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Pdls assignment #2


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Pdls assignment #2

  1. 1. How to Succeed in the First Few Years of the Corporate World
  2. 2. Rules to succeed • Creative thinking • Learn from mistakes • Rules & Regulations • Back up plans • Innovation & Creativities
  3. 3. Rules to succeed • Understanding the Corporate World • Objectives & Missions • Know yourself • Grooming • Leadership
  4. 4. Understanding The Corporate World• Enquire more on specific job roles• Look for jobs that suits your character
  5. 5. Objectives & Missions• Must have a goal to achieve• A motivation to succeed
  6. 6. Know Yourself• Personal interest• Know your talent and ability and weakness
  7. 7. Grooming • First impression is always important • Dress smartly
  8. 8. Leadership • Lead the team correctly • Respect your team members
  9. 9. Creative Thinking• Able to provide fresh ideas• Think out of the box
  10. 10. Learn from mistakes• Ask question• Attend development training• Change the wrong ways
  11. 11. Rules & Regulations• Follow the R&R provided by the company• Recognize the DOs and DON’Ts
  12. 12. Back Up Plans• Should know that Plan A will not necessary success• Always prepare a Plan B
  13. 13. Innovation & Creativities• Give inspiring ideas• Break out of the norm• Be different
  14. 14. Thank you!~ The End
  15. 15. Ways to Succeed in the First Few Years of the Corporate World by Stephanie Lim Li Wen (0104513) Friday Foo Zi Yang (0104587)