Nice but not necessary in your children’s bedroom


Published on setting up children's bedroom it is

essential to include items such as bed, storage for clothes, storage for toys, a place to sit, curtains and a lamp. Things

that are nice to have but not essential include nightlights, mosquito nets, extra pillows and a CD player. Things to be

avoided include TVs, computers, multiboards, flimsy furniture and long-term themed décor.

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Nice but not necessary in your children’s bedroom

  1. 1. Nice but not necessary in your children’s bedroom
  2. 2. Several things are nice to have in achild’s bedroom but aren’t absolute musts.
  3. 3. Clutter tends to be a bit stressful and has a tendency to becomedisordered, so maybe having all of them isn’t the best idea!
  4. 4. A night light for children who are unsettled by the dark.
  5. 5. Potplants of the more robust type to bring nature indoors and help enhance the air quality.
  6. 6. A spider plant in a hanging basket is a good choice, as these are out of reach. Avoid anything poisonous or prickly, unless it’s well and truly out of reach.
  7. 7. >Mosquito nets and canopies abovethe bed.>Pictures on the walls.>Extra throw cushions for sitting upin bed and pillow fighting.
  8. 8. >Desk or table with a chair of theright height for doing painting andprojects on.>A CD and radio for playing soothingmusic at night and bouncy dancemusic through the day.
  9. 9. >A clock – and help children learn afew basics about reading it so theyknow when they should (andshouldn’t) get out of bed.
  10. 10. More tips