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Hollywood Actress Nude


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Hollywood Actress Nude

  1. 1. THE ALL-NUDE HOLLYWOOD TEAM NAKED ACTRESSESIn honor of National Nude Day, we thought it appropriate to pay tribute to those braveactresses in Hollywood who aren’t afraid to bare it all on the big screen. Unlike JessicaAlba, Scarlett Johansson and other stubbornly chaste gals who refuse to expose themselveson camera, the members of’s All-Nude Team enthusiastically embracenudity — and we couldn’t be more grateful to them for it. Angelina Jolie Number of movies in which she’s appeared nude: 12 Most recently seen naked in: Changeling Jolie has recently garnered headlines for her tireless charity work, a trend which has sadly overshadowed her stunning physical beauty. Thankfully, we have movies like Wanted and Beowulf to remind us.Penelope CruzNumber of movies in which she’s appearednude: 9Most recently seen naked in: ElegyCruz might strike some as one of the moresurprising members of the All-Nude Team,as she appears decidedly clothed in recentU.S. releases like Vicky CristinaBarcelona andVolver. But head over to theforeign section of the video store, and you’lldiscover a host of titles featuring a moreliberated Cruz.
  2. 2. Heather Graham Number of movies in which she’s appeared nude: 6 Most recently seen naked in: The Hangover Graham’s disdain for clothes first became evident to movie audiences with her unforgettable performance as Rollergirl in 1997’s Boogie Nights. She recently credited her impressive stripper moves in The Hangover to a “female empowerment class” she took — a fine testament to the many benefits of continuing education.Monica BellucciNumber of movies in which she’s appearednude: 17(!)Most recently seen naked in: L’ Uomo cheamaLike Cruz, this sultry Italian saves most ofher nude scenes for the foreign-film aisle.Despite her truly astounding resume — orperhaps because of it — Mel Gibson choseBellucci to play Mary Magdalen in2004’s The Passion of the Christ.
  3. 3. Chloe Sevigny Number of movies in which she’s appeared nude: 6 Most recently seen naked in: The Guitar Sevigny got an early start in the nudity business, baring it all for a shocking date- rape scene in Larry Clark’s 1995 film Kids. Lately, she’s established herself as the Kim Cattrall of HBO’s Big Love — that is, the only female castmember willing to go topless on the show. Bravo, Chloe.Marisa TomeiNumber of movies in which she’s appearednude: 4Most recently seen naked in: The WrestlerLate-bloomer Tomei earned an Oscarnomination for her turn as a single momdoing time as a stripper in The Wrestler,and for good reason: At 44, she rocked abody that most women half her age wouldkill for. Oh, and her performance was quitecompelling as well.
  4. 4. Julianne Moore Number of movies in which she’s appeared nude: 6 Most recently seen naked in: Blindness Fiery redhead Moore has demonstrated on ample occasions that her cuffs and collar do indeed match (ah, Boogie Nights). She’s also earned four Academy Award nominations, which should strike no one as a coincidence.Marion CotillardNumber of movies in which she’s appearednude: 12Most recently seen naked in: PublicEnemiesOne of several Europeans on our list,Cotillard is best-known to Americans as theOscar-winning star of La Vie en Rose, whichthe French native parlayed into a starringrole opposite known Francophile JohnnyDepp inMichael Mann’s Dillinger biopic.
  5. 5. Kim Cattrall Number of movies in which she’s appeared nude: 11 Most recently seen naked in: Sex and the City Aside from the few times in which Cynthia Nixon went topless, it was Kim Cattrall who provided HBO’s Sex and the City with the bulk of its sex. Cattrall is so fond of the subject, in fact, that she produced a documentary devoted to it: 2005’s Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence.Maria BelloNumber of movies in which she’s appearednude: 7Most recently seen naked in: DownloadingNancyA bit of a late-bloomer, ER veteran Bellowas well into her thirties before her filmcareer really hit stride. She celebrated hernewfound success by immediately disrobing,baring all in films like Auto Focus and TheCooler. Her sex scene in DavidCronenberg’s A History of Violence ranksperhaps the most uncomfortable of all time.
  6. 6. Kate WinsletNumber of movies in which she’s appearednude: 10Most recently seen naked in: The ReaderOscar winner Winslet’s enthusiasm for nudescenes is so well-established that she mightas well serve as the MVP of the All-NudeTeam. Sadly, she recently declaredthat sheintends to abandon on-screen nudity forgood. Let’s just hope that’s another exampleof her dry British wit.