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Cipaganti [ whats next ] Focus or Diversify?

An analysis for our famous local company "Cipaganti" Should Cipaganti focus on its strength (core business) or expanding its line businesses? find out more on this slides

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Cipaganti [ whats next ] Focus or Diversify?

  1. 1. WHAT’S NEXT? Final Business Case Presentation Aditya Laksmana / Frisca Listyaningtyas / Hanif Widyanto Magister Manajemen Universitas Indonesia Jakarta, October 31, 2013
  2. 2. CIPAGANTI 2020 Leading Integrated Transport Solutions Provider in Asia Pacific Wide-ranging fleets connecting land, air, and sea Total Company Assets of up to IDR 100 Trillion
  3. 3. it all begins here… CIPAGANTI CITRA GRAHA IDR 1 Trillion+ Listed Company Total Assets IPO in mid-2013 5 Subsidiaries 10 Provinces+ Under PT CCG Rapid Expansion
  4. 4. STRUCTURE REVENUE CIPAGANTI CITRA GRAHA Line of Business Contribution 2011 Contribution 2012 1 2 Land Transportation Heavy Equipment Leasing/Rental 68.01% 29.55% 71.44% 23.57% 3 Tour and Tourism 1.44% 4.55% 4 Mining 1.00% 0.43% 100% 100% No Source: IPO Note p. 79
  5. 5. CIPAGANTIBCGMATRIX High • • • • Market Growth • Shuttle STARS CASH COWS Rental Tour and Ticketing Taksi Max Heavy Equipment QUESTION • Mining • Cargo MARK DOGS Company Condition • Land transportation contributes 71,44% from total revenue • Tour and tourism only 4,55% • Heavy Equipment 23,57%, with decreasing growth • Mining 0.43% Market Condition • Growth in tourism industry • Promising growth for transportation services Low High Low
  6. 6. With an ambitious plan… Double-digit growth in all CCG’s lines of business Questions abound: 1) Focus or diversify? 2) What’s next?
  7. 7. the answer: 1) Focus or diversify? FOCUS! Our IFE/EFE Analysis: 1 2 Land Transportation: Grow and Build! 3 Heavy Equipment Rental: Hold and Maintain Tour and Ticketing: Hold and Maintain  Integrate with Land Transport! 4 Mining: Hold and Maintain
  8. 8. 2) What’s next? GROWTH! HOW?
  9. 9. something NEEDS TO BE DONE.
  10. 10. introducing… Connect! integrated transport solutions for connected society
  11. 11. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK transportation portal + online booking + online payment – cost of branch Integrating Search CIPAGANTI’s existing “otojasa” fleets: Car Rental, Shuttle, Tours, Taxi + Travel/Tourism Plan + Book Future Expansion Plan: Airlines, Intercity Bus, Cooperation with PT KAI = Pay Cipaganti 2020: Top integrated transport company in Asia Pacific
  12. 12. CIPAGANTIBMC Key Partners Cooperation with partners: • Flight: Citilink, Tiger Air, Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, etc. • Train: PT KAI Key Activities B2B: Corporate Trip/Business Travel B2C: Digital campaign and promotion Key resources Highly qualified, passionate employees; Strong IT Infrastructure Value Proposition Costumer Relationships An easy to use application for searching, planning, booking, and payment in transportation solution in South East Asia Cost Structure Investments in IT system for Cipaganti Connect Expansion plan (airlines, intercity bus) Cipaganti Frequent Traveller Channels Website, phone, branch, social media Costumer Segments Tourist Traveler (low cost transportation, comfy, flexible schedule) Business (on time schedule, strategic place, easy booking and payment) Student (low cost, easy to find hub) Others (secuity, fleet point) Revenue Streams Tariffs (bus, shuttle/travel, taxi), Profit-sharing from flight, train tickets Revenues from hotel bookings
  13. 13. MAINBENEFITS Cipaganti (Internal) • Tracking customer need • Forecast demmand • Fulfil ocupacy • Integrated line businesses • Reduce cost, secure revenue Customers (External) • One-stop transportation solutions • Cheaper alternatives • Connect to various destinations with trusted providers • Provide estimated budget Partners (External) • Integrated to CiConnect • Real-time transaction • Mutual partnership
  14. 14. CIPAGANTI 2020 Cipaganti as a leading Integrated Transport Solutions Provider in Asia Pacific
  15. 15. THANK YOU! #CipagantiConnect