importance of celebrating Purim in the current situation. Some argued Purim was not special, there was nothing to hope for. It was just like the other holidays, coming and going as the horrors ensued. The fierce debate was silenced when the food rations of the day were delivered. Each man devoured his share with intense hunger, though JJ was unsatisfied. He woke up in great pain, feeling hopeless. Suddenly, he remembered it was Purim. JJ rushed to gather a minyan hoping to be able to recall any verses of the megillah he could. Miraculously, a copy of the text was discovered and the men had a full true Purim minyan. There was a burst of hope, optimism and happiness among the people. They prayed for the downfall of their Haman and their eventual freedom and safety. Purim created smiles in the Valley of Tears.<br />בס"'ד<br />
  4. 4. What should be the Jewish Response to the Holocaust?<br />בס"'ד<br />
  5. 5. Asking why leads to the dismissal of G-d<br />בס"'ד<br />
  6. 6. Asking why is futile<br />RavSoloveitchik explains that man, while under extreme suffering, must not question why; instead, he must take control of his situation and make the best of it. This man, called the man of destiny, confronts his suffering and focuses on learning how to cope with the struggles he will face. He must believe in G-d’s goodness and mercy and know that this is simply a challenge for him to overcome. Fate cannot be changed. Fate causes us to ask why. But a Jew must turn fate to destiny. He must create his own life mold by confronting every struggle and working with it, instead of questioning. But in truth, it is a matter of faith. The true Holocaust survivors are those who survived with their Judaism in tact, thanking G-d instead of cursing Him. We may never know why, it is impossible. We must just believe that Hashem is working for our best interests and that there is a reason for all He does, no matter how dark times may seem.  We may never know why bad things happen to good people. Life is not about knowing why; it’s about persevering despite this curiosity and trusting everything will turn out. Man can find meaning in life, no matter how hard the struggle may seem.<br />בס"'ד<br />
  7. 7. בס"'ד<br /> Should there be Fiction about the holocaust?<br />
  8. 8. Never Again.<br />