Customer's roles in service delivery


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Nah, kalau yang ini bagaimana mengajak sang customer menjadi bagian dari perangcanang service yang "WOW" :)

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Customer's roles in service delivery

  1. 1. Magister Management Universitas Indonesia Service Marketing CUSTOMER’S ROLES IN SERVICE DELIVERY presented by : Ferry, Frisca, Gita, Dwi
  3. 3. Please explain the characteristic in each level of customer participation? Give the example for C to C and B to B 3 1#
  4. 4. LOW MODERATE Consumer inputs required for service creation Consumer presence required during service delivery    Service is standardized Service is provided regardless of any individual purchase Payment may be the only required customer input Ex: Airline travel and uniform cleaning service  HIGH Customer co creates the service Client inputs help customize a standard service  Customer inputs are necessary for adequate outcome, but the service firm provides the service Active client participation  Service cannot be created apart from the customers purchase and active participation  Customer inputs, choice and actions co create the outcome Provision of service requires customer purchase   Ex: Hair cut and Payroll service Ex: Marriage counseling and management consulting
  5. 5. Examine three major roles played by customers in service co creation and delivery? 5 2#
  6. 6. CUSTOMERS’ ROLES 6 Productive Resources Contributors to Service Quality and Satisfaction Competitors
  7. 7. Customers As Productive Resources 7  Customer inputs can affect the organization’s productivity through both the quality of what they contribute and the resulting quality and quantity of output generated.
  8. 8. Customers As Contributors To Service Quality and Satisfaction 8  Effective customer participation can increase the likelihood that needs are met and that the benefits the customer seeks are actually attained.
  9. 9. Customers As Competitors 9  Internal Exchange vs. External Exchange Expertise Capacity  Resource Capacity  Time Capacity  Economic Rewards  Psychic Rewards  Trust  Control 
  10. 10. What are questions that should be asked by firms which want to move into SSTs as a mode of delivery? 10 3#
  11. 11.        What is our strategy (cost saving, revenue growth, competitive advantage) What are the benefits to customers? How can customers be motivated to try the SST? Are some segments of customers more ready to use the technology than others? How can customers be involved in the design of the service technology system and processes? What forms of customer education will be needed? How will inevitable SST failures be handled?
  12. 12. Explain step by step strategies for enhancing customer participation 12 4#
  13. 13. STRATEGIES FOR ENHANCING CUSTOMER PARTICIPATION 13  Fig ure 1 3 . 3 Stra te g ie s fo r Enha nc ing Cus to m e r Pa rtic ip a tio n
  14. 14. Define Customers’ Jobs 14     Helping Oneself Helping Others Promoting The Company Individual Differences: Not Everyone Wants To Participate
  15. 15. Recruit, Educate, and Reward Customers 15     Recruit the Right Customers Educate and Train Customers to Perform Effectively Reward Customers for Their Contributions Avoid Negative Outcomes of Inappropriate Customer Participation
  16. 16. Manage The Customer Mix 16  Table 13.2 Characteristics of Service that Increase the Importance of Compatible Segments
  17. 17. Conclusion 17   Through understanding the importance of customers in service delivery and identifying the roles played by the customer in a particular context, managers can develop strategies to enhance customer participation. By implementing these strategies, organization should see a reduction in gap 3 due to effective, efficient customer contributions to service delivery.
  18. 18. Case Study 18 Mobile operators are trying to use its prepaid balance (pulsa) as a media for micro payment in retail. Do you think it will work?    How do you think they should launch it to change customers habit from paying cash to paying using pulsa. Please use credit card industry experience as a reference. Also use “Strategies for enhancing customer participation” (figure 12.2) to help the operators achieving their dream.
  19. 19. Mobile Money 19  Mobile money as a valuable tool for extending financial services to unbanked and under-banked segments of the Indonesian market and achieving broader financial inclusion objectives.
  20. 20. Fact.. 20 BANK DIFFERENCES TELCO PROVIDER 64 million The Customers 230 million The Bank People are only 40% of Indonesian Population Biro Riset Infobank (2012) – 8 Oct 2013 Simcard penetration almost 96% of Indonesian population
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. E-Money Participants 23 Bank BTPN Niaga BNI : BTPN Wow : Rekening Pulsa : Doku Wallet BCA BRI Mandiri : Flazz Card : BRIZZY : e-Toll card Telco Provider Telkomsel : T-Cash Indosat : Dompetku XL Axiata : XL Tunai
  24. 24. Mobile Money 24
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. The Services 27 MICROPAYMENT TRANSACTION < Rp. 5.000.000,00 CASH MONEY TRANSFER
  28. 28. Benefits & Obstacles 28 Benefits Benefits    Reached more customer. More easy to attract. Minimum Risk Obstacles Obstacles    BI Rules Conventional Habbit Transaction People not really trust
  29. 29. 29 ENHANCING CUSTOMER PARTICIPATION of E-MONEY on MicroPayment Transaction
  30. 30. DEFINE CUSTOMERS ROLES 30  CLARIFY LEVEL of PARTICIPATI ON Define the specific micropayment transaction as a way to specify the service. *Our suggestion  Digital Payment     Prior the market segment. Reduce the level of customer participation from middle to low level. Build and develop the efficiency transaction. Nurture the customer about a self service culture. Digital Payment Transaction. Ex: Application Store (on Android, IOS, RIM, etc)  Online Shopping 
  31. 31. DEFINE CUSTOMERS ROLES 31  Helping Others  IDENTITY SPECIFIC Design a campaign (charity program)  Customer donation for some specific transaction JOBS  and Promoting the Company  TASK Build a referall program  Offer some discount or bonus for the referall
  32. 32. 32 RECRUIT, EDUCATE and REWARDS CUSTOMER  Define the specific micropayment transaction as a way to specify the service. *Our suggestion  Digital Payment RECRUIT   THE RIGHT CUSTOMER   Appliction Store Ebook Store Online Shopping Prior the market segment.   TechnoSavvy E-Commerce Shoppers
  33. 33. 33 RECRUIT, EDUCATE and REWARDS CUSTOMER EDUCATE And TRAIN CUSTOMER S Promotion and Advertising Build a website Build a community Blast Email and SMS 
  34. 34. 34 RECRUIT, EDUCATE and REWARDS CUSTOMER Give Bonus Redeem Point Offering Discount  REWARD CUSTOMER
  35. 35. MANAGE THE CUSTOMER MIX 35  MANAGE THE CUSTOMER MIX   Bank Indonesia Rules Co-creation with Government to educate the customer due to cash less society   Provide the availibility system in each merchant. Promotion through Ads and Internet. Build a community to gather customer loyalty.
  36. 36. Recommendation 36  Co-Creation Bank Provider Merchant Provider Merchant
  37. 37. THE BENEFITS 37 GOVERNMENT PROVIDER • • BANK Generate more profits. Retain the simcard usage. Enhance the time value of money. MERCHANT • • No need to provide cash money. Faster in serving its customer REACH MORE CUSTOMER and THEIR SATISFACTION
  38. 38. 38 Thanks