Self esteem vs. self confidence


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Self esteem vs. self confidence

  1. 1. From self confidence to self esteem ( Fra selvtillid til selvværd ) -
  3. 3. Thomas FriisnæsTalent coach 44 Passionate Married aboutLeadership 2 boys • Personalcoach development • TravellingTeacher • Hockey 3 -
  4. 4. Leaders elite Talent- Sports pools eliteHigh achieversPrimary strength is selfconfidence Primadonna’sPerformance driven by selfconfidenceHighest wish: moreperformanceSelf confidence is fragileSelf confidence is groundedin self esteem 4 -
  5. 5. Clear goals WHYBurningplatforms True drivers Overview– priority – focus - decisiveness 5 -
  6. 6. ExerciseWhat have you achieved the past 5 years?Looking back to April 11th. 2006 and till NOWTop 3PositiveProfessional – personalWrite it down4 minutes 6 -
  7. 7. Self esteem Self confidence What I am What I do Your merits Dine ”bilkort” Position Results Education Fitness House Friends Car Seminars Clothes Customers Jewelry Gadgets Watches Purses, bags Network Shoes Restaurants Travels -
  8. 8. American -
  9. 9. Self esteem Self confidence Underlying Goal (surface) Internal recognition External recognition BEINGS DOINGS Your merits Dine ”bilkort” Be yourself Being in the performance Break your comfortzone (and develop) Stay in your comfortzone Accepts that we do everything we Must be perfect can, with the resources we have Accepts that the world is perfect Wants to correct the world Knows that I can develop Know best Time for reflection Always on the move Present in the now Constantly towards new goals Defines own dreams Pursue others dreams -
  10. 10. Self esteemWhat I can do anythingabout – I do!What I can not doanything about – Iaccept!Without your owndreams, you accept tobecome a resource forothers – those who havefound and live theirdreams 10 -
  11. 11. Self esteem exercises - I• Accept your present situation • Don’t act to please others(and move on) • Don’t judge others• Accept your past - your • Show courageweaknesses – and focus on your • Break your comfort zone, playstrengths without limits• Don’t be too serious, everyone • Enjoy your own company, lovecan make a mistake yourself• Love yourself – you’re unique • Admit that you’re vulnerable• Praise yourself when you • Make your own personal mentalsucceed contract• Visualize your success –rolemodelling• Set your goals – and rewardyourself
  12. 12. Self esteem exercises - II• Meet others with a smile, a firm • Focus on your qualities, take ahandshake and look the into their strength testeyes • Strengthen the faith in yourself• Show gratitude and appreciation, • Say no – move from respect towhen you’re recognized self respect• Don’t brag • Prioritize time to meditation• Don’t focus on probems and • Practice your ability to acceptnegativity in your conversations • Take chances – it is OK to make• See mistakes as a tool to improve mistakesand learn • Practice your self pep-talk• Respon to pressure by increasing • Learn to recognize at beyour activity level recognized (for what you are, not what you do) • Say it when you disagree • Show your feelings • Think positive thoughts
  13. 13. ExerciseWhat do YOU dream about doing withinthe next 5 years?From today and Untill April 11th 2016Top 3And WHY – what will it give you(finding the underlying reasons and true motivation)Write it down4 minutes 13 -
  14. 14. Self esteem Self confidence BEINGS DOINGS USE insight and consciouness/awareness OBTAIN insight and consciouness/awareness -
  15. 15. ExerciseWhat will YOU do TODAYto get one step closer toyour goals?SpecificMeasurableAttractiveRealisticTimeframe 15 -
  16. 16. More on motivationDan Pink – motivation in another – approx. 19 minutesRSA – RSA Animate motivation10 minute cartoon -
  17. 17. ConcludingFind insight Build your self confidence on a basis of self esteemBecome conscious Slingshot / boost your self confidenceUse consciousness Perform even moreFind the courage to break outof your comfort zone 17 -
  18. 18. Questions? Comments? - 18