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UXperts 2012: Connectivity Beyond the Web (Android), Friedger Müffke


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Overview of current and future ways to establish connection between devices and also between accessories, with code links.

Presentation given at UXperts on 11 June 2012 in Leuven, Belgium

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UXperts 2012: Connectivity Beyond the Web (Android), Friedger Müffke

  1. 1. Connectivity Beyond The Web Friedger Mü OpenIntents11 June 2012 - Brussels @fmdroid
  2. 2. Overview● No server in the cloud1.Wireless with infrastructure2.Cable3.Wireless without infrastructure
  3. 3. RCSe / Joyn● GSM connection + data connection● Enhance phone calls● MWC2012: GSMA announced Joyn● App To App: Vodafone/Jibe Mobile – Phone number as identifier –
  4. 4. WiFi● Discovery in the network WifiManager● Socket communication (HTTP, etc.)● Code:● Examples – AllJoyn (Qualcomm) – AmbientTalk (VUB) – Anymote Library (Google TV)
  5. 5. USB Client / ADK● Open Android Accessory Protocol● Device is USB client – Receives power from accessory – Driver burden with accessory● UsbManager, UsbAccessory● Communication via file transfer● Many dev boards available (Arduino, ST)
  6. 6. USB Host● Requires drivers – Soft driver● Device provides power● USB OTG● API 12 (3.1)● Communication via UsbDeviceConnection
  7. 7. Audio Jack● Credit Card Reader● HiJack sensors set● Pressure Pen (Kickstarter)● AudioTrack:streaming generated sound – Android-Audio-Jack-Communication● MediaRecorder:recording – NoiseAlert● FFT or FSK for modulation, demodulation
  8. 8. Wireless Technologies Setup Range Power Data Rate Time ConsumptionPMR 446 / PTT > 500m 500mW analog /(446 MHz) 3.6kpsBluetooth <6s 100m <40mA 2-3Mbps(2.4 GHz)ANT+ (Garmin) 100m 15mA 1Mbps(2.4 GHz)Bluetooth 4.0 < 0.006s 100m <15mA 1Mbps(2.4 GHz)WiFi Direct 250m 100mA 150Mbps(2.4 GHz)NFC <0,1s <0.2m <15mA 424kbps(13,56 MHz)
  9. 9. Bluetooth LE● Standard connection BluetoothAdapter● Examples: heart rate, proximity tag (e.g. tōd)● No API yet available for Android – Nordic/Broadcom API ● ● BleClientService – Motorola: Heart rate API● FindMe, Proximity profiles● Devices: iPhone 4S, Motorola Razr
  10. 10. WiFi Direct● API level 14● WifiP2pManager● Group of devices● Can connect to legacy devices● WiFi Display – still to come
  11. 11. NFC Push● API read, write, push since Android 2.3 – Use case: Settings (NFC Profile App)● NFC Beam since Android 4.0● Filtering through mime-types● NfcAdapter● Use cases: Payment, sharing
  12. 12. Questions+Friedger Müffke @fmdroid OpenIntents