Preparing Your PowerPoint Presentation As A Leave Behind


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Suggestions on how to prepare your PowerPoint presentation as a leave-behind

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Preparing Your PowerPoint Presentation As A Leave Behind

  1. 1. Preparing your PowerPoint Presentation as a Leave-behind
  2. 2. Use PowerPoint as a Visual Complement to your verbal presentation • But you have to do a leave-behind… – Often visual slides don’t tell the whole story without the presenter’s narration • There are 2 methods you can use: 1. Notes Master 2. Hidden Slide
  3. 3. 1. Using the Notes Master
  4. 4. • Use Notes Master to either describing the slide, or the narration of your speech that goes with that particular slide • In PowerPoint, click on the View menu, then click “Notes Master.” This will create two placeholders. The top one is a reduced visual of your PowerPoint slide. The bottom will be your notes. This will be your leave-behind
  5. 5. You should put detailed charts in the Notes Master too • Why should your audience go blind looking at detailed charts on the screen? • Put pertinent information on the screen – what information they should take away from the presentation • The full chart details can be in the leave-behind (in the notes view)
  6. 6. When you go to Print, select Notes Pages under “Print what”
  7. 7. 2. Using Hidden Slide
  8. 8. Hidden Slide • This might seem like extra work, but it will help in the long run • Hide the “detailed” slide, make a second “pertinent info” slide • Select the slide you want to hide then go to Slide Show on the tool bar and select Hide Slide. This slide will not show up in slide show mode Slide to hide Slide to view
  9. 9. Hidden Slide • Print out the hidden (detailed) slides for your leave behind by checking Print hidden slides in your Print dialog box. You can discard the “pertinent info” slides if you wish