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What parents to do to keep kids from stress


Published on Don’t feel guilty about not doing everything. Give your child space to be and discover who they are, and to concentrate on what they want to do. And have a good bedtime routine where everyone winds down in the evening.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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What parents to do to keep kids from stress

  1. 1. What’s a parent to do toavoid their kids to bestressed?
  2. 2. Make sure your kids get the rightamount ofSLEEP TIME
  3. 3. How do you ensure that your child doesget enough sleep and the right sort ofsleep?
  4. 4. It’s at this point, you’re likely to befeeling horribly guilty every way youturn: you feel guilty if your child isn’tgetting a chance to do those fun andenriching activities.
  5. 5. But you feel guilty if you are doingthose activities because this could beputting a bit too much onto your child.
  6. 6. So take a deep breath. You are a goodparent and you want the best for yourchild. You love him or her to bits. Andyou don’t need to be driven by guilt.
  7. 7. First of all, take a look at your child’sschedule --their time diet.
  8. 8. Put a limit on the number of activitiesoutside preschool that your child does.
  9. 9. During the preschool years, one extrathing is enough. And leave the rest ofthe days free so your child can havetime to just discover who he/she is.
  10. 10. One thing that is fundamentalin Montessori education is thatchildren will do things at their ownpace and should be allowed toconcentrate on an activity for as longas they want to.
  11. 11. Heavy-duty scheduling goes rightagainst this. Slow down. Do not worryabout whether your child is gettingenough stimulation and enrichmentand socialisation at home when he/sheis not at preschool.
  12. 12. If you do want to choose an activity foryour child out of preschool time,choose carefully.
  13. 13. Sometimes, you may have to say no tosome of the wonderful things that areon offer.
  14. 14. The way to choose is to study yourchild (another Montessori principle)and see what he or she is into.
  15. 15. If your child doesn’t seem to stopdancing, then music and movementclasses are probably a goer. If yourchild is always wanting to play aparticular sport, then pick that sport.
  16. 16. The other thing to do is to have aproper wind-down schedule forbedtime.
  17. 17. Put TVs, computers and i-Things tobed earlier, especially as these stop thebrain producing sleep-inducingmelatonin.
  18. 18. Incidentally, this is as beneficial forparents as it is for children.
  19. 19. Get more healthy tips!Avoid stress in children. Send them toa good Montessori Preschool that has aunique approach to developing theirholistic health and learning.
  20. 20.