WETLANDSPROTECTUSThe Friends of the UNB Woodlot - April 2011                                              UNB WOODLOT     ...
April 7, 2011Thursday @ 12:15pm                                                Without the wetlands in the UNB Woodlot,Lun...
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Brochure - Wetlands Protect Our Residents (April 02, 2011)


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Brochure - Wetlands Protect Our Residents (April 02, 2011)

  1. 1. WETLANDSPROTECTUSThe Friends of the UNB Woodlot - April 2011 UNB WOODLOT Larch Swale UNB Woodlot Fredericton NB Southside Fredericton Residents are Fortunate to have the Protection of Huge Wetlands at the Top of the Hill The new reality is that Man-made solutions WILL Wetlands are our catastrophic storms are NOT PROTECT US against insurance policy against now happening. flooding. climate change. The +6-inch rain storms in Stormwater pipes are no substitute A recent study by the U.S. Global Charlotte County last December for intact wetlands and forests Change Research Program found 2010 show the new reality faced within our city limits. * the amount of very heavy by home and business owners in precipitation on the eastern this province. The importance of wetlands for seaboard from Washington, D.C., flood control cannot be overstated to Maine rose by 67 percent Environment Canada predicts that - 1 acre of wetland can hold 1.0 to between 1958 and 2007. severe rain events in New 1.5 million gallons of floodwater. Brunswick are only going to So unprecedented are these rain increase with frequency and The wetlands in the UNB Woodlot storms that New Brunswick’s 100- intensity. can’t be replaced by man-made year-flood risk calculations are stormwater pipes and retention now outdated, and new ones will NASA and NOAA predict that ponds. It simply will cost not be ready for another 2 years. hurricane events up the Eastern Fredericton taxpayers too much Coast of the Atlantic are going to money, and man-made This is a wake-up call for increase with frequency and infrastructure will still fail during residents, urban planners, and all 1 intensity. severe rain storms. levels of government.
  2. 2. April 7, 2011Thursday @ 12:15pm Without the wetlands in the UNB Woodlot,Lunchtime Rally where will the rain water go?for the Woodlot Rain storms of Dec 2010 You can’t change the Like a large umbrella are just a prelude to the geography of southside covering our homes and“DON’T PAVE climate instability caused Fredericton - a downtown businesses, we are veryOVER OUR by global warming. plat & steep hill sandwiched by fortunate to have theFUTURE!” the flood plain of the Saint John protection afforded by the The warming of earth’s oceans River and the huge forested intact wetlands of the UNBCitizens to has altered our weather wetlands of the UNB Woodlot. Woodlot.Measure off the80m Buffers at systems, pushing the normalCostco and Rally variability to extremes, And you can’t change Many cities have already lostfor Action on including snowfalls. gravity – our stormwater pipes these natural rain catchmentClimate Change drain into the Saint John River areas due to development,by UNB & Gov’ts Severe rain events have but effectively get blocked by making their residents and consistently risen since 1970s. the huge water pressure of the business owners vulnerable to12:15 to 12:45 PM rising Saint John River (during severe rain events.Thursday, April 7th Our stormwater system is- meet beside the severe rain events, our spring already failing during heavyfuture Costco site, freshet, and in recent years The Value of Urban Wetlandsat lights in front of rain falls (e.g. June 28, 2010 during fall and early winter www.elements.nb.ca/theme/Home Depot (along Southside Superstore flooded, months). filters08/Mark/Mark.htmNew Maryland Hwy) Forest Hill manhole “geysers”). E-mail: friendsoftheUNBwoodlot@gmail.com UNB WOODLOT * The UNB Woodlot is a 3800-acre forested wetland situated at the top of Fredericton and is equal to the size of the south side of Fredericton and Lincoln in the valley below. Just like an egg cracked over a persons head, rain captured by the UNB Woodlot supplies the headwaters and tributaries of Corbett Brook, Phyllis Creek, Garden Creek, and Baker Brook watersheds, and smaller watercourses that flow through Fredericton and towards New Maryland. With climate change, we need all of these catchment areas to withstand future catastrophic rain events of 8, 10, 12 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. 2