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Form Letter to Fredericton Ward Councillors + Ward Map (Sept. 23, 2011)


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It only takes one councillor to put an issue on the Fredericton City Council agenda. Please consider taking a minute and e-mail/mail this letter to your ward councillor. This letter-writing campaign is necessary since formal requests by the Friends of the UNB Woodlot to present to Council have been repeatedly denied (two more rejections just in the past week).

You can download this pdf document, and (1) cut-and-paste the text into an e-mail, or (2) print, and mail a hard-copy letter to your councillor (a list of councillors, their mailing addresses, and a map of the ward is also included).

The Friends of the UNB Woodlot are asking City Council to call for a stop to shale gas development and lobby the Province for watershed-based source protection of our drinking water. Not only will these measures help protect your drinking water, but they will also give more protection to forest wetlands like the UNB Woodlot from short-sighted piecemeal development that is destroying this valuable teaching and research forest.

Our councillors have been elected to act on the concerns of the wards that they represent. By sending the enclosed letter to your Councillor, you can make your voice be heard. Please help make a difference by speaking up about this important resource that we cannot live without.

P.S. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who lives in Fredericton - apartment renters and home owners alike.

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Form Letter to Fredericton Ward Councillors + Ward Map (Sept. 23, 2011)

  1. 1. DATE: _____________________________ TO  PRINT  MORE  COPIES,  DOWNLOAD   A  PDF  VERSION  OF  THIS  LETTER:  Dear Councillor _______________________________,  RE: FREDERICTON DRINKING WATER PROTECTION Google  slideshare  unb  woodlot  I am deeply concerned about the recent knowledge that our watersheds and aquifer are literally surroundedby a 10-kilometre area of shale gas exploration in all directions. Even though I realize that Fredericton boastsa Wellfield Protection Area, this does not reassure me that our drinking water is adequately protected.The Wellfield Protection Area now in place involves a fairly small recharge area within our municipal boundaries(Prospect Street is one such boundary), which does not include forested wetlands and watersheds that alsocontribute to our aquifer. To truly protect our drinking water we need to implement watershed-based sourceprotection, similar to that of the Province of Ontario which was put in place after the Walkerton disaster. Formalrequests by the Friends of the UNB Woodlot to speak to Council on this matter have been repeatedly denied.Under your municipal procedures, "a Member of Council may introduce any item of business to aregular meeting of the Council." 1 Members of City Council have a duty of care to inform themselvesthat there is no drinking water protection in place based on watershed boundaries.Therefore, I ask you to allow the Friends of the UNB Woodlot to make a presentation to City Council. Thisgroup has prepared a presentation that highlights many concerns regarding source water protection of ourdrinking water used by the City of Fredericton.I have recently learned that on October 1, 2011, the City of Fredericton voted against a moratorium thatwould have banned all testing and fracking until the province is satisfied that if can be done safely. How canour city say shale gas is too dangerous for their own citizens, yet help defeat the moratorium that would supportaffected cities, towns, and villages elsewhere in the province? The final vote by the Union of the Municipalitiesof New Brunswick (UMNB) narrowly defeated the moratorium 22-to-18. And we understand that a city has nocontrol over exploration under their city limits; a gas company can locate a well pad outside the city anddrill horizontally for distances of 1 kilometre or more inside our municipal boundaries. Even if drilling is keptoutside the city limits, industry & government studies show that hydraulic fracturing create fractures that canspread up to 2,500 feet underground, and can open up natural, pre-existing fractures in the bedrock.I strongly believe that The City of Fredericton needs to take action and consider the following three resolutions: (1) to ban shale gas development from city limits; (2) to ask the Province of New Brunswick to implement watershed-based source protection for our drinking water sources; and (3) to ask the Province of New Brunswick, as well as the Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick (UMNB), to ban shale gas development.Thank you for your attention to this public safety and health issue. Watershed-based drinking water protection,and a ban on shale gas exploration and development, would extend the best possible protection of everyonesdrinking water in Fredericton and the Province of New Brunswick.Sincerely yours, Print name: ___________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________1 (page 30, City of Fredericton By-law No. A-2, By-law Respecting Administration and the City Council,Section 27.03 (3) –
  2. 2. WARD MAP -    Dan  Keenan,  Councillor   Bruce  Grandy,  Councillor   Michael  OBrien,  Councillor    Ward:  One  (Douglas  Area)   Ward:  Two  (Nashwaaksis  Area)   Ward:  Three  (Fulton  Address:  237  Manresa  Drive,   Address:  19  Sierra  Drive,   Heights/North  Devon  Area)  Fredericton,  NB,  E3A  9S9   Fredericton,  NB,  E3A  5K3   Address:  592  Broad  Street,   Fredericton  NB,  E3A  2L8  Eric  Megarity,  Councillor   Steven  Hicks,  Councillor     Marilyn  Kerton,  Councillor    Ward:  Four  (South  Devon  Area)   Ward:  Five  (Marysville)   Ward:  Six  (Barkers  Point  Area)    Address:  50  Ashfield  Street,   Address:  25  Coronation  Street,   Address:  18  Davenport  Street,  Fredericton,  NB,  E3A  3E9   Fredericton,  NB,  E3A  4K5   Fredericton,  NB,  E3A  3W5  Scott  McConaghy,  Councillor   Tony  Whalen,  Councillor   Stephen  Chase,  Councillor    Ward:  Seven  (Lincoln  Area)   Ward:  Eight  (Skyline  Acres  Area)   Ward:  Nine  (Odell  Park/Parkside  Address:  385  Wetmore  Road,   Address:  P.O.  Box  130,  Fredericton,   Drive  Area)  Fredericton,  NB,  E3B  5L4   NB,  E3B  4Y7   Address:  807  Mitchell  Street,   Fredericton,  NB,  E3B  6E8  Stephen  Kelly,  Councillor     Jordan  Graham,  Councillor   David  Kelly,  Councillor    Ward:  Ten  (Sunshine   Ward:  Eleven  (UNB/East  End   Ward:  Twelve  Gardens/West  End)   Area)   (Silverwood/Garden  Creek  Area)  Address:  35  Brookmount  Court,   Address:  348  York  Street,   Address:  128  Golf  Club  Road,  Fredericton,  NB,  E3B  2N4   Fredericton,  NB,  E3B  3P4   Fredericton,  NB,  E3B  5M6