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8 Immortals in Hindu Mythology


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8 Immortals in Hindu Mythology

  1. 1. Chiranjeevi:(8) Immortal(s) in Hindu MythologyChiranjeevins are the eight long-lived persons in Hinduism. The word is acombination of "chiram" (long) and jeevi (lived). This word is often confused withimmortality ("amaratva").1. Ashwathama, was a man cursed to immortality and eternal suffering withoutlove from anybody for his role in the murder of the five sons of the Pandavas andhis attempted murder of Arjunas grandson. Ashwathama was Pandavas teacherand Dronacharyas Son. He was cursed by the god to remain deserted as he killedfive sons of pandavas.2. Mahabali, a righteous demon King (Bali), whose pride was curbed by lordVishnu lives in Patala. He was blessed and sent there by Visnhus incarnation ofVamana. He conquered heaven, earth, and the underworld, but was forced to giveit back by Vamana.3. Vyasa, a sage who narrated the Mahabharata, he was also a sage in the epic. Hewas blessed by Lord Vishnu and Ganesha and was the ‘Maharshi’ who parted theVedas. He is called as Rishi VEDVYAS.4. Hanuman, who served Lord Rama in Ramanyan. Hanuman, the son of pavana, isImmortal by his own desire, till the name of Lord Ram exists and was blessed bydevi Sita.5. Vibhishana, Ravanas brother who was made King of Lanka and blessed by lordRam.6. Kripacharya, a teacher of the princes in the Mahabharata. Kripacharya wasAshwatthamas maternal uncle and Dronacharyas brother in law. He was blessedby Shri Krishna in Mahabharat to remain immortal.7. Parashurama, was the son of Rishi Jamadagni and 6th incarnation (Avatar) oflord Vishnu.8. Markandeya, a great Sage (Rishi). Lord shiva gave him his own 12 years of life.
  2. 2. There are several other personages known as chiranjeevins,like Jambavantha (Jambavan). However, in Hinduism, "immortal" does notmean eternal. Even immortal things are dissolved at the end of the universe,including its secondary creator Brahma. The only eternals are Vishnu and Shiva ofthe Trimurti, i.e. manifestations of Brahman (the SupremeReality), Sheshanaga (the Eternal Serpent), and the fourVedas.